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      Smile Hello - Any advice welcomed

      I am just starting the process to move to Adeliade with my husband so in the very early stages of research/applications.

      We are going through him for the Visa as he is an engineer and are currently trying to decide on a agent but the decison seems so scary when you see the cost of fees etc. I am a qualified tutor in IT for students over 16 but only work part-time so my skills don't count (though I also work full-time as an Administartor). Can anyone recommend any sites for jobs?

      Any advice to help us get our foot on the first rung of the ladder to living in Adelaide / Visa process etc. etc. would be great. We have been lucky enough to visit SA and fell in love with the area.
      We are really excited and hoping if all goes to plan we could be there late 09. Fingers crossed.

      We have really enjoyed reading through some of your threads and found them really informative and helpful.


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      hi Nichola
      It all depends on where abouts you live for best results. we live in northampton and are useing a company called concept australia ,there head office is in chistlehurst down in kent but have recently opened an office up here in northampton.
      We went with them because they where recomended to us by some friends that are already in adelaide been there now 18 months and loving it.
      We are about 4 months into the process now just done my skills assesment for TRA and starting the visa application monday next week.
      As for there fees we looked up quiet a few and these were the cheapestand also as i said recomended. put in the pc WWW.CONCEPTAUSTRALIA.COM and this will bring there site up ,good luck and if you need any more info contact us

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      Smile wrong link

      hi again Nichola
      Dont use that link takes you to wrong one
      use www.conceptaustralia.co.uk

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      Cheers, will do.


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      Hi Nichola, welcome to PIA
      We used 'Visa Bureau' and were very happy with them, all calls and emails replied to straight away. They are in London and we are in Northern Ireland but everything was done via email and phone.
      Good luck with whoever you choose

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Nicola.
      Well you have done the first major point i was going to make and that is visit the place to see if you like it first as its the move of a lifetime.
      Secondly check that theres jobs avalible to you and could you support yourselves if you had problems finding work.
      Third get a decent agent, there are loads of agents out there but we were recomended Gorge Lombard and he was brilliant and kept us upto date with evrything.
      And finally anything you realy need to know, just put a shout out on PIA and someone will be able to help with advice.
      Good Luck

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      Thank You

      Thanks for all your advice so far. it's nice to know there are people out there willing to help support your dreams. Hopefully this dream will become a reality.

      Going to Leeds Expo next month so hopefully be able to get plenty of info there and then hopefuly get our first foot on the ladder so to speak.


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      Hi there, I asked the same question last week. Various replies and recommendations (thanks all). We decided to use GoMatilda, we contacted by e-mail and the next day had a response via e-mail from mr boss man and another from his associate. The replies were very friendly and approachable. They asked if they could telephone us at our convienience. Very pleasant and helpful. I also read soooooooo many threads and did a tally chart of those agents used with success and manner and, not forgetting the all important cost. Speak to a few and go with your gut instinct, after all you are giving the people (agents) your life on paper. Good luck....

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      We are doing it ourselves, Tra was straight forward, and just waiting for SA sponsorship, which was pretty easy too

      Still unsure weather to get an agent to do the visa, did plan to but when i tried 2 they both said fees were still the same even though i had dealt with the first two steps myself, which seems a bit unfair, so now im thinking of having a go at the visa myself too

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      :)With the job front , dont expect to many replies from employers , they dont really take any applications seriously untill you have a date for arrival, if you think they have LOADS of enquiries from the uk which would take ages to deal with. good luck with the whole process......top tip ........be PATIENT.


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