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      About to start my 475!

      Hi, Iím about to start my 475 application and was just wondering. As I understand it to gain extra points I need to have worked three out of the four years in my selected occupationÖ. Public Relations. I have been doing this for the past year (and four plus years previously from 2001 to 2005) but for the past two years itís been journalism. Itís very closely related as I see it Ė lots of writing and liaising with the media. Do you think the State Government will accept this as such?

      Advice always apprecated from anyone who's had a similar experience...

      I need to get 25 points in the IELTS test, so about to start practising for that also.

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      Hey Jennifer, I don't know if you've sorted this by now but I had a similar problem. I'm going as a graphic designer, 10yrs experience but 2 out of the last three years I was working in tec support. As I also helped the company with graphic design and my technical position was helping other designers, so the role was open to a bit of creative description. I think if you can persuade your previous employer to lean on your public relation aspects of the job in a reference you would have a good chance of getting through.

      good luck

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      Starting 475 too ....


      We are new to this, about to start 475, have sent away for degree cert and marks from university and once get them am going to apply to Vetasses as a Market Research Analyst. My OH is a welder but we are applying on my occupation as he does not want to have to tell his employer so far in advance we are thinking of going in case they cut his work, indirectly of course!

      Fingers crossed once Vetasses come through will look for SA sponsorship then send then the Visa application through. Hoping to go to Adelaide. Will be a big change from rainy Ireland, so miserable here today all we can do is lie in front of the TV and dream!


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