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    Thread: Hi everyone

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      Pete L

      Hi everyone

      :D Hi everyone
      Well we have done all the required things and have now got all ours visa's through:D.
      With everything all coming together all at once .We have manage to sell our house in the UK and now looking into buying in Adelaide sometime soon.
      We have booked a holiday in October 07 and plan to look and buy in that time but still unsure where to buy. Many places have caught our eyes but still not sure what places are nice areas.We concidered Flagstaff and surrounding areas Blackwood and also Hallet cover but places near to the coast (brighton) seem to go quickly .Many houses we notice go up for Auction (scary) Has anyone done this and can it work out better?
      I have notice that some poeple have bought over the internet thats something we have considered. We see many houses we like just slipping though the net:(.Has anyone else had any experience with this?
      And what about building your own house this is something else we have concidered.

      My wife is a trainned nurse in palitive care and works in a hospice and is seeking to carry on in this line of work, does anyone where i can find hospices in the Adelaide area

      Many Thanks

      Pete and Dawn

      From York UK

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      Hi Pete,
      Such a common name don't you think? :D

      I've googled on the Ozzy side and it comes up with quite a bit for Dawn.


      Hope she finds something. Oh and welcome to the forum. ;)


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      Hiya Pete.

      The aras you mention are nice - and the surrounding ones also.

      Get Dawn to look at the RDNS here.They do loads of palliative care.



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      Pete L
      Thanks Pete a gr8 help

      We can't wait to get there but we shall be moving in 2008 after our youngest has finished her exams .
      looking to buy a place this year to rent out if possible to make a bit of money until we get there

      Thanks again

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      Pete L
      Thanks Tyke

      another gr8 site it will keep me on the beach more ;)



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