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    Thread: Hello everyone

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      Hello everyone

      Hi All
      Have just started the whole migration process, and after a lot of too-ing and fro-ing, we have finally decided that our first choice was right, and SA it is!!!, Jim is a brickie, so we're going (hopefully) on a 175 visa. We've heard that theres loads of work out there for him?
      I work in catering, and am quite desperate for a change, so am hoping that they are looking for a beach/sunbed/swimming pool tester! not so many vacancies for those i suppose(lol)
      Anyway bound to be bugging you all for advice in the near future, so just wanted to apologise in advance;)!
      Jim & Ali x

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      Hi J and A and welcome to PIA.

      I've not seen many adverts for testers in those areas but will let you know if any turn up once I've applied for them.

      Good luck on your journey to getting the visa. It takes a while to get but we believe it was well worth it. Adelaide and Australia isn't for everyone but until you try it you'll never know. You are also in the right place for asking questions about the place and the process.

      Good luck again and keep us updated


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      I heard that brickies get fastracked as they are so short of them here. Might not be as long a road as you think ?? Good luck.

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      Welcome to the forum and have a nice stay..........just hold tight on that there VISA Roller coaster as its one hell of a ride.

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      Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone:), its nice to know that there are people who have been through the process that we can ask for advice

      We are bracing ourselves for all the ups and downs that the visa process is going to throw at us, and i'ii defo mention to our agent about brickies being fastracked!

      Passionate pom, Jim is a bedford boy, and a Red, your not a long lost relly are you? lol
      Jim and Ali


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