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      Wink Another Newbie!

      Greetings all!!

      My wife and I have been talking about to OZ for some time, and recently I started looking for work seriously. I registered with a few recruitment agencies and have one unsuccessful interview with E-Connect a renewable Energy company and recently have had two good interviews with ElectraNet the South Australian Electricity Transmission company. If they want to proceed Ithe next step will be an on-line psychometric test and references and after that they will fly me out to Adelaide for a few days to have a face to face meeting!!!
      Things are moving really fast!
      We have two kids aged 6 and 8 and they are really up for a move to OZ.
      I have an old school friend who now lives out in Adelaide, but it will be good to chat to other poms who have made the move and how you are getting on.

      Looking forward to meeting you all!


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      Good luck with the job search Mike.
      If they do fly you out for an interview I'd say they were keen.


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