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      Sharon & Mark

      Lightbulb Vetassess! Vetassess! Vetassess!

      Hello there!!
      My oh is doing the practical Vetassess on 31st Oct in Blackburn....He has been a qualified electrician for the last 23 years and is getting really worried about the maths part of the test. Can anyone who has completed the test please shed some light on this.....As it has been such a long time since doing calculations he is unsure of how much he needs to know. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks loads
      Sharon (37), Mark (43), Emily (18), Charlotte (17), Catherine (15)

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      I did my test for the plumbing not so long ago.
      I was worried about what they were going to ask etc...
      It was more of show us what you know,
      There were a few questions but nothing as drastic as you could imagine.
      Hope i have been of some help.
      If you need any more help send me a PM.


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      Sharon & Mark
      thanks rob feel bit better now,probably worrying too much but lot at stake!

      thanks again



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