Salisbury is made from various different suburbs. The actual "City of Salisbury" is quite large and covers quite a few suburbs inc Salisbury. So Salisbury has Salisbury Plains, Downs, Park, South, East and Heights. Then the immediate suburbs are Brahma Lodge, Gulfview Heights, Parafield Gardens & Paralowie. The Council website is a good place to start

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Personally I wouldn't live in any part of Salisbury except Salisbury East and Salisbury Heights which is where I live. To get to the city there are good public transport links, there is an interchange in Salisbury centre and there is a train link direct to the City centre, you can also get the bus but obviously it goes all around the houses and would take a while. The train takes about 25 minutes to get to the City. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to the City and also to the nearest beach at Semaphore. Parabanks the shopping centre is very good, its just like a large english shopping centre with all your immediate needs. Elizabeth and Munno Para are about 15 minutes north by car and cater for furniture shopping, TV's etc. There is also a nice centre at Golden Grove which isn't far away. If you want schools I can't say that the schools locally are very good. Salisbury Heights Primary is nice but then you have to go on to Salisbury East High which isn't very nice at all. Do not confuse this school with Salisbury High which is an excellent school with waiting lists for out of catchement. Have a look on the Department of Education website.
Here is the website for Salisbury High the primary schools are a bit rough but here is the site for Salisbury Heights Primary If you can give me more information if you want schools I can tell you where to look. When you go on the DECS site, click on schools/preschool on the right and then the little red Adelaide spot, then click on Salisbury for all the schools. when you are on the DECS site check out Keithcott Farm Primary and Gulfview Heights Primary also, they are great local schools.

Living in Adelaide is different to the UK, most suburbs all have a large shopping centre that cater for your immediate needs, supermarkets etc. You don't travel to the City just to get groceries, you can do that at the nearest centre and there are clothes shops etc. There are no big supermarkets just by themselves like an out of town tesco. You just go to your nearest centre.