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      Went over to Adelaide in April and really loved it. I am going back in August and hope to move out later on in the year. I had not been to SA before and was really surprised how much I loved it!
      It's a really big decision but one that is worth doing

      Good luck

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      donna T
      Remember people regret things they did not do more than they regret things they have done so chances like this have to be grabbed!

      Totally agree
      Life is what you make it - and you can make more of it here in Adelaide. It is very beautifull.
      I was driving back from the Central Market this morning, car stuffed with fresh fruit and veg and there was a break in the rain - the sun came out and I could see the hills ahead, the city behind and the sea off to my right - couldn't get that in London!;)

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      Hi I see you have a 2 year old, have you sorted a nursery yet? arriving 26th june Aldinga
      Can't wait


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      donna T
      Hi Kelly

      Izzy won't start Kindy for a while yet and I am lucky enough to be able to be at home. She goes to playgroup and Kindergym and swimming lessons so she is quite busy!! (and I am quite knackered!!)
      Good luck with your move and let me know if I can be help in any way - even for a cuppa and playdate whenyou arrive x

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      Hi, thanks for emailing back, lucky you i think....
      I have to sort something out asap when i arrive, need to work and connor needs the play mates, Just trying to get recommendations. Be really good to meet up, I don't think your to far from where we are gonna be. Can't wait counting the hours. Speak soon.

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      Thanks everyone!

      Just wanted to say thanks to all the contributors. We have been struggling with where to move to & more you research, harder it gets! Our first instincts were for Adelaide as we feel it will be the right size place for us (not too 'big city') & great for the kids & we have come back round to our initial decision after looking into Perth & QLD. At the end of the day, it's up to each person to make it work for yourselves and at some point you just have to take a risk and jump on in!
      Good luck!:)


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