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      i`ve just started my visa application having visited melbourne/ adelaide in march.melbourne too much like uk,adelaide lovely? we only spent 6 days around glenelg,brighton,hallet cove,flagstaff hill etc ,did city ,lofty,cleland and victor harbour.we didn`t really find anything we didn`t like except not letting you in while driving!
      have i got rose tinted specs on? why are so many of us wishing to go there?
      any feed back would be appreciated.
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      nikki 40
      jamie 11
      abigail 3

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      Hi Max

      Welcome to PIA. Always plenty of people to get replies from here. I guess we're all looking for that better life for our families, away from here, where most things seem to be getting worse, rather then better. We want to do it for a better life to bring our kids up, but we know we have to be realistic taht there will be downsides aswell, especially missing family and friends this end.

      Good Luck with your application, and any questions just ask, always someone around to help.


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      Hi Max,

      Welcome to PIA.

      Quote Originally Posted by max View Post
      we didn`t really find anything we didn`t like except not letting you in while driving!
      Where do you normally drive? Not London then. If that is the only bad thing about Adelaide then we must be doing the right thing. Those drivers are probably all ex pats anyway :D


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      Smile hiya

      hi there welcome to PIA! we want to get of this expensive Island that taxes you for everything!
      this is a great site with lots of people who are only too happy to help in any way they can!

      steph x :D

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      Smile Hi

      Hey, it seems to take forever for the application, we have just found out and fly out 24 june. The best people to rent from are l j hooker it seems.
      I've found Adelaide to be great, been out twice and fell in love with the place and people. Email if you need more info, be happy to help.
      Good luck


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      Hi Max and family well for us its a better future for the kids and we are fed up at working our socks off for what seems not alot, would like to work as hard with more reward, and a bit more time to spend with my family and after doing loads of research ,cost of living,way of life.......Adelaide is hopefully our future.:) Cheers Graham & Jacqui

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      All of the above reasons and as a minor bonus they have warm summers

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      welcome max and family!

      well, our reason for adelaide was mainly because it seems to be family friendly - we have 2 little ones, and we want them to be occupied alot ;)

      then the climate and i like the fact that adelaide seems to be a small city/big town - there the information varies - and everything seems to be in 'easy' reach

      and i also like that you have different areas close by: sea, hills, wineyards, city

      well, we haven't been there yet (and most likely won't go on a rekkie either )
      but it at least sounds good to us from researching and stalking everyone online living there :p

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      We came over to Adelaide in February with our two 1/2 yr girl...we are really loving it, its so pretty, so much to occupy yourselves with if your on a tight budget as we were/are. I think you have the best of all worlds here, so long as you dont isolate yourself up in the wintery hills.

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      Hi Sarah and Max

      Welcome both of you to PIA ;)

      We have been here 5 weeks and love it. We have no doubts at all that this is the best move we could have made. We must be lucky as we have not found the driving here that bad :o. The people here are really friendly and the whole place has a more laid back feel. Although chilly at the moment and raining quite a bit you still get to see blue skies and it does not have the damp dingy feel the uk has in winter.

      Although Adelaide is classed as a small city it is spread our over a large area so not quite the 20 minute city :p

      Remember people regret things they did not do more than they regret things they have done so chances like this have to be grabbed!



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