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      Smile nursery for 2 year old

      Hi, does anyone know any good nurserys in Aldinga? be arriving 26th june and will need full time place for my 2 year old son Connor.

      Thanks Kellyjo


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      hi Kel you trying to be in ozzy time zone before you get to Adelaide! not sure about nurseries but am sure someone will let you know, i have PM'ed you!
      steph x

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      Hi Kellyjo

      Don't know anything about the childcare i'm afraid, check out adelaide bound for links to childcare services, Its a good site.

      Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best of luck when you fly out next month. Have agood flight, and hope you settle in quickly, especially little Connor.:)


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      Smile thanks

      Hi thanks for the heads up.
      Not looking forward to the flight, but can't avoid it....
      Good luck with yours, when you going?


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      Hi Kel

      Not sure if/when we are going, as have come to a bit of a standstill. Long story, but can't get SA sponsorship now, so trying alternative routes, but taking a while to get it all confirmed so we can actually apply for the visa, although our assessment has already been passed.

      Take care


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      There are lots of childcare centres over here so think you will have no worries finding a place for your little one :) Be prepared though as childcare is more here than the uk and they are not entitled to any 'free' kindy etc until they are 4 here.



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