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      getting to melborne

      :emoticon-signxmas: everyone and I have seen this on here many times before but never really took much notice, we are off work for xmas and the new year and have decided to make the most of it by driving to melbourne can anyone advise us of the best route to take we have 10days to spare but have 2 children so want to drive the quick and easiest child friendliest route.
      We are in gawler but apart from the window lickers don't know if that makes a difference to the route :unsurexmas:
      thanks anyway

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      Narracourte could be on your way a good caravan pk there Big 4 with a nice swimming lake. There are caves there. maybe 5 hr drive form, you the arvo is enough for the caves. then 4 hrs on form there is the ottway fly, lovely waterfalls in this area and the tree top walk, we drove that way to apollo bay then back along the ocean rd to adelaide


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