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      Hello everyone!!!

      Dear all

      We are the Cleghorns from Kent. We are just at the very very early stages of going through this mamouth journey of applications and visa's!!! We've loved reading all your comments and it really has helped us with lots of questions that we didn't know where to find the answers for.

      We are hopefully going over on a Skilled visa, my husband Tim is in the glass trade and has been since leaving school some 20+ years ago. Glaziers have only very recently been added to the skilled migrant list so we have been unable to apply before.

      One of the questions I wanted to ask you all is if any of you have moved without having a house to sell? We've been local authority tenants for some years and because of the area we live in, despite the discounts offered, have still been unable to afford to buy our house. (This is one of the main reasons for wanting to start somewhere new where we may be able to finally become homeowners!!). We have some savings but I am really panicking that when we arrive a job for Tim will be very hard to find. Does anyone know if there is a minimal amount of savings that the government insists you must take?

      Tim and the kids (Alexandra 15, Nadia 8, Molly 5) are really excited that we may be going but I am still having the usual worries.

      Adelaide is definately the area we want to go to but on searching through current job vacancies it seems that there has only ever been 1 job offered in the whole of SA, which as you can imagine fills me with even more worry!!!


      Tim (42)
      Lisa (40)
      Alexandra (15)
      Nadia (8)
      Molly (5)

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      Welcome to the board...!

      We had a property which we sold for a profit....but because we had a loan and a couple of credit cards to pay we dont have a lot left so we are relyiing heavily on savings.

      We are hoping to take around £15-£20000, with us and have been told by many ppl that will be plenty to set up on the basics while job hunting! We asked our agemt about minimum amounts and was told they have none...but as you not entitled to any benifits of sort, you need enough to survive on till employment is found.

      Good luck!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Smile hi there

      welcome to PIA! as scooterdan said there are no clauses that state you have to have a set amount of money, but to ensure you can afford rent/food etc till you get jobs, the way i see it is that you managed where you are so should be fine out there! unemployment is low & I would suggest that you contact some companies out there to get the low down on availability of jobs in your given fields; my OH has been asked by 3 of the companies he emailed to come & see them for an interview when we get out there so sounds like he will get something (fingers crossed!)
      hope this helps you

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      Hi and welcome to PIA :D

      It is hard looking for jobs from the UK as a lot go in the local paper which you will only see once you get here. Theoretically if your job is listed in demand to get you a visa you should be able to find work - some people also switch fields once they arrive to get money coming in.

      We know people that have come over with 10,000 and less and still managed along with those who have much more and mortgage free ;)

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      hi lisa and family!

      i know these worries way too well; but i guess every single one of us know them!
      i guess it's just about to jump in and see

      and i hope as lisa said since oh's job is on the modl list there shouldn't be 'too' many problems!

      welcome anyways :)

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      Thanks everyone thats a real help.


      Tim (42)
      Lisa (40)
      (Alexandra 15)
      (Nadia 8)
      (Molly 5)

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Lisa and family

      Welcome to PIA and this long and oten frustrating journey. I agree with Lisa - if your OH's skill is in demand then there will definitely be more than 1 position available in SA.

      As for not taking a huge amount of money with you. It's not the money that will help you settle in, it's how quickly you adapt to life in Oz, settle in and start a better life for you and your family.

      Good luck - I'm sure you will be fine. :)




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