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      Comfort Inn Flinders Lodge

      The flights are booked, now I need a hotel for my 2 week mini-reccie.

      I am close to booking The Comfort Inn Flinders Lodge. For those of you unsure where this is, it is on Dequetteville Terrace in the Kensington & Norwood area.

      I am looking at this hotel primarily because it is the cheapest one out there, but also just as importantly it is the only one I can find in Norwood, which is the area I want to explore most.

      It's a 2/3 star hotel which supposedly has A/C, a pool and a parking space. These and a clean bed are the only things I want from a hotel, so I am prepared for a no-nonsense "you get what you pay for" experience.

      My question is this: am I making a good decision, or are there other, similiarly priced but better hotels in the area which dont show up on Expedia, Opodo etc?

      For reference: I am paying about 600 for a double room for 12 nights.

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      Hi Matt
      When are you heading out?
      I am flying out on March 25th via and staying with an old school friend in Coromandel Valley.


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      We are a bit short on holiday entitlement so we are utilising the 2 free days at Easter.
      We are staying 12 nights, the 5th-17th April.
      Matt and Carol


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