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      Welcome to PIA.

      With regards to your question, the MA will not increase your chances of employment in the government sector unless the system changes. Currently you register with the Dept of Education (DECS) and if there is vacancy in the area you teach, you may get offered it. However, serving in country schools puts you at the top of the list, and there are other criteria. I applied in Dec 2007 and have not had a call even for a short term job. No-one I know has either. If the system changes and jobs are advertised and recruited as in the UK, it may help but the most crucial factor is an Aussie reference. Australians like to know who you know, not what you know adn if you have a name they like, you can at least get your foot in the door.

      As for private schools, some will like your CV, some not. It is worth remembering that there is no shortage of applicants for jobs, unlike the UK, although this is due to change. The average age if teachers, judging by my staffroom, is over 50. The national curriculum is due to be introduced in 2010 and this won't be popular with the older generation as they may be reluctant to make the changes. In the UK, when it was introduced it triggered a mass of early retirement applications. However, here many Aussies think the Nat Curr will be a suggestion rather than a directive. Given the age of teachers, there will be significant openings. However, I know of 2 schools where there are teachers aged over 65 who are employed as the kids love them and they still want to teach. In private schools, you do find alot of people of stay a while. At my school, there are staff there who have been there, 25, 30, 35, years. I can't imagine that.

      I teach at a secondary school, and it took me a year to get my job. Secondary school teachers are currently on the sponsored list, primary school teachers are not.

      I think it will be more likely to find that your experience and contacts in Adelaide will be of more use to you than your MA.

      As for accommodation, on the front page there is a link set up for accommodation in Adelaide website set up by Tim. Give it a try. Alternatively, you could try to pm Tyke, Diane, Guzzler&Sas, Judi, Dale&Jo who all have short term rental properties. I am sure there are others but I can't remember them off the top of my head.

      Good luck

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      Hi Rob and Mel,
      Yes I meant 2009, can't get used to putting that now! What a small world it is! So are you thinking of making the big leap? If so how far down the process are you?

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      Thank you so much Libby for that info. Perhaps while doing placements and teaching practice I can make some contacts (if they like me that is!) and this may help on the job front.

      How did you and your family find settling over there, was it difficult? A little worried about my oldest who is 13. He is massively into football and cricket so hope to be able to get him involved in teams and clubs over there.
      Any advice would be appreciated.

      Tracy x

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      Thanks, good luck to you too! Fingers crossed you sell the house quickly so you can all be together
      Tracy x

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      Hi Tracey

      I work at Flinders Uni in admin. Nearby areas to live are Bellevue Heights, Blackwood, Belair, Hawthorndene, Flagstaff Hill etc, have a look on realestate.com.au under rentals so you can get some idea of prices. Bellevue Heights would be the nearest to Flinders. It is a lovely Uni in a lovely setting. We live in Blackwood and it takes me about 10 mins to get to work. Can recomend the Blackwood primary and High Schools as my two go there. Most of the schools do lots of sports and have lots of clubs. Good luck, anymore questions feel free to PM me, Gina


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