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      hi everyone
      i just recently found this site. We have got State sponsership and our agent has lodged our DIAC application today. we are applying for the 475 visa. We are getting excited now as they have said all 475 visas are being fast tracked but are not sure on timescale etc. There is me and my husband, Step daughter and our son who just turned 1 today :D. We visited Adelaide in June 2008 but it was freezing lol we stayed in a little cottage for 3 weeks and saw a bit of it but cant wait to live out there so we can see even more. But know it gets warmer at this time of year. My BIL lives in Trott park they moved in Feb 08 so been there nearly year. Hope to talk to you all soon.

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      Hi Guys

      Welcome to PIA! You'll make loads of friends and get some great info and advice on here. We visited in August last year and yes we were freezing too! We were warned that it was cold, but as it was an aussie who told us, we thought they were just soft - until we arrived with no coats and had to buy some!

      However with recent temperatures reaching 40 theres nothing to worry about in the summer months.

      Good luck with your plans and hope to chat to you some more on here



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