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Dan!! You would make an excellent PIA meeter and greeter dude.

How many people have your mobile number!

Seriously though, you make everyone feel welcome here so thanks to you!

Welcome to you MAZ.

If you're on facebook check out 'expats in adelaide' group. alot of us on there. Its not a british expats group but for 'everyone'. We have meetups once per month. It's good for when you don't know anyone here plus I'll be happy to talk to anyone if they come up and say hello!

I met Scooty Dan/Steph, Kris&Liz there and Suzer. Good folk.

hiya, thanks! I've now joined that facebook group and will be in touch once we arrive in Adelaide to find out the next meet up! Everyone's been so friendly, can't wait to meet everyone and have a few drinks together!