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      Premiership football

      Hello all. We are looking to move to Adelaide, hopefully Brighton some time next year. We have just got the trade recognition through and are just about to send off the papers for our visa's. We were just wondering what the score is with watching premiership football. Can you get the games on satelite, is it shown in pubs and also does Adelaide have a football league for amateur players. Are the locals into football at all or is it just Poms abroad?

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      Hi ade and emma

      If you put satalite tv australia in on your search engin u should be able to find a company called optus. They operate sat tv and show fox sports which my football mad hubby recons show premiership football. Sorry we cant remember the exact adress but u should still be able to get your fix.

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      Neil has also mentioned Fox Sports which shows Premiership Football, unfortunately - although if it didn;t I think us moving to Oz would be out of the question!!! Hoping Neil enjoys the outdoor life too much to think about wathcing tv.

      We are in touch with a family who live in North Adelaide, she moved there about 35 years ago when she was 7, her husband is from Oz and enjoys football but her son plays Aussie Rules football, not sure what the difference is. She has told Neil that they have local football teams, and amateur saturday and sunday leagues etc as well has watching the Premiership. (Unfortunately)

      Hope this helps a little bit.

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      excellent. thanks for the info. i might not have come if i couldn't watch arsenal!

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      Quote Originally Posted by ade&emma View Post
      i might not have come if i couldn't watch arsenal!
      Not another Deena For the forums sake we have gotta keep them apart. :)

      Sarah, aussie rules footie is nothing like the beautiful game. For a start I don't think their players are much cop as they need 22 on each side (mind you they can only have 18 on the park at a time). ;)


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      Would not have given you all the info if I'd known it was for Arsenal fans - Neil would kill if me he found out!!!! Hahahaha - only joking.

      Aussie rules Mmmmmmmmmm - 22 players - what on earth do they all do? Anywhere I could catch a game on tv over here - could be entertainment!

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      Foxtel show quite a lot of english games, but you have to up half the night to see it live, bearing in mind the time difference.
      In the last World cup, my son would go to the Adelaide Casino which is open all night to watch some of the games, but it meant he was a zombie at work the next day!!.
      I was out in ADELAIDE in Jan & Feb. when Wycombe Wanderers (my team) played Chelsea in the league cup. I was unable to see the first game, as I was in a country area visiting friends and nobody seemed to receive Foxtel, but for the second leg which was played in the English evening, I got up at 6am to watch it on my son,s tv.
      When I am in Aus, my son & I often go to watch Adelaide United at the Hindmarsh Stadium. They play in the Australian Soccer league, with teams from most of the big cities and New Zealand, but the football is only on a par with 2nd division matches.

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      b4 i left oz i was told that football (soccer) was the most widely played junior sport in oz. Only when kids hit 13/14 and they choose football, afl and cricket does participation fall, however, there is change in the air particularly after the last world cup so give us ten years and we will beat you regularly like a couple of years ago at upton park!!

      adelaide united was runner up in last year's national footbal comp and they are looking to extend hindmarsh stadium to a 25000 seater. the final between melbourne and adelaide draw 60000 spectators which is not bad imho. i agree that the standard is approx 2nd division here but the matches cost $15 i believe so good value for money

      by the way i am a long term chelsea fan and hope that chelsea tv gets to oz before i come home

      plus, afl is a great game and if anyone wants to see what the action is about over here, they play an exhbition match at the Oval in London usually every october. we also play the irish every couple of years in a hybrid afl/gaellic match but that usually ends with brwals and mayhem - all good fun as remember in afl if you hit someone and they hit you back its all fair and the umpire need not get involved!!!

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      Please stop mentioning more football teams Morgan is a Newcastle fan (yes yes I know sad).and his second team is carlisle united and I am all footballed out it boars me ridgid And now thanks to this thread he wants to support Adelaide united when we get out there. He keeps saying things like wont it be great I can go and watch more live matches prehaps even get a season ticket aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      On a lighter note Megan came home from school last week and said she now suports Man U hehehehehehe

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      Hi All!

      We Are Total Newcastle United Fans, So I Was Wondering... Is There A Supporters Club Any Where In Adelaide Where We Can Join Other Magpies And Cheer On The Toon Army!!!


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