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    Thread: Teaching Jobs Info.

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      The qualification that they gain at end of secondary is a SACE (South Australian certificate of education) and all the courses that are taught over years 11 and 12 give them units that they collate in order to gain that cert. I can never remember the number of units but I think it is something like about 14 units that you have to pass. Some courses are internally assessed and others are assessed through exams. The SACE stuff has just been revised.

      SACSA are the SA curriculum advisory body who sort other stuff have a look at www.sacsa.sa.edu.au or put sacsa into google.

      Also if you are teaching at a Catholic school, espcially RE, then there is a document called Crossways which all units in the school have to be cross linked to in some way (Bodie will tell me if I am wrong for other subjects) but certainly for RE.

      As I have said before, the National Curriculum is planned for introduction in 2010 although I heard on Tues it is now 2011. This is one reason why no-one I work with thinks it will ever happen. There are initial overviews or framing papers outlining these I think and I will find the web links but can't tell you off the top of my head what they are. Humanities based subjects, Eng, Maths and some sciences have been drawn up I think so you might find those helpful when preparing a job application.

      My friend is a primary school teacher. She arrived during school hols and due to other circumstances she decided to relocate to Cairns. She is hoping to come back here soon though, fingers crossed x

      I would say that teaching here is not as stressed. Not because it is not stressful, because there are are times when it is...reports season 4 times a year for every class is a headache. However, by moving country, you are able to reorder your life, you create it, you establish it, and my boundaries are much firmer here. Traffic is easier here so that helps. Most Aussies like to live close to where they work but there are plenty of schools all over with most suburbs having a primary.

      In the UK I worked at at a school, about 35 mins from where I lived non rush hour. Due to no direct bus route, it could take me more than an hour and half to get there by bus, and generally 45 mins if I left the house before rush hour began. I left the house at 7 and left school again as close to 4.00 as I could and would still not get home till half five or later. If OH had a meeting then we might not get home till 6 and then there is dinner to sort.

      Due to the intense accountability within the UK ed system I think staff there are used to using their time incredibly productively however short it may be. For that reason, if you bring all your stuff with you, that should be enough. I don't think that Aussie teaching is as pressured overall as UK teaching.

      Hope this helps
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      Quote Originally Posted by jasonleefarr View Post
      Hi Libby,

      Wow- thanks!! that is the kind of information I have been asking for and have struggled so far to receive. It is encouraging to hear from somebody else's experience that jobs can be found though it does not sound as though it is neither easy or guaranteed! This is the dilemma- I am the principal wage earner, Sally works part-time and is a full-time Mum. Although we are desperate to move to Oz there is an air of reticence as we are cautious about losing out financially. It seems unlikely of securing a Teaching job before we arrive in Oz and with courses etc to complete before you can register with the state time out of work is bound to gather pace!

      I am a Fine Art graduate with a PGCE in Design Technology, although I have been a Head of a Media Studies Department for 5 years as well as teaching Food Technology, ICT, Citizenship and General Studies at various stages of my career. Is there a surplus in these subjects? I do have the benefit of being a Catholic (though quite a disaffected one I might add!) which might strengthen my case. Is is feasible to do a recce and arrange to do the three one day courses during that recce so that I could get a head start? If so how could I arrange?

      I think I might pause there before I frighten the life out of you with endless questions. Thankyou for the kind response and your interest and I hope that I don't do your head in.

      I will ration my questions carefully.

      genuine thanks

      Hi all

      Another English one here I'm afraid.

      I too am loving this site - it has confirmed and answered so many areas.

      However.... could someone please fill me in on the courses mentioned above which need to be completed. i could look it up myself but to be honest I am totally addicted to reading these posts and if someone already knows the answer!!!

      I am also about to sign up for my Masters but am now wondering whether I should take some kind of correspondence course to bring my second speciality, History, up to speed?



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