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      This might seem like a silly question as we know there will be lots of spiders and creepy crawlies but do people get bitten loads by mosquitoes? Are there a lot of flies in general? If so what is the best repellent?

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      Yes, there are a lot of mozzies, particularly near water, and when it's nice and warm - though I bet you knew that! Some of us are lucky and don't seem to get bitten much, whilst others seem to be preferred mosquito food. The first year we were here, my daughter got bitten loads and felt pretty poorly, but she's been ok this year, although still provides the mosquito population with a moving banquet!

      As to flies..they are everywhere! (Unless it's just me they're attracted to?!). They are bloomin' irritating, but there's always the Aussie wave to disperse them! And when it gets really cold they all DIE!!!

      We tend to use Aerogard - Tropical Strength!- as a repellent. There are also lots of other sprays/ candles/ bug catchers/ cloths/ hats etc. Don't worry; you soon get used to the minor irritation they pose. It really is no biggie.

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      Loads of flies and mozzies here :D I am allergic to mozzy bites so take a multi vitamin B complex as recommended by a GP and works a treat - mozzies hate the taste it puts in your skin so will bite but only once ;)

      Luckily for us we got here when it is cooler so not had the worst of it yet but the odd fly stills finds it way in even in the chilly weather here at the mo so god help us when it gets warm Will just have to practice that aussie wave!



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