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    Thread: Another one needing help

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      Another one needing help

      Good Day to all you future POMS, ( hopefully).
      Been browsing the threads for a bit and now its my turn.Need feed back on the Silver Trowel AQF III. Been a plasterer for 4 years and got C&G certs in it. But as you may now not good enough for the GODS yet ie. the TRA.
      Any body got any other sugestions how i can join my family and friends already out there in land of milk and honey, well Tooheys and BBQs any way.
      Time is short cos fast approaching 43. ( OUCH )

      Cheers Everybody and all the best to all.


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      Hi Steve, I don't understand how you can't get in, please give me more details.

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      hello scott. How are you.
      As far as i have been told and understand you need at least 6 years experiance in your trade in order to pass the strick TRA assessment which you need for your skilled migrant visa. Mechanic friend of mine went thru it all and has now moved to Blackwood area of Adelaide.Any advise would be grateful.
      Cheers Scott.

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      Hi Steve, I have been in contact with a guy called (don't laugh) Stephen King at Work permit in London, I sent him all my details of plans to move to Adelaide and filled out all the online stuff and did the points test and he said it should be no problem at all to get my visa within 6 months and I have no qualifications in plastering whatsoever but I do have the work experience and have been a self employed plasterer/dryliner in France for the past 5 years. But all my paperwork is purely peoples testamonies and previous employer letter stating the facts........but all of this could simply be replicated with a PC and if you can prove your skills on the day then I can't see a problem.
      I could be wrong but the guy I spoke to has a 100% track record and only puts people through who he knows will get through and that was all the info I gave him and he was happy to take me on.....I have to sell my house first though unfortunately
      Keep in touch, Scott
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      Hi Steve

      Sorry, I can't answer your questions but welcome to Poms In Adelaide and good luck with you plans.

      Director - Vista Financial Services - Financial Advisor and Mortgage Advisor for Poms in Adelaide - UK Pension Transfers / Financial Advice / Mortgage Advice
      Andrew@vistafs.com.au FPA & MFAA Member, Adv Dip FP www.vistafs.com.au Ph: 08 8381 7177

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      Hello again Scott.
      Cheers for the info . Could you forward me his details ands stuff and i will get in touch with him. From wot you said it sounds good cos up to now , apart from being totally bewildered by it all, had not much good news so far. Where in France are you cos my brother has got a place in Normandy.
      Thanks again and will keep you informed .

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      Thanks Andrew and when i eventually land will look you up.
      Cheers mate.


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