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      Hi Nicky and the gang.

      Your not alone in your future plans. We havnt been to Adelaide or any other part of Australia (other than in my dreams). And to be honest every now and then I start and think what the hell am I doing.

      But were going for it big style, and whatever the outcome, if we stay there great, if we dont then what a flippin great experience.

      Welcome to the gang.:D

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      nicky, alan and charlotte
      Hi thanks for all your replies, and glad that we are not the only mad ones on here. My hubby keeps telling me that life is too short and if it doesn' t work out then at least we will have tried.

      We put our house on the market when we passed our TRA and we have just heard from our estate agent and the people that viewed it last night are going to put in a offer tomorrow.

      So not only are we mad but may be homeless as well, think that if we sell the house it will all seem more real at the moment i feel that i am dreaming and even though this has been our dream for ages.

      Anyway will keep you posted.

      By the way have any of you got any jobs to go to when you arrive?

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      The Bowmans
      H Nicky and Family

      Welcome to PIA and the whole process. Everyone is right, it is an emotional rollercoaster and each day brings new doubts and challenges. John and I are lucky, we spent 3 months travelling round Oz 5 years ago and then went back for 3 weeks last year. For us it was love at first sight - we are going back to Friday for a reccie as we only spent 2 weeks in Adelaide in 2002. Even so, having spent 4+ months in Oz, we still have doubts - it's natural when moving to the other side of the world.

      But, as everyone says you can only regret things you didn't do........

      Good luck with everything, fingers crossed on the house offer for you.

      Deena :)

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      nicky, alan and charlotte

      We sold the house yesterday, got a little below the asking price, but its sold, only thing is the buyers want to move, in about 6 weeks!!

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      Good news on the house sale.:D

      Hope you've saved a large cardboard box from your packing. You ma need it in 6 weeks time.;):D



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