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      ralph n bev

      Thumbs up hello everyone were new to p.i.a.

      Hello everyone,
      Well i cant believe ive gone and joined another forum!
      Im already addicted to the yellow screen.
      Now im going to have to ration my time between the 2, or i will be needing Kim and Aggie round to our house , (t.v program," how clean is your house?" , for those in Oz! real mingers!! )

      We are a family of 5 from West Yorkshire who are going for a 136 visa. Weve had confirmation that its arrived in Adelaide and are waiting for a case officer , and to do our meds n police checks. We havnt got the house up for sale yet.
      We are doing a reccie in September just Ralph and I no kids , cant wait .

      Met some of you last weekend at the Brickworks , and recognise a few names from my yellow addiction.
      So hello again , and heres to an even number bum!

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      Hi R 'n' B, (good music that;))

      Welcome to the right forum.;):D

      I started to go on 'custard court' but its too bright and does my eyes in.


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      Hi Bev, i joined yesterday,much to my own disbelief, what with my custard addiction as well i am doooooooomed i just hope i don't hear about any more sites, my bum has already taken on the shape of the computer chair as it is !!!

      Weez and the gang ;)
      Been here since sept 08 and have found 'home'

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Bev

      Welcome to PIA, I'd get a cushion if I were you! Don't spend too much time in the custard as I agree with Pete, it's migraine-inducing !

      Good luck with everything and enjoy the reccie.

      Deena :)

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      hi bev..
      nice to see you on this site also

      i was gutted not to get to the meet on sunday but a drunk driver put paid to that
      hope to meet you in person on another day.....how about sunday 8th july :)

      i wondered why i started to get migraines.. i thought it was because i was sat looking at 5 forums aaaahhhhh......


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      ralph n bev
      Hello everyone ,
      thanks for the warm welcome, i sit on my nice comfy arm chair with the lap top , but still get a numb bum im afraid. Even more so on an evening when the red wine comes out.

      Debbie what happened with the drunk driver , did you have a bump?, hope everyones all right.

      By the way Isn't it easy to do the avatar on here? Even i could do it , we've had 2 already !!

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      hi bev,

      no i am a theatre nurse and we spent hours n hours putting the bloke back together. didnt get out of theatre (me) till gone 5 from 7.30am the bloke was in for 13 hrs and we did further ops on weds....thankfully he didnt hurt anyone else just a poor innocent tree.


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      i wanted to put an angry face on there but dont know how i can only do :) and :(


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      ralph n bev
      Well at least no one but him was hurt .
      It was a good meet Sunday, shame you couldn't make it Debbie , even though it was fathers day , they gave us a raised up area, away from everyone.
      They didn't insist on everyone eating either.
      We left at about 7 pm and HappyJools was still there!!

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      heh heh cool....sounds like you had fun and the photos looked good too!
      i would have got there just as everyone was leaving but could have had a drink with happyjools ....i needed one

      hope the chesterfield meet is a success too



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