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      nikki davies
      Thank you so much, It is very hard to understand how life is in another country/area - I just wanted some reasurance that Adelaide is a good place to raise a family. We have friends who live on the Gold Coast, they love it there, but obviously at times find it very hot.

      Thanks for the advice about the areas, we would rent first, We area going to come over for a holiday first, but that's not likely to be atleast another year yet - unless we win the lottery (which is highly impossible as we don't even do it!)

      Have you been back to England yet?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Libby1971 View Post

      I think it is because it is the final symbol of the move we all made for a better life, and that somehow a pool is a symbol that makes it worth it (well, we couldn't have a pool in England could we?)
      You've put your finger on it there Libby - I'd never thought of it like that before - but so true.

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      I couldnt agree more with your words, enough said, well done

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      Hi, moving to Adelaide soon & have been reading yours posts. It's nice to know there is advice out there if you need it. I think hiring a car & having a look around is the best way forward. Havespent 12 months travelling in oz but didn't spend more than 2 wks in Adeliade, but did like the feel of the place. Carolyn

      Quote Originally Posted by nikki davies View Post
      Well - I'm sold! Our reason for moving is for a better/different life - At the moment I drive to work, get home, it's getting dark, have tea, make lunchboxes, watch a bit of telly (which is utterly rubbish most of the time - the apprentice starts this week though!) - go to bed! During Winter here you just get through it - as I'm sure you know.

      You are right about the pool - it's because it is something that is an immediate change to the way you live everyday in England. Maybe we don't need one - just WANT ONE! From things I've read from other people I realise that it will take a while to adjust, but both my husband and I feel it is our destiny (corney, but true!). When we met, he was in the process of emigrating to Oz, but due to my circumstances (I have a son from a previous marriage) - he stayed. We always hoped and dreamed that one day we could actually go. Well, I don't want it to be a dream - I want it to happen. I just hope we get through the hurdles on the way - one of which is telling Jools's (hubby) mum this weekend. We see alot of her and she does an awful lot for our kids - so I hope she will understand.

      I just want to thank you so much for replying, to turn on the computer and read a message like that is great, to see wildlife like that out with your kids on a sunny day - well, who can beat that?

      Thanks again - I will probably have a lot more questions as we go along, so appreciate any advice you can offer,

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      ;)Some great posts here.....all honest but not just all good, its deffo best to visit before deciding where to live as there are so many nice areas we lived 5 mins from the beach in the yuk so we had to be near the beach here. So that includes anywhere from Port Adelaide to Selicks Beach ......along way between the two, there are not many places that you will be able to walk to the shops and school to be honest (unless your lucky)there are not many (or outside the city) what we would call a traditional high street, there seems to be centres ie.. Colonnades or seaford Centre ( we are down south) where there are lots of shops covering everything you need in Colonnades case.

      We are in Noarlunga downs which is a pants area according to some...!!!yes some areas have social housing but lets not all become snobs on arrival, Jac gets the train into the city approx 40 mins and enjoys the trip, colonnades is 5 mins away the beach is 5 mins away the kids school (Port Noarlunga) is 5 mins away , the river (Onkarparinga River Reserve) is 2 mins away, the wineries in Mclaren Vale are 15 mins drive away...........we like many were looking at Seaford and Hallett cove and liked these areas but ended up somewhere in the middle......so its good to give yourself an idea but dont make your mind up before having a look.


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