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      Smile Hi

      A fellow pom showed me this site the other week and i cannot believe i didnt know about it, i wish i had knew about this when i was in the visa process would of settled my mind as i had thousands of questions but had no one to ask!
      I came over here 3 years ago from Staffordshire Moorlands for Uni and am in between moving to Aldinga Beach with my boyfriend who is also a pom.

      Anyway, this site isnt really much use to me now but if anybody has any questions about anything i'm here!

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      Hi i'm with you on this one didnt find out about pia untill we'd been here 4 months been here 5 months now & still finding site useful it's a life saver at times :)

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      Yes, theres alot of people from or going down south where i will hopefully be living very soon, i cant say the city is for me really, if it wasnt for uni i would of moved south as soon as i got here!


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