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      application on hold until baby arrives.....


      We are new to this forum and hope someone can put my mind at rest!! We applied for a 475 visa last August and have recently got to the stage of being allocated a case officer. However I've just found out I'm pregnant and have had to put it on hold because of the chest x ray in the medical.
      I'm in a panic now that when I've had the baby we'll have to start again and wait ages for a case officer to look at our application. Has anyone else been through this? Someone has told me that once you are allocated the case officer then they always have your application so once the baby is born we can go ahead with medicals and off we go.....not sure if this is right though.


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      Hi Nicky,
      I'm sure this is right because my sister and brother in law did exactly the same...they applied for a 175 visa last april realised they were pregnant in July and had a baby boy on 4th march, throughout this whole time their case officer who was appointed around august last year has been in touch with them giving them specific advice on their case and waiting for the baby to be born, just waiting for the passport and medical to be done now.....fingers and toes crossed for them that she will follow through and grant the visa soon p.s congratulations on your good news xx fiona


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