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      We're moving to Adelaide!

      Hi Kat and Lance here! Hopefully we'll be moving out to Adelaide before Christmas of this year! Have been offered a job as a mental health nurse with Central Northern Adelaide Health Service!! Where do we start?!!!!

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      Welcome the people on this forum are very helpful. As we are not there yet I can't offer much advise but wanted to say hello and welcome
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Welcome, and congrats on the job offer!

      Research everything you can about the issues that matter to you;

      Registration, if you have used a recruitment agent, they will guide you. DO THIS SOON, nbsa take their time, expect 3-5 months for it all to go thru'. Be very specific with both nbsa, and nmc, as 1 or the other will slow you down, very frustrating, dunno why we pay them!

      Housing.............work out where you will be working, and chose a decent burb within 20 mins drive. Decide on the realistic requirements, cost etc. About 2 weeks befor you get here contact the agents direct, and make a note of the name, number etc; not all agents will follow up. REMEMBER, not every ausie house has a pool/ tennis court/ barbie etc. and some places are not all they're cracked up to be!!! www.realestate.com.au, is a good place to look.

      Schools, if you have kids, this is a biggie! Good schools are a must, private and public, and some schools are rigid on the catchment areas. Further education costs! but the city has loads of campus spread about..............depends on the courses.

      Dont sell everything, bring much with you; your telly, fridge and washing machine will work here, as will games consols, but the games here may not work in them (different region, apparently!). If you can, get your stuff going BEFORE you leave, that way you wont be waiting for it and having to buy loads of stuff.
      Sheets i think are expensive, so get down to primark and stock up on the duvet covers etc.

      Enough from me, the guys will give ya loads more info....................

      Good luck with it all


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      Hi Kat and Lance,
      Congrats! Barbie at the beach for Christmas then.
      Relocation we used Crown they were excellent but shop around www.crownrelo.com

      www.domain.com.au is a good place to start checking out median house prices of suburbs.

      Check out www.citysearch.com.au for a flavour of what goes on in Adelaide.

      Maps of Adelaide just so you can get your bearings.

      Adelaide City Council anything new that's up and coming in the city.

      All the best.

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      Welcome guys.

      The best site is this one.;) But I would have a gander at www.adelaidebound.com as well. Good luck on your rollercoaster ride. Its all ups and downs even after you get here.


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      Hi and welcome...

      Your in the right place this site has been fantastic, everyone on here is very helpful and you can ask ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

      Good luck with it all, itll be stressful but worth it x


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