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      Hi, I'm Melanie and I grew up in Adelaide between the ages of 5 and 17. I am now in the UK, having been back since the end of 2001. I am wanting to return (hopefully mid-end of next year 2010) but now have 3 children and a fiance. I should be eligible for a former resident visa subclass 151.

      Has anyone else return on a former resident visa? I cannot really find much info on what this means for me and my family as most info is on migrating to Australia.

      Also, I'm not sure really what steps to take to get there, what I'd need to do, how much money I'd need etc. Any advice. Haven't done anything as yet except apply to a few agencies for work.

      I am a qualified support worker/carer.
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      Hi Melanie and family.

      Sorry I can't answer your question about the visa but welcome to PIA.

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