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    Thread: Nice places to live.

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      Clare Robinson

      Nice places to live.

      Hi Everyone, I am new to PIA, I have been watching for ages on the PIO and learning loads. I have posted a thread on PIO asking advise on where South of Adelaide would be good to live and for good schools, but have had no response. I know it is a very debateable question and everyone will have their own opionions but it is good to hear these from people who know as we don't!! We were thinking around Happy Valley area. However we would hopefully eventually like to build a house with a bit of land (not acreas just a nice size to manage with room for the kids and dog, so need somewhere still relatively close to where we rent initially so we don't have to uproot the kids too much again to finally settle in our own house. We have a 3 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. We are hoping to get to Oz for January next year for the little boy who will be 4 to start school and Maesie to start a new school year. My hubby is a wall and floor tiler and hoping to continue this trade in Oz. We are hoping to have around 300,000 to bring. We are just seeking advice on the visa options, our agent is saying the TRA and AQF part of the process should be completed within a month so hopefully visa app can go in around May. She was asking whether we thought s/Sponsored now may be an option to us as we were going to do the 175 origanlly but these are not now getting looked at so quickly? I don't suppose it really matters other than it may now get sorted a little faster with the s/s is this right? Any advise for a real family of novices would be fab. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

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      The Dimmocks
      Hi, we are currently going through the process of completing our state sponsorship application. We being doing lots of research into Adelaide and its suburbs, still not decided where we would like to try, think we going to give the Fleurieu Peninsula a go, lots of nice areas around the coast. Must have over 100 different web sites saved in favourites. Are you going on a 176 state sponsored?? Have you applied for state sponsorship yet??

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      Clare Robinson
      Hi, no we have not applied yet. We are just awaiting the AQF/TRA to do their bits so we can then apply for the visa. It's just I was having a conversation with our agent who said in four weeks we will be applying for the visa and how would we feel about the state sponsored application as opposed to 175. Apparently hubbys job is on the MODL list and SA will take him on the State Sponsored route as well as we have two options really. I just want easiest and quickest. Even though we are not planning to go out there until next year we can sit on the Visa until then and the house is sold. When did you apply for yours, what do yourself/partner do? Thanks

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      Clare Robinson
      Hi, We have not looked at that area at all for some reason. How far is it to shops etc and are the schools any good. I will have a look but any info you have of around there is great. We are still very impartial and open to ideas. I have posted another thread about the flies in Adelaide and someone has said it is quite bad for flies and Mozzies, have you heard anything? Thanks

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      The Dimmocks
      I have sent a private e-mail as babbled a bit to much

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      We have our first appointment with the agent on May 1st and hopefully we can turn everything around, so that we can emmigrate next year.
      We are going for S/S, as we are told this would be the best way forward for us but I'm not sure about the other options.
      We have two boys, a 14 and 16 year old and can't wait to get over there and start , living the outside lifestyle, surf the waves and taking part in all the sport they can.
      let me know how you get on.

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      Hi folks. I am coming in on this conversation, if you don't mind?
      I too will take a look at the Fleurieu Peninsula.
      We are going for our first appointment withe our agent on May 1st and are looking to relocate next year.

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      The Dimmocks
      It covers a huge area, lots of suburbs and a nice coast line. have attached a link to a webpage where you can download maps, so can see some of the suburbs within the area. http://www.southaustralia.com/Maps.aspx

      Have you ever been to Australia before?? We haven't.
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      I live across the road from Happy Valley in Reynella East. It's a lovely area, with established properties. Plots for building on are few and far between. Any new developments may be larger if on a steep slope while flatter land is often smaller. Round here, the nearest part being developed is on Sheidow Park and the plots that we have seen there, well it is hard to imagine how a house can go on there and having any garden is more than difficult. Woodcroft is nearby, as is Aberfoyle Park, Old Reynella, Reynella, Morphett Vale, Trott Park, Sheidow Park and O'Halloran Hill.

      Land is being sold in McLaren Vale, Seaford, Aldinga and Noarlunga Point. All of these places are sufficiently far away that it would mean uprooting the children IMO. I can't think of any other developments although someone else may be able to offer some more info.

      The local state high school is Reynella East although some areas nearby are also zoned for Wirreanda, Aberfoyle Park High or Seaview High School. There are lots of primaries round here including Reynella East primary, Braeview primary, Woodcroft primary and Aberfoyle Park primary. I know people who have children at APHS, APPS, WPS and mine are at the REHS and REPS. I am happy with where they are and the other people are happy with the schools their children are at. They are all much of a muchness. As for private ones, Woodcroft College is an Anglican College and Cardijn (pronounced Cardine) is the Catholic one.

      Two major shopping centres - one south (Colonnades) and one north (Marion), with the latter being the larger of the two. Both are about 10-15 mins away. City is approx 20-30 mins away although this can be longer in rush hour. About 10 mins to the beaches. There are shops nearby in Happy Valley Shopping Centre, Old Reynella, Aberfoyle Park Hub, Woodcroft Shopping Centre, Southgate Shopping Plaza etc.
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