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      we have made a definate decission YES!!!!

      Hi spent the last few months pondering!!! now its a definate yes, we will hopefully be coming (not ure when ) sponsored permanant visa through bupa, i work for them in uk as a dementia nurse, my husband is in construction mainly plastering and carpentary but has just completed a 3 bed double storey extention all by himself...bless...!
      can someone lead us into which areas are good or not so good, i know everyones got personal views but any advice/help would be welcome.
      we live in somerset burnham-on-sea which is a quiet place(except in the summer!!!) so we are not used to big city life. im quite worried about gang culture as you hear so much about it these days, i know its everywhere but if poss would like to steer clear of the worse areas renowned for it
      sorry if iv waffeled
      please any info would be great
      dawn an pete

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      Gang culture? i am puzzled.

      It's not a big city, and no real big city feeling. It's nice. Surrounded by parks so the city stays in one area really rather than sprawling out like most other city's

      You hubby may need to sit some test for the construction trade, once here.

      I reckon you will be looking seaford, aldinga, hallet cove way if you want coast and building

      Best of luck.

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      Other areas if you are used to quiet life and I am sure you would both find work in and around Victor Harbor, Port Elliott, Goolwa, Middleton. Lots of retirees, ie: maybe a higher ratio of dementia, lots of building ie: carpentry and plastering. My son worked as a carpenter in Victor area and did very well, before moving back to US.


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      Thank you for your reply, i think the word gang culture has been hyped by the media, i didnt mean anything by it, just wanted to be reasurred which youv done!
      sounds wonderful and cant wait!

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      thank you i will check out these places and report back! sounds great and cant wait to get out there
      take care

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      to kangomike
      when you say hubby may need to sit some tests once there, is it better to wait until were there or to try and get some done over here?
      thanks for any advice


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