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      What made you want to migrate?

      What made you decide to migrate and why Australia??

      Our reasons are many but mainly -

      :D Better life for our daughter, want her to be able to run around more and be a child for longer.

      :D No more 6 month winters with grey skies and drizzle (don't mind the cold!)

      :D The 'political' correctness about everything in the UK. The British are forgotten in an effort not to offend the 'minorities'

      :D Space - everything in the UK seems crowded and small

      :D People - to find people that will take the time to talk and are not so miserable and rushed all the time (or think you will mug them if you look at them!)

      We know we are not searching for paradise and we will be living the same life just in a different place - hopefully one with more smiles and blue skies :o

      Lisa :D

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      We considered moving to Canada about 8 years earlier but Trev still had 8 years of his contract left with the RAF so we couldn't move then even though we had more than enough points to move there then when he was in his final 12 months with the RAF we started looking at moving again but we didn't have the points anymore to qualify for Canada so he emailed their Air Force along with the Aussie Air Force and the Aussie's wanted him so two years ago we moved here. Aussie Air Force paid for everything, the medicals, the X-rays, the hotels, the flight's, EVERYTHING. The only drawback was we didn't have a say in when we flew or where we lived once we got here, we just lived near Brisbane for the past two years and then early december we were told we would be posted to the Adelaide area vover the christmas/new year holidays.

      So here we are now, in Adelaide.

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      You have nicked my reasons Lisa!

      Plus I would have committed murder if I had stayed in the UK.

      I was just sick of the whingers,spongers and unwashed.

      I wanted a place to work safely.


      Found it..................apart from the snakes and bitey things :lol:

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke
      Found it..................apart from the snakes and bitey things :lol:

      oooeeeerrrr :shock: was just getting used to the idea of snakes and spiders but now have to worry about bitey things too :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Lisa :D

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      Quote Originally Posted by dglamoore
      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke
      Found it..................apart from the snakes and bitey things :lol:

      oooeeeerrrr :shock: was just getting used to the idea of snakes and spiders but now have to worry about bitey things too :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Lisa :D

      Don't worry,it's not as bad as you think.

      If you live in a suburban area you will probably never meet anything harmful.

      Just our fault for wanting to live on the edge of things :)

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      donna T
      Similar reasons to Lisa's
      More outdoors lifestyle for the children - didn't want them to grow up playing playstation all day and don't want to see my little girl in Bratz stuff when she is barely out of toddler clothes!
      Although we live in a lovely area - the outside is gradually encroaching and I don't like what I see

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      Heres my response as to why we are emigrating:

      :) more house for your money, whether you choose to be mortgage free or not, the fact is you do get plenty of m2 for the $

      :) parkland & open space for 2 growing children who love the outdoors

      :) med climate, hate it being wet & dreary, like Lisa I can cope with the cold but not to many grey skies

      :) moaners, spongers etc - better not elaborate :oops:

      :) 30 / 45 mins from a beach, one thats preferrably clean 8)

      :) a better quality life, convinced we can make it work as a family

      Will get:

      :cry: homesick

      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
      AGS Painting & Decorating PM me or email agspainting@adam.com.au

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      Same as the rest of you also:-

      :lol: Want the girls to have a chance of a place of their own to live when they are ready to leave home (they will never be able to get a foot on the housing ladder here!)

      :lol: Don't want to have to start a pension scheme for them before they even leave school so that they can retire before they die.

      :lol: Want us to be able to retire before we die.

      :( Worried about sharks (my eldest is insisting she is going to surf if we go)

      :cry: Spiders, Snakes etc... if they are there my dog will find them and either get herself killed or bring them into the house.

      Sue & Paul

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      Martyn & Carol
      I got up in the dark this morning. :cry:
      I put on two layers of clothing :cry:
      Coat :cry:
      Wellington Boots
      Trudged up to the park through the mud in the wind and the rain. :cry:
      Despite living in quite a nice area, I still try and avoid the escalating irresponsible dog owners with fighting type dogs :cry:
      Dumped car is still there. :shock:

      Sat in the car for 2 hours to make a 11 mile journey through the Blackwell Tunnel
      Already dark again by 4pm :roll:
      Stayed at work to try and avoid traffic :twisted:
      Another 1 hour in the car :evil:
      Home - and no energy or inclination to do anything other than veg on the settee in front of telly. :shock:

      Is this a good enough reason to seek sunshine, outdoor lifesytle, and a better environment. :?:

      This is a mid-life spring clean - and if we don't do it now we'll live to regret never trying.

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      reasons to emigrate

      We are just beginning to seriously look into emigrating, our main reason is a better life for the family and i want my little girl to grow up and be able to play outside - safely.

      Here we will probably always struggle financially whereas we can make the exchange rate work for us and set ourselves up well in adelaide.

      Here we are just not that happy or satisfied with our lifes and we loved oz when we came on our honeymoon in oct 2005. Didn't visit adelaide when we came so coming in feb 2007 to check it out :D


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