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  2. Driving

    I suppose there is some kind of logic there, albeit a selfish attitude which encourages undertaking and accidents, although I think drivers here are generally a lot better than where we came from (Switzerland), where most roads are unofficial race tracks.
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  4. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    There is a Tab on ur immi Account to click on to apply for a bridging visa!
  5. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Yes mate! Make sure you have submitted the requested docs accurately! they will open ur case again in about 30-40 days and you will have the grant...Only if everything is accurate! If anything missing...unnecessary 2-3 months delay...and will add to ur frustration! Good Luck😊
  6. Driving

    My OH does this (he's from Adelaide) and it used to drive me nuts in the UK. I think it's because if a road goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane generally it's the left hand lane that ends and you have to merge to the right and given how rubbish drivers are at letting you in people tend to stick in the right hand lane.
  7. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    hi Everyone, My case timeline is: Application Submitted: 15 July 2017 CO ask for dependent Functional English and Police check on : 20 Oct 2017 Documents Submitted: 14 Nov 2017 is somebody on same timeline or was on same page please reply?
  8. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Any grants today?????
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  10. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Final submission means - you pay visa fee and lodge a visa. You MUST have satisfied all the requirements on the day of lodgement including 2 years stay and others (if there are any in your case). You might get rejectetion if visa is lodged before satisfying all necessary conditions.
  11. Dear XYZ Thank you for the opportunity to provide further information. I have uploaded ABCD... which are attached to this email.
  12. Should I apply under Visa 489?

    Congratulations on getting past the AIM! From the limited information you posted, it is not possible to offer a considered professional opinion. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent?
  13. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Yes, I have got the same thing in my immi account.
  14. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    hi mates, can somebody help me how to apply bridging visa B
  15. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    anybody seen this post on ur immi account
  16. Coming to South Australia in February 2018

    Check our rentals available section I'd try to go with something reasonably central or with good access to rail link if further out. That way if you don't have a car you can at least get around to the city and anywhere else. That time of year is the start of the school year so SA will see schools go back on Jan 29th. Hopefully holiday rentals will be a bit easier to come by by the time you arrive. How old are your kids?
  17. Driving

  18. Hi all, I have just received positive outcomes for all my assessments (AIM and VETASSESS) and a Proficient English Score for my PTE, and I am working as a Creative Director with an Ad Agency, my question is, is it advisable to apply under Visa 489, the only state that is currently open for my Skilled Occupation right now is Adelaide, SA. I am a little worried because I did countless search online for job openings under advertising in Adelaide and I could barely find any related to what I am currently doing. Right now, the only Visa available for me to apply under is 489, or should I wait for the other Visas (fingers crossed*) to open up? And if I apply under Visa 489, how fast is their approval? Anyone here working in an Ad agency or any advertising related company in Adelaide at the moment? What are the chances for a boutique agency in Adelaide to hire a person under a temp. Visa?
  19. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    I hope I will get a reply this week.
  20. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Thanks Punj, So if I paid the fees now, can I start uploading docs gradually during the coming month and then, once ready, make the final submission? Thank you again.
  21. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hope you will get yours soon. I am after you :)..... please update once you get the good news.
  22. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Dear All, I am a new member of this forum. I have the following question. I got my 489 visa on 15/12/2015 and I am planning to lodge my visa on 18th December 2017. Do anyone have any suggestion for me when should I apply? Also I have travelled overseas 3 times during last 2 years on 489 visa by following dates in the same country. 23 March 2016 to 06 April 2016 (Work purpose) 14 days 22 December 2016 to 09 January 2017 (Recreation purpose) 18 Days 31 August 2016 to 09 September 2017 (work Purpose) 14 days Please advise me. Thanks
  23. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Wait until your 2 years is finished. If you pay now and upload documents you are applying before you finish your regional stay and you might get rejected.
  24. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    You can not upload files/documents till you pay Visa fee. Once visa amount is paid, link to upload docs will get enabled with recommendations of documents need to be uploaded.
  25. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    All good mate. I do not mention it anyway. It is driving on medium range alcohol offence. You are legend.
  26. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Yes. It make more sense. Any how did you deal your case. If you do not mind can you inbox me. Appreciate your kind support.
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