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  2. thanks for your advice.
  3. Thanks all, I booked direct with Singapore in the end - it's an 8 hour stop over in Singapore but the flight times were best all round. @Tamara (Homes Down Under) it's not so much a small saving I'm after it's more I'm not terribly keen to spend anything at all but it's my Mum's 70th and there's an expectation (even from the other side of the world I can feel my Mum's stare )
  4. And also if you did your medicals 2 years ago when your existing visa was granted. There are chances that department probably won't ask you. However, I suggest you just wait for the Case officer.
  5. Hi Joelito, For medicals, you go through this process only when case officer will request you to and for you to commence this step case officer will have to issue you with Hap ID's- which will have detailed information like blood, chest x-ray or other things which you go through at Visa medical.
  6. I have no clue. Does this help anything? Is it sentimental value you are shipping a car that old and worth only £1500? Given you may be without it for many weeks and will probably need to hire a car in the meantime (or buy), plus other expenses, it may not be cost effective shipping it, unless for whatever reason you cannot bear to part with it. Also, does it have good working air con, as that is needed for a fair chunk of the year. I'd not drive a car without it here.
  7. ^^You don't have to.
  8. Hi...we are 2 years today in Australia and we are eligible to apply for 887 visa now...can anyone give me an advice please...we're not planning to get a service of Agent due to lack of funds. Do we have to have our medical first before we go lodge our application? Please help...thank you so much Joelito
  9. Eastern (north eastern and south eastern also), in the foothills around Belair/Blackwood way perhaps or close to the CBD suburbs with that budget. 20 minutes drive to a private school of your preference would be more than doable then. And give you lots of options. My husband went to Westminster and thinks highly of it. We still attend events there and know people at the school. However, I'd not live too close by in the area but would prefer to be a bit more up in the foothills somewhere or closer to the CBD with that kind of budget as the area around the school is medium density for building and much is being sub divided and smaller blocks therefore. Could find a fab house in the foothills and be within 20 minutes drive of the school. Have friends whose kids go to Scotch and are very happy there. Also St Johns Grammar. Have friends with kids in other schools but those are a few to start with.
  10.,-visa-grant-waiting-times-may-increase/8548012 Since July 2016
  11. I have used skyscanner and webjet on a couple of occasions and not had any issues. I have also booked many flights on Singapore airlines through their own website. If it's peace of mind you are looking for, and maybe a small saving you could price match a flight with Flight Centre. They beat a web price by $50 for an overseas flight for one of my trips and you have their guarantees.
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  13. Redundant immi staff from Jul 2016 or 2017?
  14. Absolutely yes.Thanks mate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The processing has gone very slow but I think in your case may be a month depending on CO. And also from July the processing will be slower due to 400 immigration staff getting redundancy packages. yes, you have to notify.
  16. Congrats breeze,it has been a long journey for you,cheers
  17. Can I know what is the reason for the rejection when you apply at the first time before ?
  18. Hi all Our visa was granted today. Applied on 24th January 2017,granted on 25th May 2017 The officer did not ask any farther Document but we applied twice and the first one was rejected but today we got the golden email. I hope you all get the grant soon. Best wishes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Not great news for the pound. UK economy slowed down more than expected in first quarter - part of the reason has been higher inflation impacting consumer spending.
  20. Hello 12012017,I have applied on July 1st. 16, first co oct 16, was asking about form 1023, second co in feb 17, asking about my little one photo mis match declaration form and 3rd co in march 17, was same like 2nd co. Finally got the pre grant, wondering how long I have to wait? As my family coming in 3 days. Again I have informe to Immi?
  21. Hi Noelle, Thank you for your reply, now I can answer all three questions. Thanks, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  23. Hello, We're a family of 3 in the UK and wondering what locations/suburbs we should consider looking at. Our main priorities would be close or within about 20 mins drive of a good private school, offer generous size plots and be in a nice location - A beach location is not a priority for us. We have a budget of about $1.25 million which I know offers us a good choice of properties, but it's difficult to know from here in the UK looking at domain what are the areas we should consider. I know views on suburbs are all very subjective, but all views would be most welcomed at this stage. Also, I would like to know or hear of any experience, both good and bad of some the the private schools in and around Adelaide. Our daughter will be starting in year 7 and is in a good private school in the UK, so we want to make sure that we contact what are thought to be the best schools so our daughter can continue her education. Thanks for all the help. R.
  24. It is a provisional Grant, Your family has to come back to Australia before they can give permanent residency usually they mention 28 Days. The rest you can check with department to make sure. Could you please inform us what documents did they ask you and Time when they asked, and you submitted..? Thank you
  25. Hello, I have got the pre grant visa, as my family not in Australia. Does any one know about the pre grant.
  26. I was asked same docs which I submitted ago. like all working and residential proof....and pcc of partner of previous name as well not as per passport
  27. We used Aunt Betty when we booked our upcoming visit back to the UK. It's the online arm of Flight Centre and gave us a really good price on some good Qatar flights - cheaper than Webjet, Skyscanner etc could come up with. No hassles so far, haven't flown yet though!
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