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  2. A few thoughts from me... - Melbourne has so many more job opportunities (in general, I know very little about your fields of work, expect a midwife friend - a new graduate - moved to Melbourne after not finding work in Adelaide post graduation, near the top of her class. There were just way more students than vacancies. May not be the case for experienced midwives.) - Houses are much more expensive in Melbourne. Salaries don't seem to be significantly more - eg there is no equivalent 'London weighting.' You may earn a bit more, but in my mind, not nearly enough to justify the expensive real estate there. - Adelaide is comparable to a big town in the UK. Melbourne feels to me like a 'real city.' I love both! - Glenelg and Brighton are both lovely and offer the lifestyle you describe. Glenelg is much bigger in terms of number of shops, restaurants, pubs etc. The main roads in both suburbs are called Jetty Road. But Jetty Road, Glenelg, and its surrounding streets (plus the marina and Moseley Square) are home to a far greater number of shops, cafes etc than the comparatively small stretch at Brighton. Brighton is less touristy - Agree with Snifter - 750-850 will get you a lovely 4 bed home with pool in many suburbs, but might be pushing it for Glenelg or Brighton. But you could also look at the slightly cheaper suburbs around those areas, depending how bothered you are about walking to the beach/cafes/shops. For example, West of Brighton road (not beach side) in Brighton is a lot cheaper than Brighton near the beach, also consider suburbs such as Seacliff, South Brighton, Hove. Or even a suburb or two further out - eg Dover Gardens, Seaview Downs (near Brighton but not walkable to beach) would get you a significantly better house. Depends what you want to compromise on. You could also look around Glenelg at Glengowrie, Glenelg North, Warradale - all a bit cheaper than Glenelg or Glenelg South. - The evenings are not long and light like English summers! That's one of the things I really miss about the UK. In fact, I'm heading over for a holiday next month and can't wait to sit out late with a glass of pimms in a lovely English country pub beer garden! Good luck!
  3. North Adelaide would be great, so would Croydon. However they are quite different. Croydon is a much smaller area with a different feel. It's a very arty area - very 'up and coming' with some hipster cafes, retro furniture stores etc popping up. However the small strip of shops is a small one. North Adelaide is more comparable to a small town centre in the UK with two main streets of shops (O'Connell and Melbourne) and many more restaurants, pubs, etc. It is also a more 'prestigious' area for want of a better word. Lots of old money. Big grand houses etc. I really like both, but they have a very different feel. I agree North Adelaide is better for choice of shops, cafes etc and to be able to walk into the city itself. And I agree with Snifter - also consider the city centre itself. In fact I think that's a better option than North Adelaide and Croydon, but would add some time to your partner's commute north. Have you also considered Prospect? It is probably in the middle of Croydon and North Adelaide in terms of both size and 'feel'. However please note it's one of those areas where the exact street can make a huge difference. Eg some areas (and prices, accordingly), generally the Southern end closer to North Adelaide are much nicer than the areas close to Churchill Road in the West and Kilburn in the North. But definitely worth looking at. Buses go regularly down Churchill Road and Prospect Road, or if you're towards the north end, can get the train from Kilburn.
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  5. There is a pre sale on at the moment for Big Country who are going to play at The Gov on March 11th 2018. Reminded me of this...
  6. The Undertones were a great concert. Only around 200 people on a Sunday night...just like an old time UK gig! One of my group mentioned that the age of the attendees looked like "a bingo crowd rather than a pop concert"! I would certainly go and see them again as the Gov is a great venue. Hello Gov Lovers, This news is getting to you a little later than usual because we've been celebrating. Last night, The Gov received the AHA (SA) Award for Excellence for Best Live Music Venue. It's an absolute honour and fantastic recognition that we're hitting the mark in giving you all the most amazing experiences we can. It's what Gov Love is all about. And we've got some great shows this week that you can come along to enjoy.
  7. Not allowed at all!!! You have to stay in regional until and unless you get 887 grant.. all the best and hope all of you get it soon 👍
  8. Hi Mates, Just want to ask if we are allowed to work on other places while waiting for 887 approval. Thanks
  9. Hey! Where abouts are you Guys? We are are southern suburbs! We are in our 30's but enjoy heading out for drinks and food etc! Pm us if Interested. Dan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Hey everyone! My partner and i have lived in South Australia for a few years & are in early 20's, both from manchester. We both would love to meet other couples to socialise & make friends. pm me if keen on a catch up for drinks at the local x
  11. Ah, I hadn't seen the sold option. Obviously had been using this and also Domain website. Must have just missed the sold bit. Yes - stamp duty... urgh. Thanks for the reminder!! Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  12. Unless you are specifically asked to state your visa type or the job advert specifies Citizenship or defence clearance which would exclude you from applying anyway, there is no need to mention it in my opinion. As LC mentions often getting a job in Adelaide is down to so many variables, not just your visa type.
  13. Good call on the stamp duty! Here's the link to the suburb reports I mentioned earlier: They're OK for overview purposes but are only really a snapshot with a few recent sales documented - real estate agents will usually quite happily email you a comprehensive list of recent sales data for a suburb if you ask them. Here's the link to realestate's sold search option: Most of what sells will be updated within a few weeks with the sold price. Some never do though. The real estate agents' lists should list these too. Henley Beach will be quite expensive - it's one of the more sought after beachside suburbs. If you want good beach access then most of the western suburbs will have very easy access via car (the CBD's only 10-15 minute drive from the coast depending on traffic). Best of luck with the move!
  14. Another point to remember is house prices on don't include stamp duty, so you need to factor in this additional cost on top of the price advertised. To get an idea of the cost, see...
  15. When we were looking to buy we just used - it generally has three options for how you want to search: Buy, Rent or Sold. Switch over to the Sold mode and plug in the search details for the area and house style you're looking for - it'll give you sold prices going back years (take that into account though as process have risen in Adelaide recently). Another option is to get suburb reports from RPData or whoever provides them now (Google suburb property reports Adelaide or similar). They're free so don't be fooled into paying for one. They'll give you median prices and rents, recent sales, area demographics etc. As per above, you can always make contact with some agents as they will be able to give you lists of recent sold prices and probably email you the aforementioned suburb reports too. They're generally friendly and approachable. I'd add Toop & Toop and Harris Real Estate to the list too.
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  17. or agents to google Harcourts elders L J Hookers
  18. Hi, Any idea if families on 489 visas are eligible to pay local school fees? or is it same as 457 visas? Thank you
  19. Hi Guys, Quick Q for those in the know. Is there a decent way to see what price houses go for in an area? Here in the UK you can go to rightmove or Zoopla and get a good idea (you can even see how much your neighbour paid for their place). Anyway, I see a lot of property sells at auction, or has POA on the advert. What is the best way to get an idea how far your money will take you? From what I see, houses don't seem to be cheap - and I live near London! We will rent to begin with, but curious to see if we can afford to buy in the area we are looking at renting (Henley Beach). Many thanks for the help! Background: Couple 2 kids (4&3) Visa app submitted mid-June Possible move Apr 18 Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks to Vickey, peeyush,Siv and Voz for their kind replies..I decided to apply for PCC tomorrow itself. If I am lucky I can submit it before CO takes my case!
  21. Just to make you aware that it's dark by 9pm in mid-summer but it evens out by our winter evenings being just a little lighter (5ish) so there are no really long summer evenings; I'm not sure how Melbourne fairs being slightly further south. I'd choose Adelaide over Melbourne but that's because I'm not bothered for big cities at all - we live in McLaren Vale and with all of the coastal expansion happening down towards Aldinga it's even beginning to feel crowded this way! Good luck with your choice.
  22. Hi Jose, I guess we need to submit Indian PCC, as it is required for the last ten years stay. I applied for Indian PCC at Adelaide, for myself and wife. We both received it by post in 7 days time. We could set sms reminder, so when it's ready, will receive sms from Indian Consulate. For us, Sydney was the Consulate where processing was done. I am also May applicant, applied May14. Thank you and Good luck.
  23. North Adelaide will be pricey rental wise. And depending on your wants with cats, you will need to research rentals carefully. If you have a budget it could be you will be looking at units or apartments and these can have no pets allowed (it could be in the title for the entire block IYKWIM). Houses are a big jump up price wise although you can get a smaller town house type place (usually very small walled back yard type of places) for somewhere inbetween unit and larger house price). Keep in mind prices are given per week. Have a look at some recent rentals for North Adelaide to give you an idea of prices and options re pets. If you have 4 cats, it may rule you out with some landlords. If an ad says 'No pets' then pass it by. If it doesn't say anything or says pets allowed, then consider it fair game. Keep in mind there may be a limit or 1 or 2 pets (cat/dog type) per household and the landlord may not want 4 cats.,+sa+5045%3b+north+adelaide,+sa+5006/list-1 Also keep in mind viewings of rentals are open house and usually about 30-45 mins long, often after 5pm on weekdays and some on weekends. Its usually a case of view the property along with everyone else, if you like it, grab an application and hand it in before you leave or very soon after. If there is interest in the property and they get an application the landlord likes they won't usually hang around for others to apply. If you have 4 cats it could be worth having a couple of references to support your application and perhaps offer to pay a larger bond up front if you really want to snag it and they are not so keen on so many cats.
  24. Hey Jose, I have read on this forum only that even if you have got your PCC while you applied for 489 you still need to get a PCC from your country. It's a safe option to get it done before you apply (if you have) else the CO might ask for it. Lot of people have commented on this forum that CO asked for PCC and then you submit for PCC and the process gets delayed. So, better to get it done. I also got it done last month and it took me 7 working days to get it. Cheers, Voz
  25. Hey Jose, You are correct that any PCC lasts for a year only. Thus, you should apply for another PCC. It takes around 2 weeks on an average. Thanks
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