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  3. sandeep198605

    887 Visa Application help

    Hi Naeem, I am in the same situation, have you done any changes to your application?
  4. sandeep198605

    887 Visa

    Hello Everyone, I hold 489 Visa, my wife and kid doesn't hold 489 Visa and applied for 887 visas 3 months ago by adding Can anyone let me know what answer(Yes or NO ) should be for the following question "Do you have any members of your family unit (other than a spouse/de facto partner) included in this visa application" I have chosen yes as I have added my wife, kid, and parents in Non-accompanying members of the family unit. Thanks Sundeep
  5. My interview date was 20th Spetember,2021. My application got approved after 2 hrs of exam where my wife's one is still showing received. She did test on 21st September,2021.
  6. Thank you .. its so painful .. where you have completed anything and not sure is the wait for docs or just a delay from the department .. Best of luck for your ceremonies and hopefully you will get the letter soon ..
  7. Last week
  8. Ohh I get it. Can you please let me know when your wife actually receives the invitation for the ceremony? Thanks. However, if you have requested to attend the ceremony together your wife will not receive a letter with the invitation for ceremony until you are approved. As per your issue, I believe that the message you are getting on your account is normal. My husband and I had the same message popping up until we were approved. I have heard about many ppl who applied with spouses and one of them have been approved sooner than another. I guess you will have to wait until you get approved. It may take a couple of weeks. Hope you get it soon.
  9. Hi, it depends on your council. Do your friends live within the same council area as you? If not this will be the reason - some councils have ceremonies more often than others.
  10. My situation is same and i am also in Adelaide; all we can do is wait i guess.
  11. I sent feedback on the webpage and thy sent generic reply as usual. I m bit confused should i be waiting for send complaint email ..
  12. Hello All, my citizenship was approved on 16/07/2021 and I am still waiting for my ceremony. My friends who applied way later than me got their ceremonies. Any reason why is mine delayed. I am in Adelaide. Is there anything I can do to get it done quickly. thank you
  13. Try sending an email and you can try calling again; all you want to know is that what does it mean as you have already taken test and i am assuming while in interview they didn't ask for any further paper work.
  14. Dee .. I called them and the agent who answered the called refused to take my application number and said wait for the department to contact me .. I asked how much time i should wait and he referred to me to wait times in website... ( 12 months ) .. I asked him if he is serious and he said that is the information he has
  15. Hi, We have not received any date .. all they said that thr will be a letter followed with ceremony dates .. no reply till date ..
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  18. cafeb2b

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  19. Earlier
  20. Hi would you mind sharing the date for the ceremony at Marion Council your wife has been invited to? We are waiting for the ceremony - same council, been approved since 15th Sep and hoping to get invite for the earliest possible date. Thanks
  21. My application doesn't say anything like that; so the best solution is to call DIBP; also did you see same message before your test; if no then 100% you should call.
  22. I m in Marion ... and Yes my test is done the same date as of my Wife .. My question is that the docs that they are asking is it common to show up .. or is it just showing on my file .. please help !!
  23. If you don't mind what council do you reside in? Also dont worry about anything in case your test is done; just wait :).
  24. Hi guys .. When I login to my immi account. This is the message i m geting. Important information This application for Australian citizenship by conferral has been successfully submitted to the department. You must scan and attach all of the applicant's original documents to this application, including: Evidence of identity for any children included in this application Evidence to support the applicant's claims I submitted my application as in July 2021 and I have similar requests on my immi account. Have you received any updated from department. Me and my wife have our citizenship test as on 3/9/2021 and she got approved the same day and has received her letter for ceremony on Monday. I m confused as in to take any step or just wait. Please reply if you have you have any update for me .. Much appreciate it.
  25. ausdre

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Did you get the grant or still waiting ?
  26. HPatel

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hello Team, I have quick query about 887 Application. I will be submitting 887 application in couple of weeks. My query is regarding sharing Residence proof of 2 years for same. I have Lease Agreement and Receipts for first Year Jan 2020 - Dec 2020 ( Place X) and also will be having Lease Agreement and Receipt for Second Year from Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 ( Place Y) for my Regional Stay Proof in Adelaide. As I will be Primary Applicant for 887 with one Dependent. But Since I had one casual Job in other area just outside Adelaide ( Place Z) . I had Rented place from Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 ( Place Z) so I don't have to travel to my primary address everyday. Also this temporary accommodation i had taken on my Spouse name who will be just Dependent in my 887 visa application. So in This situation , Do I need to show that Temporary accommodation Proof in 887 Application which i use for Casual / Need basis only. ( considering I have all Proof of Place X) Thanks cheers,
  27. I highly recommend checking this thread and going back few pages; you will find all required information; all the best.
  28. You don't need to if you haven't travelled anywhere in last one year.
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