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    Woooohhooooooooooo!!!! GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!! I have been waiting sooooo long to write this status. Finally after 16minths and 9 days got my 887 visa Granted. I am in love with this word "Finalised" Here is my details: Applied: 13th march, 2019 (in tracker its 14th march) CO (Andrej) contact: 15th may 2020 (asked for my (primary) english proof and afp for me and wife. Uploaded afp and ielts booking email after 7 days. Uploaded ielts result on 15th june 2020. Complained once last wednesday (8th july) Granted today 15th july. CO: Lisa Looks like 15 is my lucky number
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    Funny story - I received my grant on 26th June 2020 but for some reason the email went to spam folder and I had not bothered to check until this morning when I called up the skilled support and they mentioned that my case was finalized last month and I have been sent an email too. They asked me to check the spam folder and call back if the email was not found. But surprise surprise, the grant email was sitting on the 2nd page of the spam folder - I know, I need to empty the spam folder regularly and check before I empty it. Feeling stupid but mostly funny. And then I told my mother the whole story and we were both laughing. I hung up and a few minutes later she calls and asks "so you got PR?" Hahaha. Guess it runs in the family. Thanks everyone! Application dat 2nd October 2019 Granted 26th June 2020 Realized 23rd July 2020
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    With the blessings of Lord Shiva.... Got the grant mail. It is a direct grant. Family of 3 Applied 13/01/20 Granted 23/07/20 CO Andrej
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    Finally, Got our Grant!!! Applied 2nd Jan 2020. Received 15 July 2020 Uploaded all the documents (Functional English, Updated PCC, AFP, etc and etc.) It's a direct grant. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will also receive the most awaited email very soon. Cheers
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    Grant! Grant!Grant! Applied 29th Jan, 2019. First contact 2nd July. Complaint couples time. Granted 16th July 12:03pm. Co: Vely Thanks for everyone.
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    Grant Grant Grant! Date applied- August 1st 2019 1st contact- 09 June, 2020 Docs Submitted - 22 June, 2020 Granted - 24 July, 2020 CO Theresa
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    Finally, it's a day.... Applied : 12 Aug 2019 First contact : 9th June 2020 Asked for English Evidence Primary CO : Andries Complaint twice after week n then.next week Finally today received Grant CO : Wendy Appreciate all help n.support Thank you @Angry Coder@nudgee @Dee @Skaur @Maxzone
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    Our GRANT is here, Long time silent follower, finally we got our today. Applied 11 sep 2019 1st co contact 10 june 2020 (childs birth certificate, submitted same day and English for secondary applicant submitted 7th july ) Granted 20 jul 2020. Co Rajani Finallyyyyy thanku waheguru g. Thankyou to this forum too, has helped alot in tracking the progress of the file.
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    Graaant Graaant Graaant !!!! I was dreaming writing this here and finallyyy its today!! Applied 8th March 2019 First Contact was 14th May , and Finally Granted today!! Was a very long wait .... Im just very grateful for this group to share what we all have been going through, Seeing we all help each other as much as we could was very precious during this stressful time. Every grant was a happiness for all of us even though we dont know each other. Wishing everyone gets their grant sooooon,
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    Citizenship Application Date : 8 Oct 2019 Interview/Test Date : 15 Nov 2019 Approval : 23 Dec 2019 Application to Date of Approval: 76 days Ceremony date: 10 July 2020 Done and dusted guys, done and dusted. It's been a long bumpy ride but we've finally arrived. Thanks for all the support folks.
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    You guys we finally got our pr today, can't even believe it Applied may 2019 First contact may 2020 requested English secondary applicant, provided 2 weeks later Second contact June 2020 requested English main applicant, submitted just in time on day 27 after request was made. Also complained about not making all requests in the same time. Grant received today (co Wendy) Thanks for all your help here and goodluck to every one!
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    Congratulation mate. Just wondering if you have complained after submitting docs?
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    Just received my Grant today 22 July 2020 4:30PM applied Sep 2018 Granted by Co Rajani Sent from my MAR-LX2 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Everyone, Finally i got my 887 granted today, and here i come to join this group
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    Congratsssss, Im sooo happyyyyy, Finally they got to us. Enjoyyyyy your bestt dayy
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    WOW!!!!! Congratulations for being the first one of 2020 on this forum!
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    Hey guys Updating my citizenship timeline as an Australian :) Citizenship Application Date : 15 Oct 2019 Interview/Test Date : 31 Jan 2020 initially but reschedule to Feb 17th 2020 Approval : 17 Feb 2020 Ceremony date: 10 July 2020 Good luck [emoji106] everyone [emoji109] Sent from my ONEPLUS using Tapatalk
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    Finally the wait is over. 887 granted at 11:30 am. Family of 3 Applied 21st Sep 2019. Co Rajini asked for baby’s medical on 12 June. Medical completed on 26 June. Complained last week. Approved today by Co Sophie. Hope you all get your grant very soon.
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    Greetings all. Have been a long time reader of this forum, first time poster. This might fill all with optimism. My sibling got 887 just now. Details below 489 designated area applicant in Aug 2015, grant Aug 2016 Arrived in the country 15 April 2018 Applied for 887: 24 May, 2020 First CO contact: 25 May, 2020, requesting primary applicant English, PCC, & AFP, and further evidence of employment; partner PCC & AFP, submitted evidence, AFP, PCC 22 June and made a case for not requiring English. CO contact 24 June, saying English is required. Took IELTS 4 July, Submitted 10 July Grant today Cheers, -A thrilled sibling
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    Congratulations! I did send an email today to skilled.support@homeaffairs.gov.au and gsm.allocated@homeaffairs.gov.au got system generated replies from both. Hopefully I get my grant next week.
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    i got my grant today. i was march applicant as well. i complained last wednesday through my personal email. i also applied through agent. i highly recommend to do complain, dont ask ur agent to compain as they never complain and will say to wait. complain by urself as it is ur application, it will effect u not him
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    Exactlyyyy, soo soo happy for you too, we were waiting for very long , I think the only ones left from March, enjoyyy this greattt feelingg
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    I think only medical check for newborn. if ur child already did for 489, then no need again
  24. 2 points
    No requirement for medical for 887 . Only child born after your previous visa need medical
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    Hi All, Got contacted by CO-Andrej, on 10-07-2020 regarding more documents 887 Applied on 25-Nov-2019, > Police certificates, PP photo and Employment proof for Primary applicant. > Police certificates, PP photo, DOB for Partner. > PP photo and passport scan copy of 5 yrs old kid. Uploaded again on 11-07-2020... These documents were already uploaded during 887 lodgement, so why they are asking again for the same.
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