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    My CO was Wendy but Grant was by Adam. Special thankx to Barracountry, Kamran and Gurpinder. Cheers
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    Hi all, I just got a grant.
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    In time for our trip to the UK I am absolutely Australian now. Citizenship done, got my passport a few weeks ago. Good feeling to have finally finished off all the admin and legal stuff of moving here. Been here 9 years now.
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    Hi Guys, Finally received the golden email this morning. Thanks to this forum. Applied 27/04/17 CO sophorn 21/09/17 Granted CO wendy 17/11/17. Happy Days...
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    Hi guys, I got the direct visa grant yesterday. Good luck to you all Aug 2 - Visa lodgement Oct 31 - Visa grant
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    We ended up in the CBD- 10 mins walk to work!
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    Thank you all! Have just moved into a lovely apartment! It's starting to feel like home!
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    Alhumdulilah I got my golden email. Time line of my case: Case submission on 25th May CO approach on 29th Aug name of CO Melissa Visa granted on 25th Oct. Best of luck for all mates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    what a day to end the week finally, we got it timeline: applied - may 21 co - aug 28 request for newborn medical / submitted sept 5 / forgot to tick information provided / ticked september 25 granted - 3:00 pm nov 25
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    Congratulations guys. Can I ask you if your application status changed from Received to In progress before getting Direct grant? Thanks
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    Its that time of year again, jacarandas in bloom. There is a famous Aussie song about them also. If its your first spring in Adelaide, go check out some of the tree lined eastern suburbs or the areas around the CBD that have them (Adelaide uni for starters as you can see in this video). Unley, Burnside and Mitcham have them. North Adelaide has a fair few also. Stunning to see.
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    Not unless the minister has cancelled my citizenship and my migration agent registration and granted me a 489. This would not amaze me! You have been incorrectly informed about your Medicare eligibility To qualify for PR you do not have to work in your nominated occupation. You do not have to live/work in Adelaide, any 'designated area' will do. It might pay you to consult a registered migration agent for correct advice.
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    Give it 90+ days from date of applicantion... Good Luck
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    I applied in 3rd of September and it is still received. I do not think it will be changed till case officer asks for more documents. If you got direct grant it will be changed from received to Finalized.
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    Hi all, I just got a grant.
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    In the run up to Christmas (yes, its November and so I can mention it ) Stirling market is well worth a visit. It usually runs on the 4th Sunday of the month. In December the market is running the 3rd Sunday of the month so there are two to go before Christmas. If you have not visited it yet or its been a while since you last checked it out, it could be a good place to find some small personal gifts or stocking fillers or small presents to send back to family in the UK or elsewhere. We love it as its a lovely town to wander, plenty of shade and lots of different stalls down the streets and side streets. Plus many of the shops are open also. And some lovely cafes for coffee or nibbles. http://stirlingmarket.com.au/
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    Hi Marie You are welcome always happy to help if I can and glad it was helpful to you. I was unsure about the funding also and just seen it on a website somewhere that's why I'm happy to help because there are a lot of things you need to do that you don't realise. If Alastair speaks to skills SA they will set up an interview when you first arrive but they just want to see things like visas and OTSR just to check all eligibility. I also got my restricted licence sorted out on the same day as the offices are close to each other in the city. If you have any other questions or things I may be able to help with just let me know and I will try my best to help. Good luck with the visas and hopefully they won't take too long. Speak to you when you know more. Craig
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    Sorry to hear they asked documents again which is already uploaded I advise you make a merge pdf file with table of contents such as Proof of Residency 2015-2016 lease Agreement Rego documents November 2015 Driving license August 2015 Other Government Documents Proof Employment Notice of Assessment 2015-16 Notice of Assessment 2016-17 Pay slips Employment certificate Pay slips It will help you yo make your case strong Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its great for small gifts. I went to the UK a few months back and shopped for a heap of small gifts to take back with me. Most of them came from Stirling market. Most made locally also. I found a lady who does some lovely small pottery, she makes these lovely leaf dishes (you know the sort, with an actual leaf set into them for the pattern) and some fun cute little pottery snails and some cat ring stands (you pop your rings over the tails to keep them safe). All small, lightweight and could pack safely. She is down one of the side streets off the main market row, on the lower side of the hill. There is also a lady on one of the main rows who makes native wildlife glass window wotsits. Coloured glass and makes designs of native birds like kookaburras, fairy wrens, lorikeets and the like. Hang them in the windows or on porches to catch the sun. Again, small gifts but easy to pack and transport. And then of course things like the local handmade soaps from eucalypt trees and other smellies. Also grabbed some local hills jams and stuff from some weirdly local fruits. Oh and a few things like wine bottle stoppers with an old Aussie coin in the top. Those sorts of Aussie things but not the usual tourist stuff.
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    Mate, I read this as a paper based medical examination...as far as I have digested the dibp’s web..for 887..if the child is less than 6 months no medical test required...only an examination from ur local GP will suffice... Option 1): Give Bupa immigration services a call (you can find their number on Bupa’s website) and clarify this...they will know in and out... I c you are in Darwin so: Option 2): Ring Top End Medical Casuarina and ask if Dr Mujtaba Ali can do this examination for you (is their practise and the DR approved to do this) If no Luck, ring Care Point Medical in Casuarina (Dr Linga) and ask for the same... Or Nakara Medical Centre (Dr Ben Dayaratne) he is a children Specialist and a very good doctor in Darwin....Ask the same details of he is approved to do this.... I deal with these above clinics almost every week for my work related things... i am sure BUPA should be able to advise you all the details.... Karl,
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    Just an update on my end. I was indeed able to submit my application for citizenship, so thank you ever so much NicF for the heads up. I originally tried to apply online in May of this year, but could not proceed very far, once the system checked my PR date. However no problem this time around. So all good. Apparently, processing time is 10-14 months....dont you love the efficiency? Cheers.
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    I got my gran today too and I have submitted both rental ledger and rental agreement.
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    Hi All, Got the Golden mail today. Applied on 03/Aug/2017. Direct Grant on 01/Nov/2017. Doc list Which I submitted: - Reference letter from my employer -Payslips (compiled all my payslips and saved in 1 pdf file, not certified) -Group Certificates (tax statements, certified) - Bank statements (not certified) -Utility Bills (not certified) -AFP and PCC from my country (not certified) -Form 80 - Identification proof such as: Birth Certificate, Passport bio page, Driver's license, Photo ID (not certified) Thanks everyone for the help. This forum is really helpful. I wish all of you get Visa Soon.
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    Congratulations for all those who fot their grants 💐 Based on timelines if you are lucky you should get a direct grant within 3 months. fingers crossed. 👏
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    Hi My wife and I are relocating to Adelaide from the UK in November 2017. We will be living in Fullarton which is in the Eastern Suburbs. Due to the timing of our arrival, it is likely that our two boys (8 and 11 years) will be out of school for up to 10 weeks. They will be desperate to make friends. Can anyone suggest any regular structured activities, like kids camps, or classes, over the Summer holidays. We have found a Coding Camp https://codeclubau.org/, but would be interested in other suggestions. My boys are up for anything, including indoor or outdoor activities. Thanks
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    The new rules have been defeated and applications are being processed under the existing rules, which require you to have lived here for 4 years with one year as PR.. Assuming you have not left the country for more than 12 months in that 7 years you have been here you should be eligible for citizenship now.
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    Welcome to Adelaide, it's a lovely city. The new place looks great and am very jealous of that view! Best of luck in the new jobs too!
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    Drop me a PM re your username Lucy. I can look at changing it for you
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    I don’t know why they process the application without any order.
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    Depends on the level of damage really - dog or cat urine can permanently stain wooden floors well beyond the depth that sanding could resolve. There is no way a rental bond would be anywhere near enough to cover replacing all floorboards in a house plus sanding and finishing. Also, not all rentals are investment properties, some will be much-loved family homes that are being rented out for a few years whilst the owner is overseas etc. The owners might not want to have their family home ruined by pets - some original heritage features such as doors, floorboards, skirtings etc just can't be replaced with anything other than poor quality reproductions or really expensive reclaimed items. Despite being very sceptical of the buy to let market I think that landlords are well within their rights to refuse pets in their houses.
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    Hi We are in Adelaide on a 489 visa and have just bought a property after renting for nearly a year. You will need to get FIRB approval which costs $5000, but is just a formality. The approval allows you to purchase a single property for you live in. You can't rent out the property or any part of it and you can only have one approval license i.e. you can only buy one property while on the 489 visa. The only exception is if you buy a new build property and then you don't need the approval. The other thing we found is that some banks won't touch the 489 visa e.g. Commonwealth Bank. Some others will want a large deposit, but if you shop around there are a few organisations that will lend up to 80%. Of course as a 'foreign investor' you will not be entitled to any of the first time buyer incentives. I hope that helps.
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    Contact Finite, Paxus, Candle, Talent International although 3 out of my 4 jobs have been direct to companies (only the first was due to a recruitment agency). Seek.com.au will be your best friend Avoid coming out in the run up to Christmas as that is a quiet time. Just after Christmas is good, as is just after financial year end.
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    Hi jan I am finding it difficult to adjust. I've also been here 2 years and I'm quite bored to be honest. I've exhausted all the things to do here with the family. There's only so many times you can do mount lofty before it gets tiresome.
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    still no news. applied on 19/05, co 22/08
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    Still waiting mate.. applied 27/04/17, co 21/09/17