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    HI All I have been a silent member and reading through this forum has been my support. I finally received my the Golden Mail on 10/05/2017. My Case had been a complex one it seems and was delayed a lot. Applied: 25/05/2017 Case Officer 1: 03/10/2016 - Asked for my birth certificate instead of my child's who was born during this period. Case Officer 2: 19/10/2016 - Provided the clarification on the Birth Certificate and Passport asked for additional documentation. My wife's english functionality and PCC again as it had just expired. Case Office 3: 10/01/2017 - Provided the 489 grant for my child and I didn't receive any other response. Now as 6 months had gone by I started making calls and sending follow up emails. But never received any proper response. I lodged official complaint through the feedback link in March as they had already crossed 9 Months (They increased the processing time in between) Case Officer 4: 04/04/2017 I received a reply within 3 weeks to requesting a medical for my child. And as he had already crossed 6 months of age letter by Pediatrician was no more acceptable and had to get a medical done. My child has weight growth issues being a premature baby and was reffered to MOC to get a 884 assesment from specialist. I got the specialist report (in case if any of you face this issue I would recommend to get the specialist report done as many don't do and get reffered on medical grounds. They just check that person with medical issues is not a liability to the country economically and socially) and replied back using the same complaint number. The medicals took around a month with opinion from Specialist/884 assessment form. And got the golden mail yesterday after a week. Hope my case gives insights to few who might go through similar issues. Thanks All You have been a good support to me.
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    Hi everyone, I finally got my Visa Grant today! Praise God! Applied: January 17, 2017 Direct Grant: May 22, 2017 thanks for everyone in this forum, it helped me a lot with my application. Hope everyone will get theirs soon! All the best!
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    Thanks all, I booked direct with Singapore in the end - it's an 8 hour stop over in Singapore but the flight times were best all round. @Tamara (Homes Down Under) it's not so much a small saving I'm after it's more I'm not terribly keen to spend anything at all but it's my Mum's 70th and there's an expectation (even from the other side of the world I can feel my Mum's stare )
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    I have used skyscanner and webjet on a couple of occasions and not had any issues. I have also booked many flights on Singapore airlines through their own website. If it's peace of mind you are looking for, and maybe a small saving you could price match a flight with Flight Centre. They beat a web price by $50 for an overseas flight for one of my trips and you have their guarantees.
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    Congrats breeze,it has been a long journey for you,cheers
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    We used Aunt Betty when we booked our upcoming visit back to the UK. It's the online arm of Flight Centre and gave us a really good price on some good Qatar flights - cheaper than Webjet, Skyscanner etc could come up with. No hassles so far, haven't flown yet though!
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    I used Skyscanner for one my trips to the UK but can't recall who I booked through. Had no issues with the tickets or payment being delayed. I do prefer and up till that trip had always booked direct with the airline. Usually can find a decent deal that compares price wise. Most recent trip I booked direct as they had the same price listed (more or less) on their website for the dates I wanted. I think it was $50 or so difference. Travel time wise, Emirates seem to be doing the most direct shorter transits these days. Singapore tend to have long layovers which is fine if you have time or want to stop off there for 8 hours plus but we didn't. Longest we had to wait in Dubai was 2.5 hours and it gave us enough time to get off one flight, go through security, find our gate on the board and head there. Once there, had a drink and freshened up and boarded a bit after.
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    Recent years, I have always booked with airline direct, and they have always dealt welll with any issues. I have never managed to actually get cheaper flights than they offered by the time I put in the variations and stopovers I wanted. Sometimes I have booked through partner airlines for the same flights at a cheaper price. I always look. Emirates is having a sale for flights to end Nov. atm Used to book with b & m travel agency, until we did one trip with awful "recommended" hotels and flight errors by them.
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    Hello guys, I hv been a silent member in this form. But it helped me alot during my 887 application. Applied on 15/01/17 Direct grant on 15/05/17 Thanks a lot for ur assistance. Hope everyone gets their grant soon.
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    *Hiring a car [emoji50] I have no particular plans to hit one - but at least I'll have travel insurance if I do...
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    Yeah..we will see in a couple of months if further docs required for a third time ;-)
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    Wow.. congratulations..so happy for you
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    Croydon (together with adjoining West Croydon) is an inner north-western suburb of Adelaide, situated approximately 3-5km from the western edge of the CBD. It is located within the City of Charles Sturt. History The Village of Croydon was laid out in 1855, comprising the 40 acre Croydon Farm and was most likely named after Croydon, England based on the birthplace of one of the original land owners, Philip Levi. Demographic Historically, the area has been populated by Greek and Italian migrants, however in recent years the suburb has grown considerably in popularity and is undergoing a period of change where younger couples and families are buying and renovating properties in the area. According to the previous ABS census data, the suburb comprised 65% native-born Australians and 15% European-born residents (this is reflected in figures showing that 6% of residents speak Italian and 8% speak Greek). The majority (75%) of houses are owner occupied, with 25% being rented. Detached dwellings form 83% of housing stock, semi-detached 6% and units only 3%. Housing Croydon and West Croydon are predominantly heritage suburbs with only a few new dwellings. The most common house styles are late 1800s-early 1900s Federation cottages and 1920s-1930s bungalows (a particular housing style in SA, not to be confused with the generic UK term for a single-storey house). Some particularly grand examples exist along the railway corridor of Euston Terrace/Day Terrace. A 1900s Federation-style house A 1920s/30s bungalow To the west of Rosetta Street (i.e. the western side of West Croydon), more 1940s and 1950s dwellings exist, many in the Spanish Mission or Art Deco styles. The median house price as of April 2017 is $559,000 and the median weekly rent is $420. The majority of houses in the area are set on large (700sqm) blocks, with good-sized back yards. The area has commonly been known for its ‘market gardens’ so fruit trees, veggie patches and backyard chooks are very common. The area is rapidly gentrifying and many houses have been renovated, although period features and frontages are usually retained (many properties are local heritage-listed). Large rear extensions with open plan living and outdoor entertaining areas are quite common, as people take advantage of the block sizes in order to extend. There are still a few ‘fixer-uppers’ to be found if you fancy a project. Shopping, & eating Unlike many suburbs, Croydon has a bustling ‘village centre’ - the Queen Street/Elizabeth Street area. This popular shopping and eating precinct boasts: Red Door Bakery – award winning pies, cakes and all manner of baked goods. Coffees, teas, croissants - the works. http://www.reddoorbakery.com.au/ La Lorientaise Crêperie – by far the best crêpes (sweet and savory) I have ever tasted. https://www.facebook.com/LaLorientaiseCreperie/ http://citymag.indaily.com.au/habits/plate-and-cup/introducing-la-lorientaise-creperie/ Croydon Social – family friendly dining where everything is cooked in a wood-fired oven. Fantastic pizzas and always a great range of craft beers. https://www.facebook.com/CroydonSocial2016/ http://citymag.indaily.com.au/habits/plate-and-cup/first-look-croydon-social/ Queen Street Café – friendly and popular café for breakfasts and lunches https://www.broadsheet.com.au/adelaide/cafes/queen-street-cafe Hype and Seek – vintage, industrial and mid-century furniture and clothing store http://www.hypeandseek.com.au/ Plus… Azalia Boutique – women’s clothing store One Small Room –mid-century furniture plus jewellery, cards and books. Oscar and Willow - homewares Queen St Pilates Studio Curious Orange Hairdressers Palladeum Hair Brooklan Tree Organic Skin and Beauty West Croydon also has a growing shopping and eating precinct on Rosetta Street - currently featuring The Bruncherie Cafe, two hairdressers and Pineapple Vintage retro clothing store - https://www.facebook.com/pineapplevintageretro/. For the big weekly shop, Welland Plaza is within easy walking distance just across Port Road. Here you’ll find a mid-sized Coles, a Post Office, Sushi Train, Dan Murphy’s liquor store, a great independent fruit and veg shop, pharmacy, café, two bakeries, butchers, newsagents, book shop, noodle bar and even a DVD rental place. A 5 minute drive along South Road is the new Brickworks shopping centre. Here there’s a mammoth new Woolworths supermarket as well as a Big W, another fruit and veg place, an EB Games and various other stores and cafes. Parks and Schools In the heart of Croydon, next to the Queen Street shops and cafes is a ‘village green’ complete with grassed and landscaped park area, toilets, basketball court, BBQ and picnic area and a very cute train-themed kiddies playground. Grab a cup of coffee from Queen Street and join the other families in the park area, whilst the little ones play on the equipment and wave at trains as they pull into the adjacent station. As well as this, there are various parks dotted throughout the suburb, most with play equipment – you’re not going to be more than a 5 minute walk from a park wherever in Croydon/West Croydon you live. Additionally, the whole suburb is zoned 40km/h, making it very family-friendly. Kilkenny Primary School is located in West Croydon (http://www.kilkennyc7.sa.edu.au/) whilst several other unzoned primary schools exist in nearby suburbs. The suburb is zoned for Woodville High School (http://www.woodvillehigh.sa.edu.au/) - two train stops west from West Croydon station. Transport The suburb has great transport links including: Trains: The suburbs are serviced by two train stations only 1.6km apart. Trains to the CBD run every 15 minutes and journey times are 7 minutes and 8 minutes from Croydon and West Croydon stations respectively. Trains home from the CBD run until after midnight. Due to the short distance, trips between Croydon Station and the CBD are approximately half the price of a standard ticket ($1.92 as of April 2017). In the opposite direction, trains run to the cruise ship terminal at Outer Harbor, via the historic city of Port Adelaide and the bustling beach-side town of Semaphore, or via a spur to Grange with its quiet beach and pleasant 2km walk to the busier Henley beach. Trams: The nearest tram stop is at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, a 10-15 minute walk along Port Road from Queen Street in Croydon. The tram line runs past the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the UniSA City West Campus and the footbridge to Adelaide Oval. Trams are free all the way to the southern edge of the CBD, but continue on to the beach-side suburb of Glenelg thereafter. Due to be completed by 2018, the North Terrace tram line extension will add an additional spur to the free service – this will run past the University of Adelaide campus to the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site and the Botanic Gardens. Frequency of trams is approximately every 10 minutes in peak hour. Buses: Multiple and regular buses run along Port Road and Torrens Road, providing direct access to the CBD. Cycling: The suburb is perfectly placed for commuting to the CBD by bike – a trip takes approximately 15-20 minutes at an average pace, with the route predominantly on cycle paths through the Parklands and along the River Torrens. A dedicated cycle path between Queen Street in Croydon and the Parklands on the edge of the CBD is currently under construction with the first phase due for completion in mid-2017 and the second phase by the end of 2018. Once completed, it will be possible to cycle between Croydon and the CBD, through the parklands without riding on a road. The cycle path will also provide a direct 5-10 minute connection to the expanding community of Bowden with its bars, eateries, markets and shops. In the opposite direction, a cycling greenway (a route through quiet back streets) runs all the way to Outer Harbor. Driving: The CBD is a 10-20 minute (traffic depending) trip by car along Port Road. The beaches at Grange/Henley Beach are a 15 minute drive by car. From Port Road, access to the north-south freeway (current stage to be completed by the end of 2018) will provide very easy access to the Barossa Valley wine region to the north. Once the southern stages are completed at a later date, access to McLaren Vale in the south will be equally easy. Community Croydon/West Croydon has a great, slightly arty community atmosphere. This is not only evident through the number of families seen walking and cycling through the suburb but in the many painted stobie poles (power line poles), mosaic pots and benches and other street art that adorns the area. Very active community groups looks after the gardens at Croydon and West Croydon stations and various artworks such as knitted flowers and home-made butterflies often grace the fences at Croydon Station. On several occasions in recent years, Queen Street/Elizabeth street has been closed for community street parties and events. Due to the high number of productive gardens in the area, there are regular fruit and veg swap meetings where apples can be traded for peaches and so forth. The West Croydon & Kilkenny RSL on Rosetta Street is open to the public every day and hosts a well-attended ANZAC Day dawn ceremony annually. In summer the RSL runs a weekly ‘night owls’ lawn bowls evening, beginners are welcome. All in all I’ve loved living in Croydon for the past two years. It has the type of ‘village’ feel that can sometimes be missing from Australian suburbs, and is immensely walkable. If there was a suburb in Adelaide in which you could live quite happily without being dependent on a car, this is it. Worth a look if this sounds like what you are looking for.
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    Would it be sufficient to compile all of my payslips into 1 pdf file and then all of my bank statements into 1 pdf file?
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    hellooo Everyone, Got our golden mail today. applied 6th dec 2016 co requested further documents 23 feb 2017 visa grant 10th may 2017 Thanks alot for the help. all the best.
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    Well the more documents u add the more better.. as for me i added bank statements for the whole year , hence they asked for further docs
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    Tend to agree with the others. Things like decent childcare can be found in most areas. Some places have waitlists but you can usually find a place when you get looking. Or you have a daycare near to your work and take kids in with you and pick up on the way home, rather than having a daycare close to home IYKWIM. I know a few people do this. Suburb wise for your budget, you could go most directions. I don't see the big deal in getting a short term rental for a few weeks to start you off while you check out areas, get familiar with things, get your bearings and so on. I'd rather do that than find I'd rented long term in the wrong area before finding work or anything else. You could be tied into a years lease in an area that doesn't suit and you'd be stuck somewhat. Most people rent short term for a few weeks at least, then find their longer term rental after that. The east is good access shorter commute times and bus routes but not sure how far your budget would go there especially if you want a pool. Also as has been pointed out, many of the outer lying suburbs are just that, suburbs and not much else outside of the mini mall, chicken shop and local pizza or Chinese or some such. Its not like the UK with pubs and shops dotted around, everything in the suburbs tends to be residential with dedicated business/shop areas set apart. So you don't walk to your local shops (nor are they usually within walking distance for most), you drive. Same with parks, doctors, all those things. Where we live, its a 45 minute each way hilly walk to the nearest main shopping mall for our suburb and the surrounding ones. There is a much smaller one not quite so far away but it only has half a dozen shops to it. So I drive to do my shopping and sometime cycle if its only a few things I need. Or else I swing past places like the butcher on the way home from work. Walking isn't an option. However, for things like parks, reserves, trails and so on we have them all pretty much on our doorstep or a short walk or bike ride away. Local swimming pool (indoor and outdoor) are 15 minutes drive. Beach the same at most. Even some of the suburbs closer to the city are a bit like I described above only with perhaps the odd small shop dotted around but mostly the shops are on main streets or intersections. I'd look at some short term holiday rentals for when you arrive, some of our members have them and you can see listings on the forum. Might be a good place to start. And then go from there. If I were doing it all over again, I'd do more to try to settle in Stirling, Aldgate, Bridgewater or Clarendon as I love all those little towns up in the hills (plus they have good primary schools serving those communities). And they are not that far from the city, half an hour or so for most of them, Clarendon would be longer. I love it up there and had we been able to find a house to buy when we were looking it'd have been wonderful. As it was, nothing came on the market that appealed enough and so we went elsewhere. Very happy with where we ended up but it is on the edge of suburbia and the little town community that makes Stirling etc so lovely isn't here in the same way. Still, we've made friends with all the neighbours, gotten involved with local sports clubs and other things. All good I love the peace and quiet up here. Noisiest noise are the wild birds.
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    attach payslips (certified ones if in black and white) for 12 months, PayG summary, tax assessments, employment contracts, bank statements where u salary is transferred. All possible documents , I attached all of the above except certfied payslips for the whole period (i just sent random ones) and co requested back all payslips
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    Thanks NicF, I didn't actually mean we do have a desert although the 'lawn' is doing a pretty good job of imitating one... I suppose what I meant was that you have to be a little more choosy in your plants; certainly this year we had tomatoes and capsicums with surplus (our first year of trying them), we've got a passionfruit vine that's rather more vigorous in it's growing than we expected, a Mitre 10 reject lemongrass that won't stop growing and my favourite are the wonga wonga vines going along the back fence as well as plenty of native plants. There are lots of others that we've tried that have given up to the heat of the sun though - it's definitely gardening by trial
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    Hi frnds, i am a silent member of this forum, and this forum helped me a lot to lodge my application in a proper way. Lodge 13jan2017 grant visa - 03may2017 thanks to all for the help and I submitted all the papers which I have -bank statement, pcc of both countries, payslips, group certificate, car papers and all that too jp attaested. And statutory declaration from employer as i was staying at his property with no bills on my name.😊 thanks to everyone and good luck to those who are waiting.
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    Hi All, We receiced our grant today. Applied on: 23/11/16 CO: 16/2/17 Grant: 9/5/17 This forum was really helpful. Thanks. Regards, Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    @flossybeth our front garden is South facing but due to the slope doesn't get any shade from the house so is in the sun pretty much all day. I have roses, agapanthus's, a dwarf lemon tree, a dwarf orange tree, rosemary and chillies that all thrive in it. I've also got a box hedge at the front but this does get a little shade from the tree on the footpath. We do have an in ground watering system that is on for an hour a week in summer (in 20 minute bursts over 3 days but used to be all on one day), but other than that I don't really do any additional watering. We were away one year over summer when there was 5 days over 40C and the front garden was looking nearly as good when we got back as when we left.
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    We have a north facing back garden and it's really tricky to get anything to grow in it (unless we want a desert garden). I don't find the summer sun/heat on the actual house too much of an issue because we have a large veranda that provides shade for the windows but in the bedrooms that have windows facing north we do close the curtains to keep the sun out. I wouldn't avoid a house because of it's orientation if I liked it for all sorts of other reasons because there are things that can be done to keep the sun out - windows shades etc. and certainly it's a benefit in winter to have the sun on the windows to heat the house.
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    Congratulations.. can you tell us what were the further documents requested from first and second co pls?
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    Many thanks..Really appreciate your prompt reply.
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    Depends on the layout of the house. We have a long thin house where the rear is north facing but we have an opening louvre pergola on the back so we can block the sun in summer when it's hot and let it in in winter. The west facing part of our house is more of a problem but we have our laundry and bathrooms on that side and no windows in the family room or living room on the west to avoid letting the hot afternoon sun in to the main rooms.
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    Pcc,s from Australia and overseas , are 100% needed for 887 visa application. And if u already have them, then make sure they are valid. Bcos pcc have only 1 year validity as far I know. So pls don't waste u r time other wise there will be lots of delay for ur 887 visa grant. good luck all👍
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    Yes we have to give information in form 80. I was wondering, in online application, do we have to add parents or siblings in "Other Family Members" section?
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    Same case. 1 year for me living with my brother. Give them statutory declaration( affidavit). I hope everybody will get their grant soon Thank you with all the help! I'm signing off!!!![emoji1317] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    since I read this , thought of commenting for the 1st issue I had similar issue for 6 months. i gave them mobile bills, bank statements and an affidavit (just to be safe)
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    Hi and welcome. I had my skills test completed and when I lodged my EOI it was around 6 weeks before I got a response. I was on a 189 visa so did not need to wait for state sponsorship so not sure on that sorry. Hopefully it won't be too long now. What skill are you coming over on?
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    when I applied for my 887, i had same questions.... i requested both of them (aus and overseas), and attached them.... who knows, if they request i don't want to wait 3 months
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    Congratulations mate..long journey as mine.. happy u finally got it
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    Hi guys I've just got my golden email. Applied 12/12/2016 Co requested info. 08/03/2017 Submitted documents 14/03/2017 Grant 04/05/2017 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Deven, if your current visa is not expired then yes you can travell. If it's expired than you have to apply for BV2.I had same issue, and I clarified this with immigration. Hope it helps.
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    It's not really a local service - it's just that performance of the same provider's network will vary depending on which area of which suburb you live in, depending on how far you are from the node/exchange/whatever the technical word is. Do you know whereabouts in Adelaide you'll be moving to? I'm sure there are services online where you can look at approximate data speeds by area - someone more knowledgeable will point you towards those hopefully.
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    We don't have a landline, only our internet and mobiles. To call the UK we use skype or FaceTime these days. I use Viber to send texts and pics as it comes off my data plan for the mobile. Often I'll save sending pics til I am home and connected to our wifi, so saving my data. We are currently with Internode and have no issues. Good price on internet and phones. However, it can really vary here depending how far you are from an exchange or if you are in a bit of a black spot for mobile reception, more of an issue in the foothills and hills than on the flat.
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    Good internet service is going to come down to what's available in your area. You can see if NBN is available at http://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/check-your-address.html ADSL availability can be checked (up to a point) on each providers website - Telstra, Optus, iinet, TPG etc Although ADSL may come down to if there's any physical ports spare at the exchange which can be checked at https://www.telstrawholesale.com.au/products/broadband/adsl/adsl-reports-plans.html
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    Haven't tried anyone else but I've found TPG to be fine - ok data speed, good customer service and I think I've got some sort of deal on international calls - but I must admit I haven't used the landline in a couple of years - most mobile contacts/payg recharges can include an international offer if you choose it which is all I use nowadays (note to self: cancel landline). Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks guys, I'll be bringing some with me on the plane as Singapore give you an extra 10kg if your travelling for the first time on a PR Visa (totals 40kg) but I also got quotes of around £100 to send a 20kg toolbox on a 5 day delivery and was considering getting some extra tools there a bit quicker than the 8 weeks shipping container. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk