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    Hi πŸ‘‹, I have got direct visa grant just now. Applied on 8/11/2017 Direct Grant 26/4/2018 Waiting Time 5 months 18days CO Sophorn I have uploaded all the required documents along with form 80 and form 1221 This forum is a great asset to its members. Personally it helped me a lot in lodging my application successfully. Not only that, but also the members in this forum are friendly. Their encouragement is a huge strength as waiting period is too stressful with current long processing time. I wish Good Luck to all of my friends. Thank you πŸ’
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    Hi All, I got my PR. Applied on 7 Nov. Granted 17 April 9am. Yayyyy.
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    First of all thanks to almighty πŸ™ Thankyou everyone here for your support,informations and advices. just got my grant Applied 31 oct 17 grant 9 April 18
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    Hi everyone, I am very new to this forum and following this one from last 5 days . Every one here in forum is amazing and it really help to track the visa application and as well as providide really valuable information. I Applied 887 visa on 8th Nov and got the direct grant today morning and name of Co was Adam as mention just down in grant notification. I was out of Australia for 2 month month during my 489 visa so I wait for 2 month and then applied 887 as I was not in hurry. I was staying with my friend during first year and second year I taken my own rental. I attached all documents including , payslip,tax paper, reference letter from employer, super account statements as well as all the letters which I received from MVR or from bank etc to show in my residence proof. I attached form 80 as well. I have part time job in public sector and second job was just casual to cover my 35 hours in week.so I put all the pay slip and all the job offer letter. Apart from this I did some extra work and make one extra word sheet to put all the name of all documents which I attached so that co can understand easily that what documents I have attached for residence proof . For example I write my first residence and date of stay and then write the name of ducuments which I attached like, 1bank statement, 2Govt Letter3 statuary declaration.4Pay slip which had my address , I even attached my work place pict to make it more strong with Work ID. Thanks everyone it’s very long I write here , might be it help you guys. And I am sure everyone one who met the requirements of 887 will get grant soon or may b little later so plz don’t worry about grant as it is coming soon for all of you .Best of luck everyone and god bless you
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    Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we just have received our 887 GRANTS!! Feeling very happy. Thanks to all of you for being a strong support while we were waiting. And wish all of you best of luck. Application date: 06/11/2017 All documents front loaded including new born's medical. Grant date: 16/04/2018
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    Hi Everyone, I am silent follower of this forum. We got direct grant Yesterday. Applied- 02/11/2017 Direct Grant - 11/04/2018 CO- Adam Thank you all for your support and best wishes for everyone waiting for grant.
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    Hi !!! Just wanted you guys know that my PR has been granted today. Applied on 22/10/2017Direct Grant today 27/03/2018 This platform was usefull to me personally.........Thanks to the one who put efforts to built this forum/site....... please let me know ....if you guys need any info ...... All the best to all ....who are waiting for the grants....... Thanks...
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    Hi , I was a silent follower of this forum for last 6 months. I applied on 9th November and I got direct grant this afternoon. CO Adam My best friend applied 887 on 8th Nov and he got direct grant on 24th April. He is not in this forum. Good luck to all.
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    Hi All, I am silent follower of this forum, Just to inform you all I have got my 887 Grant letter Today. Applied on 03/11/2017 Direct Grant 09/04/2018 CO Sophorn. Thank you all and hope all of you are waiting should get your grant soon!!!! Kamran Alam
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    Finally granted!!!!!!! Thank you Group, thank you IMMI!!!!!! We can now move on. 27th July 2017 Applied for 887 visa 25th Jan Co asked PCC for 16yo daughter ! 5th Feb Provided PCC to Immi 14th March Emailed them to let them know i was out of the country for a week 21st March Pre grant notification - They asked why we didn't let them know of my travel plans.!! Requested a call back from them today as we were worried they would not look at it again for some time. They called back, we explained the position and they promised to pick up the file today. Said they had a "huge backlog" on emails hence did not see ours of 14th. Just received through the grant of the 887!!! Very happy indeed! The call back service was very friendly and helpful.
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    Ok lets wish we end the week and month with lot of grants !Today might be a good day for lot of you.. good luck guys Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys, Finally , a long wait has come to an end, Direct Grant Applied - 12/11/17 Granted - 27/04/18 CO- Dat This forum has been significantly helpful securing my direct grant. I'll write up soon about my documents. Thanks a lot guys again for all the support and motivations. Wish you all the very best for other applicants.
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    Hi DEV, This would be helpful to you . Please have a look & produce those documents. 2 years proof for Residential Rent Agreements ( You have done) Utility Bills ( You have done) Internet & Phone Bills ( Pls upload) Vehicle Rego Notices ( Pls upload) Tax Incoice issued from MVR when you get drivers licence ( Pls upload) Insurance Letter ( Pls upload) Bank Account Opening Letters ( Pls upload) ATO Welcome Letter ( Pls upload) 1 year employment proof Payslips - To cover whole period ,not just to cover 1 year ( You have done) ATO Tax Noices ( You have done) Group Cerificates ( You have done) All Bank Statements to cover your period of eployment ( Pls upload) Appointment / Contract Letter ( Pls upload) Pay Review Letter (If you have) ( Pls upload) Employment Reference Letter ( Pls upload) Super Annuation Statements ( Pls upload) Any Business Card (If you have ) (Pls upload)
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    Mate we both are waiting but still waiting and will be waiting till we get out grant Be positive everyday is a new day.
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    Hello Everyone, Here it is, I just got My Grant Time Line Applied on 28th September CO 14th Feb DOC Submitted 19th Feb Grant TODAY 12/04/2018 CO DAT It's time to say Goodbye to all of you Amazing Member Special Russki for maintaining the Positive energy on the Forum Russki you are a Legend. You are one of the Most positive Person I have ever seen RUSSKI I AM SURE YOU WILL GET YOUR GRANT VERY SOON AND SO EVERYONE Thank you
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    Be nice guys! Having only one CO working is a bit like breathing through straw: better to have a straw to breath through than no oxygen at all!!! True?
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    Guys, Finally, I received my golden email just now. What a big relief it is. Can't explain. Thank you all for your help, wishes and everything. My timeline is: Applied on 26/10/2017. CO contacted on 12/02/2018 for 2 years' residency and 1 year's employment proofs further. Re-submitted docs on 18/02/2018. Grant on 11/04/2018. CO - Sophorn Cheers and all the best everyone.
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    This is me, Kun, 887australia and Tsep:
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    I feel like I just go to one of their processing centre and see what the hell they do in whole freakin day 🀣🀣🀣🀣
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    Hello, Got my visa grant today!! Applied- 26 Oct 2017 Direct Grant - 4 Apr 2018 Will update the file later.
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    Hi friends 😊, It's a new beginning of a new month. I wish this month fills with lots of 887 visa grants and make our members happy. Wish you all the best πŸ’
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    Mm.. looks like it.. we all were waiting for more grants this week.. well.. this is what it is.. but all second timers.. well.. by this time next Friday I bet you will be permanent residnets of this country.. Its slow and painful to wait but have hope and faith.. its not very far.. Cheer up aaaaalll heavy hearted lovely people.. Here ends March! April will come with many good news.. Happy Easter and happy long weekend!! Enjoy guys.. we deserve it [emoji6][emoji847] Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, Finally my waiting is over. Got the golden mail just now. Date of Application : 25.09.17 Date of Grant : 29.03.18 They have not granted 887 for my new born and said that I need to apply Separately and Can't add in 887 visa Grant . Still We are happy with that. Thank you all. Sundhar
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    Good luck everyone.last day of the week
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    We would be delighted to move on and to free the way for you guys! Interesting - COs picking up a lot of fresh files, we are now on 25th October applicants! Maybe, they will take mercy on second-timers tomorrow - last day of the week!
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    Hi there I am a silent follower of this forum. I've just got my 887 visa directly granted. Applied on 25th Oct 2017. Thanks all for the very useful tips and suggestions, ie renew the police check.Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting. Thanks
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    Hello Guys, Finally my visa has been granted directly today. Application was lodged on 20th of October. Thank you everyone for your great support n info. There were some issues in my application as I had applied in 23 months. I had uploaded maximum number of evidences of residency status and work status including ATO Tax assessment, super statement, bank statement and other workplace related docs like payslip, PAYG cert., contract letter, certificate of total working hour from payroll etc. spouse’s IELTS report. Also last year I was away from Australia for 10 weeks within period of three months. However, my visa granted directly without any trouble. Good luck guys πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€
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    True, although you know that eventually you'll get the grant, it is the waiting period that is unbearable, but your time will come.Good luck to you all.
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    Hi slvicky, you do not need to certify any document at all (unless COs specifically ask for), I never certified any document, payslips were bw and emailed copy which I submitted. For other documents, colored scan copy is fine.
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    Another day with some hope , Dear God please be mercy with us
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    I believe they gave grant to other peep not listed on this group. Hope for the best. We will get that soon. Best of luck everyone
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    Hi Russki, I know you have patience than most of us in this forum. As none of us can't go beyond COs, we have to give them what they ask. I am pretty sure that you will find a way to figure out their requirements eventually. You will be rewarded with 887 grant through your utmost efforts and long term patience. I wish you all the best.
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    Thanks for the encouragement mate 😊. Looking forward to get the grant as we're holding lots of major decisions in life due to this. Everything stuck at some point. Only we know how much pressure on us
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    Good Morning Friends 😊, As it was a silent day yesterday, we should get grants today. So, wish you all the best. Think COs will work hard to give more grants this week πŸ€£πŸ˜‡
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    I hope this will be the last hurdle for you Tsep! Hey, at least with the newborn at home you don't have as much time to worry about visas! This is a positive!!!
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    Crossing everything I can!!! Ha-ha-ha! Waiting is excruciating! I started thinking of performing some powerful ancient rituals to speed up the grants! Nothing else seems to work...
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    Good Luck everyone who applied in November and those who's are pending due to different reasons. Hope you will all get Grant soon and then our time for December people will come :-)
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    Good morning all, Countdown begin again. Let's see how many files will be open today & how many visas will be grant. I hope that immi will open November files today. Keep update please.
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    My friend works for govt and she told me last week that you'll loads of grants before easter because most of them have target to achieve and this week target already achieved last week and this week nothing serious and we will see next week some serious grants coming. Best of luck everyone.
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    Hey Tsep, From what I see, several CO names have been mentioned on this forum to date, I can count at least 5. I think this is what happens: you get a CO, he/she asks for additional documents and puts your file aside with a "timer" on it, something like "review this file again in X weeks". Then time X comes, yours or another CO (whoever is available) picks up your file again... Some misfortunate applicants can go through several COs before their visas are granted. But let's hope this will not happen to us!!! Good luck everyone!!!
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    Yay!!! Good job for pushing for it!!!
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    Nothing lasts forever Russki,so every minute that goes by count yourself closer to a grant.
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    Hi guys Good to see grants ...russki, kun, 887aus -move on finish the September list!!!! Hope u may get today or tomorrow
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    Hi everyone!! The list of documents submitted are : 2 years stay - power bills,telephone bills, lease agreements...... (compilled in one file) 1 year work - PAYG,contract letter, payslips(54 weeks (compiled) + Pay Slips after submitting PR - recently uploaded) , employee reference letter, Bank statements, Super summary,tax returns...... PCC - Australia and home country (Whole family) Passport ,signed photographs,drivers license (family) (compiled in one file) Travel documents (whole family) (compiled in one file) Marriage certificate(spouse) , Birth certificate (daughter) Spouse working evidence, Payslips, contract letter, PAYG, IELTS, Educational certificates...... -(Current) School letter (daughter) Form 80 Cross checked with Form 80 and my documents information is the same ............ Hopefully, I have listed all documents I have submitted......... Thanks NAV
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    Well My math is either by the end of this week or early next week all second timers - its your time [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    I know! So many life decisions on hold becuase of this.. neither here nore there feeling! I know exactly how you feel. May be thats why when someone gets a grant we can be genuinly happy like this.. When you guys get grants its the fuel for us to move on [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, it is such a relief for her and me
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    Hi guys,my girlfriend got her grant today,she applied on 20th October.