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    Guysss! Grant grant grant I applied on 08/10/2018 Got direct granted today (30/12/2019) by CO Wilson Thanks for all your help! If anyone wants to ask any questions Im more than happy to answer!
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    Happy to inform that we have received our grant after almost 19 months long wait. Thank you everyone in the forum for your help and support. Applied: 27 June 2018 1st contact: 7 July 2019 (CO Sophorn) Grant: 13 January 2020 (CO Wilson) (I am AP on the 887 Visa Tracker Spreadsheet)
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    Hi Guys, Finally got my grant after a long wait. Applied 26/06/2018 Additional docs requested in July 2019 Grant : 13/01/2019 Long wait though. I did a complain on 1st week of Jan and got feedback saying "Request submitted to the relevant dept" I'm a silent follower and not on the tracker. This forum has been very useful and wish you all the very best!
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    GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT & GRANT HI Guys . want to share my joy with you guys Got a Golden Email today @ 10:30 am. Family of 3. Applied 26/10/2018 Direct grant today 10/01/2020 by CO Wendy. It's been a long way since i came here as a student and dreamt of getting PR. FInally today my dream came true. So so happy. Thanks everyone in this forum for cooperation and valuable suggestions . And Best of luck for those who are still waiting just need bit more patience guys.
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    we got pr today family of 4 applies 12/10/18 yeah yeah
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    GRANT GRANT GRANT applied 20/4/2018 first contact 5/6/2019 second contact 23/12/2019 pre grant 30/12/2019 Grant 6/1/2019 morning CO: Wilson
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    Hi Friends, I am a silent follower in this group After 18months wait Received my GRANT today. We are family of 2. Applied on 21st June 2018 First contact on 15th July 2019 asking for work proof (because there was not hours mentioned in my payslip) Today received our GRANT... ALL THE BEST friends..
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    Guys just sharing with our happiness with all of you. We got our golden mail today Alhamdulillah. Applied 03/09/2018 Ist contant by CO Rajani on 20/11/2019 asked for 2 years residency and 1 year job experience documents which we uploaded before. Grant today 31/12/2019 by CO Kimberly Family of 3 Thanks to everyone and this forum as well. Hope everyone will get their PR soon in shaa allah.
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    FINALLY WE RECEIVED OUR GOLDEN MAIL!! Date applied- 22 March 2018 Added newborn 16 Jan 2019 First Contact - 25 May 2019 co Ashish asking for more residential proof, AFP and newborn medical Second Contact - 8 Oct 2019 co Micheal asking for My elder kid's medical ( as it was not done during 489 lodge, I tried asking them the hap I’d but they didn’t replied) Did Suggestion twice in the month of November but got the automated reply, Complaint on 3 Jan 2020 online. Third Contact - 6 Jan 2020 co called for further information Grant - 10 Jan 2020 Thanks to this forum it really helped us. It was a longgg wait and each and everyday was passing with more frustration, but God has listened to our prayers. And I request those who are waiting and crossed the processing time please complain and you all receive your grant soon.All the best!
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    ACTION REQUIRED FROM ALL US NEW SBS NEWS ARTICLE IN THE PIPELINE Hi guys, last August-September 2019 we - as the 887 community on this forum - experienced some true struggles as the DHA was increasing the processing times over and over again. At that given point it was up to 23-24 months processing times. Really happy to see that they have decreased the processing times now, but still they are a loooong wait if you're waiting on your grant to further built up your life. On this forum a few people organised some media attention and a few articles were published on SBS Punjabi. And with some success! My personal story was published also within one of those articles and YES we did receive our direct grant on 11/11/19. I do believe that the media attention did trigger something with DHA as a lot of 887 applicants did receive an additional email stating that their case was going to be assessed soon. Anyway... media attention is great to address the never ending limbo 887 applicants are in. DHA should decrease the processing times to at least an appropriate level as we all have been in the country for 2 years already. Mr. Shamsher Kainth from SBS Punjabi contacted me today again to follow up on my case and requesting if I did receive my grant, hence that he is ON the case and that he does care. HE WANTS TO WRITE A NEW ARTICLE FOR SBS REGARDING THE STRUGGLES WE'RE FACING WHILST WAITING FOR OUR PR. his email address: shamsher.kainth@sbs.com.au He needs to have information from you! Please write him a letter to describe what your struggles are, why your case seems to be delayed (asking for additional paperwork whilst already provided, not getting the information for the baby medicals on time, not getting another job application because you're temporary, al those things,..), what you want from DHA (more clear information regarding processing times, better communication,...) and what you reckon could improve. Grab this opportunity with both hands. Every media attention that you can have is great. Cheers, Stellajane. @TTTF@Dee@nudgee@Megrand1@TakeItOnTheChin@887 2019@Skaur@SUDIP@Hope
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    Hi all applied on 18th October 2018 granted on 8th January 2020 (direct grant) family of 2 Co: Wendy
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    GRANT!! Our Xmas gift has finally arrived!!! The long wait is finally over for a family of 2. Applied on 17/04/18 Request for Form 1229 on 31/05/19 by CO Michael Grant: 20/12/19 by CO Wilson I called the immigration on 17/12/19 since I had passed the processing timeline. Good luck to everyone.
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    Hi everyone, I just received my grant on 12/01/2020. I am a single applicant and applied on 29/10/2019. The CO is Rajani. Thanks everyone in this forum for helping out. Good luck to people who are still waiting, don't lose hope.
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    To ALL whom are above the 12 months waiting period. I'm reposting my post above from last week. Altough I already have received my PR, I do believe it will be of great help if you write Shamsher your story. TAKE ACTION - If you have complied to your visa conditions - have NO FEAR of getting your story published in the news. Good luck!
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    Just got the direct grant! Received our platinum grant mail at 5:57pm Total 3 applicant. Applied: 7th October, 2018 CO: Michael.
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    Hi Guys, Got my grant today. Applied on 25/10/2018. CO Robyn. Only way to get updates was through this group. Thank you all wonderful people posting updates and all the extra information. Good luck to everyone.
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    GRANT!!!!GRANT!!!!GRANT Finally the wait is over. Applied 25 june2018 First contact 28 June 2019 for child’s medical. Grant today 10 Jan 2020. Family of 3. Co- Wilson
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    Hello every one. I got my grant for 887 yesterday which I had applied on May 2018. On 2nd of jan I had made an online complaint that why my file is not finalised as it’s over 18months of lodgement and they finalised it within few days. I would recommend my fellow applicants that if you are waiting for more than 18 months than lodge a complaint online today. Wish you all the best.
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    Grant! Family of 3, spouse, child 4 year old and I. Date applied 19/08/2018 First contact : 13/11/2019 CO Rajani Grant : 17/12/2019 CO Rajani asked for Payslips and Proof of residence for initial 1 year. I contacted department on phone, left and feedback and also filed a complaint for slow pace of visa processing time.
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    ALHAMDULLAH,Just got the direct grant! Received our platinum grant mail Total 5 applicant. Applied: 16th September, 2018 CO: Adam. Please don't forget update newborn medi al after 6 months ,I tried 3 times for HAP ID but fail then I created HAP ID in 189 visa and done medical and attached cover letter about created HAP ID.I think it help getting Direct Grant.
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    I don't think it will be case, It is a national emergency and been safe is utmost priority and rest of the things are secondary to it. looks like you have spoken at contact center, who would have just provided you a standard response. The situation is not within your control and it is as directed by the authorities and hence you will be fine. You can write to them stating your situation, given the timeline of responses, cannot see a response coming through in a swift manner. Still you should write to them and make it official. But also remember evacuation will basically done on threat level and if it goes down you will need to return where you reside currently( which you would). As moving then will not be justified. It is a wait, watch and act situation. Be safe.
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    Happy New Year ! Wish you all grants next year
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    Who else is drunk tonight and still looking this site if anyone got grants in the middle of the night hehehhe
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    Here's an update from my side, we applied on the 02 July 18. On the 03/01/20, I sent a complaint to the department saying that I crossed the 18 months period specified on the website. Got the standard reply saying that the email has been transferred to the appropriate department. on the 07/01/20, got a reply from CO Dat, saying that the evidence I submitted as requested by CO Sophorn on 23/05/19 is not valid. It took them 9 months to give me this feedback. I'm sure that my complaint triggered them to check my file but to get this as an answer is plain pathetic. I gave them exactly what they requested and now they are saying that it is not valid and gave me another 28 days to submit an EILTS result or another proof of functional english for the secondary applicant. I'm spewing!!! I guess the take away for everyone here is that if you are past 18 months, file a complaint straight away to force them to open your file, before the time increases again. However, they might come up with some other crazy stuff for you to do.
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    Good luck to everyone, see who’s the lucky one to get the first 887 grant in 2020
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