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    DIRECT GRANT!!!!! Applied: 08 July
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    Finally, I recieved my golden email at 6.02pm from my agent. It has been 13 years. A long way to go. Applied: 2 apr 2020 1st contact: 13 Aug Summited: 9 sep Granted: 21 sep Thank to all members in the group. We will get it one day. So keep believing everyone
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    Silent Follower here. Finally received grant by the grace of God! Application Date: 21 July 2020 Direct Grant today 07 October 2020
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    GRANT Applied 19/07/2020 Granted 01/10/2020 CO Jane Family of 2
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    GOT granted by 11.20 CO Lisa Applied on 19Th Jan 20 1st contact 27th July 2nd contact 21st August Granted today Thank you all for help, Best luck for rest of..
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    hi, you dont need Jp certified and for photo just go to office works get hard copy on one photo turn it around and sign it and then put it next your other photo and scan it thats what I did and it worked
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    Use this calculator to check. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/tools/residence-calculator
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    applied 29/07/2020 hope direct grant soon
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    You can live and work in any location in regional Australia..does not matter with 2 locations but please have all the documents related to your living and work
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    No it wouldn't. I did same Albury/Wodonga and got granted 887
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    This may be of help to others who have an otherwise straightforward 887 application. Baby went for health examination (501) and BUPA confirmed that TB Screening (719) is not required for kids under 2 years old. No blood test or skin prick test required. Got a refund. Just checked on ImmiAccount, he's been granted health exemption So just book your Bupa appointment and they will sort out any unnecessary tests. Good luck to all Leon
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    https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/topics/newly-arrived-residents-waiting-period/30726#:~:text=If your permanent residence visa or specified visa subclass was,the following payments and concessions%3A&text=Carer Payment,-Commonwealth Seniors Health
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    Hi, from the knowledge I have I can suggest you the following; however, you may want to confirm this with someone. As you wife was the primary applicant for 489 Visa and she came to Australia on 10 Dec 2018 so you 2 years complete on 10 Dec 2020 but, as you were out of country for more than 28 Days you need to cover all those days; However; if you look at your travel date. 29th November 2019 to 10 December 2019 is 11 Days so you have less than 28 days for 1st year 10 DEC 2019 to 1 Jan 2020 for 2nd year is 20 days so you also have less than 28 days. So you may not need to cover those days. You may want to confirm with an agent or you could write a letter of explanation stating what I just said up about breakdown of your holidays and upload it in other Docs. good luck m8
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    Wow our cases are so similar! Applied 28/01/2020, contacted on 29/07/2020, Sophorn asked for AFP to include wife's alias (her Australian name used at work). Grant today 31/08/2020, CO Wendy! Also here's our little successful story to share, which I think might help others who are in a similar situation of being self employed: Wife's the primary applicant and worked as a subcontractor. The documents we submitted as her employment evidence were: reference letters from two of her clients (she has only two clients and are still working with them) confirming scope of work, hourly rate, work location and employment start date invoices with timesheets that reflected there were 56 weeks in which her worked more than 35 hours bank statements of business accoount that showed work related expenses and income, covering about 1.5 year. all the invoices matched bank transactions business registration - ABN, TFN, trust deed financials that also covered 56 weeks screenshots of her online profiles (linkedin and websites where she wrote a bio saying she lives in the allowed area) professional assocation documents - invoices, emails and letters of webinars, workshops, events, exams etc etc. there were lots of them, and basically all of them showed that our home address or the addresses of the event/workshop were in the area where we were supposed to be super documents, covering a little more than 2 years tax documents 2018-19 and 2019-20 Our evidence of living and other stuff like identify and language ability was nothing special, basically they were exactly what immigration department listed/required.
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