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    Thanks mate. Got Inviatation for test today Apply: 18th July Invitatation date: Today(7th September) Test Date: 20th September
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    @Megrand1, Cool, Thank you for your response ..
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    Passed the test today and got approval in 5 minutes🥳🥳🥳
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    are you applying for 887 or citizenship? If it is 887, you'll need to wait until you complete 2 years before you can fill and submit application.
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    I remember most of the user names here from our 887 days. I am glad that this is not as complicated for most of us My timeline: applied- 07/07/21 invite for test- 22/08/21 voluntarily rescheduled test to 30/09/21 application updated to approved status on same day--- waiting for ceremony now! location : adelaide
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    That's good. I haven't heard about people from Brisbane who attended a ceremony. Hopefully, they will pop up soon
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    Not really; in SA in last one month 3 of my friends attended ceremonies physically
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    I mean that no citizens who attended normal ceremonies in the last time. All last citizenships granted through online ceremonies
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    I applied for my kids with expired passports. It was fine.
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    Dear All, I have a question, Is there any form of identification document for children under 5 years other than their passport ? The reason I want to ask is, by the time I apply for my Citizenship, my son's Indian passport will have less than 4 months to expire. Since he was born offshore, his passport was issued only for 3 years. /Thanks, D.V
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    Hey, Try this https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/citizenship-processing-tracker
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    Hi Guys, I have applied citizenship on 18th July,2021. Any idea when I can get email for test? Just wondering as it is proceesing very fast I heard.
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    just leave it blank; i cant remember what i did
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    Need quick help I am filling out the citizenship application and I am stuck at step 3 where it asks for citizenship. I am an Indian citizen and hold Indian citizenship. If I put Indian citizenship it's asking for end date. Can anyone help here please who has filled the form
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    Hi guys, can you give your passport as birth certificate evidence? Regards
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    Hi Guys, I am going to apply for the citizenship tomorrow (PR: 17/01/2020), just as a quick recap, what documents should I prepare? Thanks,
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