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    Hi All, just got my Golden email.. thanks all for your help and wishes.. applied 18/4/2017 CO 26/7/2017 granted 15/9/2017
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    Ha ha, didn't realise I had done that!! We were torn between Adelaide and Melbourne, hence my viewing this forum, though have made our decision to go to Melbourne due to work opportunities!! Thank you.
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    I wouldn't write airbnb off completely. We stayed in a lovely house through airbnb, just outside the CBD. Not cheap (insurance company were paying) but very well set up for a holiday stay. We also stayed in an apartment actually in the CBD just off Rundle Street, also through airbnb. We've also used it for accommodation in the UK, elsewhere in SA and Port Douglas. Stayz.com.au is another website worth having a look at. I prefer airbnb these days though as you have the reviews section and if a place is not suitable you can call them and they will find you an alternative place to stay. Alternatively have a look at the accommodation section on here. @Tamara (Homes Down Under) has several places for rent and may have something suitable for your dates. I believe her places are around the Port Noarlunga area, so not really central for exploring all of the different areas around Adelaide, but a lovely area to be in.
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    Thanks mate. Same as yours sophorn
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    Thank you Pearl, Barracountry & Deven12 Good luck to all of you
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    Wish you guys all the best. I'm on the waiting list as well. Good to see that June grants have started coming through
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    Agree with seeing if Tamara has anything available then. As said, her properties are down south, Port Noarlunga way and other suburbs. But she may have something to suit. Or one of our other members with rentals. https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/32-rentals-available/ Check Stayz perhaps also? Some of the usual suspects area wise, Glenelg (handy for tram into CBD and nice area for a holiday in terms of Jetty Rd, beaches, cafes etc. Brighton, Henley Beach and maybe some of the coastal suburbs heading down south. Or around the CBD. Or up in the hills a bit if you have a car and want some peace and quiet. FWIW its the spring school holidays the first couple of weeks of October and many places will be booked out over that period. And the prices may increase during that time a bit too.
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    Any grants or CO allocation guys in this / last week..? cheers,
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    Just an update from original post. Would definitely recommend Parkrun to anyone who enjoys a run or walk and maybe looking for an opportunity to meet some likeminded people. I've been doing the Gawler one most weeks and have done Mawson Lakes and plan to do the new Barossa one at the end of the month and probably West Beach and Clare sometime. Have got chatting to at least a couple of people each time and found one other regular runner who lives in the same little township as me out north.
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    Couldn't upload article previously, hopefully it should be ok now. Migration article.pdf
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    Hey mate, As far as i know, any duration more than 3 weeks spent overseas will be deducted from your required stay here. So i am afraid that the case owner may ask you to wait for 3 more months (after completing the 2 years), to meet the requirements. As both your trips were more than 3 weeks each. Good luck. I will be applying in 10 days by the way. Cheers
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    It's great to hear that that perseverance paid off. Would be really good to read the article. When we started out with the visa process we also hit a few obstacles but knew that leaving our then present situation was an absolute must. At that time our friends were relocating to New Zealand and that was our first choice too. Almost 5 years later we ended up in Australia always with the view that NZ was where we wanted to be. The rest is history and never looked back...10 years here this year!
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    Would be interested to read it. If you happen to have a copy and want to scan or post pics of the article or find if the magazine has a link to it, feel free to post it/them here
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    Have worked in the car rental industry and from personal experience they generally do not chase parking or speeding fines once it is made clear that the driver was based OS as it is too expensive to pursue these minor infringements. Rental companies are obliged to fill in a statutory declaration to advise of the details of the driver and now do charge for this work hence the fee charged, it is not a rort. Read the following article for more concise information http://www.driverabroad.com/self-drive/foreign-speeding-and-parking-fines/