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    Alhamdhulilla....... Finally got our GRANT...... Applied : 14/08/2019 Direct grant: 24/10/2019 CO : Wilson Applicants : Family (3 applicants) My son is 4 years and did his medical for 489 and therefore did not ask for his medical for 887. Updated docs in June: - AFP for both me and my wife - new tenancy agreement - new employment contract - updated overseas police clearance for both me and my wife (we went to home country). Thanks for all your support. Thanks to almighty....
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    Hello everyone i hope you hang in there and be more patient patience is all what what we have today is a different day today the waiting is over and long nights are no more exists ...it is a sunny bright day holding lots of dreams and hope for a new fresh start YES if you want to know I was granted the Permanent residency at 1615 it was really a very long 17 months and 14 days!! date of application is 11-5-18 first contact 11-6-19 second contact 17-10-19 granted on 25-10-19 CO Katherine thank you every one for sharing your experience and giving us the strength and hope to continue i was really waiting so long to write this reply best of luck to all
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    Grant grant grant finally wait is over. we got our PR today applied on 25 april 18 Thank you so much everyone for your help.
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    Grant Grant Grant! Applied on 8 May 2018. 11 Jun 2019 - 1stCO contact ( CO:Grant) Asked for additional address proof and Hap Id generated for new born. 25 Oct 2019 : Visa granted - CO Wilson Thanks to this forum for all the help. All the best to applicants, specially Jan18 to May18 applicants.
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    Finally, We got our Grant Email today. Now no more Stress... Application Date 27 April 2018 First Contact 4th June 2018 If you guys working with Agent for your visa, plz check double or triple time make sure they put right Docs and all docs. I have bad experienced from my agent who did not put my all docs they just put randomly. As results, Co asked plenty of docs. And have to wait longer and longer with stressful life. Don’t believe your agent. Hope you all get your Grant Email.
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    Good morning Everyone I would like to share my happiness with all of you Today on 29/10/19, finally i have received that golden email Yes you are right I have recieved 887 - visa grant letter Thank you everyone for your continuous support date of application is 21-5-18 first contact 10-6-19 granted on 29-10-19 CO Regina Thank you every one for sharing your experience and giving us the strength and hope to continue
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    Hello, I’m a silent follower just want to share my happiness! Applied 18-05-18 First contact 13-06-19 (renew Police checks and daughter medical check) Grant 27-10-19 (today Sunday) CO Wilson be patient and good luck
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    Hi i did registration to this forum so that I can share my happiness with all f you. I applied: 8/5/2018 1st requested documents by co Sophorn: 12/6/2019 Grant by co Wilson: 25/10/2019
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    Grant Grant Grant !!! Applied: 9th May 2018. 1st contact: 12 Jun 2019 - Asked for Wife AFP with Alias name, submitted the same on 19th June 2nd contact: 7th Aug 2019- Again asked for Wife AFP with Alias name. made a complaint, got response that the format for AFP with alias name that i had submitted was incorrect with explanation of the correct format. Submitted again on 16th of Aug 2019 25 Oct 2019 : Visa granted - CO Wilson Thanks to this forum for all the help. All the best to all applicants
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    Let's hope to see some more grants today. Nevertheless, for October we have seen 35 grants through this forum and tracker. Which is absolutely fantastic news! (July and August we received 19 grants and in September 30) Also, 9 were from applicants August '18, meaning that 26 grants were from given to well overdue people between Feb'18 and May '18. Congratulations to all of you! Hopefully some more today. Fingers crossed. And already looking forward to an even better November.
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    Hey I wanna share my friend timeline grant grant grant applied on 17/08/18 From Adelaide granted today family of 2 it was direct grant at 3.30 pm Co Wilson
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    Hello everyone I am a silent follower of this forum. Finally the wait is over applied 22/05/2018 first contact 11/06/2019 for baby medical updated AFP 25/09/2019 grant today (29/10/2019) CO Regina Thank you
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    Listen mate, this is a voluntary forum, and is very helpful. It just seems that you are frustrated when you do not get an immediate answer to your queries, this is not an on-demand service. We can only give opinions. Some of us had to pay for advice through agents so you have no right to make demands. Get off your high horse and if you don't like what you see then take some $ out of your pocket and pay an agent.
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    Grant grant grant Direct Grant Posting on behalf of friend ABK applied on 10th of August 2018.
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    grant grant grant finally wait is over.  we got our PR today from Adelaide Application Date : 25 april 18 first contact : 30 May 19 co : Wilson  Thank you so much everyone for your help.
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    Come on Co's! Please do not slow down on us this week! We're all very patiently waiting here. Show us some grants!
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    You kidding us mate? Are you from DHA?
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    The hardest part for me is that they keep changing the rules about this visa. Since we arrived we have seen: - additional stamp duty when purchasing property - this made it nearly impossible for people to buy a house - new waiting times for centrelink benefits - which will make it hard for young families as they will be cut out on the family tax benefit for another year - change in regional areas - there had been better opportunities for us if those areas were available from the start - medicare is immediately available for the new visas that replace our 489 - private health is expensive for us - and the endlessly increase of our processing times - which gives us anxiety and stress All this felt every time as a punch in the face. So yes, we should win the bravery, determination and the I-can-do-it-even-if-you-give-me-a-hard-time award. We all just want to get started in this life, not be stuck somewhere inbetween.
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    Hi Everyone, It's quite unfortunate processing time keeps increasing in a short space of time. I have tried to do a little bit of research with regards to processing of visas in DHA . These are some facts which might help; 1. Processing times are not legally backed by any legislation thus its issued by the sole discretion and prerogative of the Minister ( DHA). The minister is given power to prioritize and reduce certain processing times based on compassion and not by LAW. This probably accounts for why DHA don't feel threatened by the excessive increase. 2. Unlike the past where only one Case Officer is Assigned to a case, Now multiple Case officers work on one file and each file has a checklist box which needs to be checked anytime a CO picks up the file. This probably accounts for why different case officers request for more Info based on what they feel as sufficient or not. 3. Once an application is made, Case officers are quickly assigned to scan through all the documents and then the file goes back to the queue. If the very first case officer after the initial assessment doesn't request for further docs, the status will still remain RECEIVED but does does not imply the file is not under processing. 4.Lastly, the problem now in the delay of processing is getting your file picked up again in the queue after request for further Documents because the frequency of picking your file increases most of the checklist boxes to be checked making the application a DECISION READY application. Once its DECISION READY the last Case officer who picks it up eventually Grants the visa. These are just research gathered from different forums and may not be entirely accurate but hope it helps those who want to have an idea what goes on in the DHA processing centre. Sent from my ZTE B2017G using Tapatalk
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    Give us grants please, don’t be so cruel, seriously, we need FREEDOM to move on !
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    we should get citizenship right away according to that very long wait.
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    I have no frustrations, only negative members like you that create a bad vibe. Yes anyone can get an agent, including you
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    Not a fair statement to make; all of us try to help with best abilities whenever we can and with whatever personal experiences we have. Everyone cannot have experience with all the situations hence its always best to either call DIBP or check there site which has step wise details. Just to share an experience; Yesterday i asked one question and did not get any response doesn't mean that people don't want to help but i would like to believe that members here probably don't have any experience with such situation; its always whether glass is half full or half empty situation; nevertheless all the best!!
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    Thanks for all for your lovely wishes Sorry I applied on 14/8/18 it was a typo error, but I wish it was true
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    Hi X76804. Most active forum members will notice that your responses or posts only include a "." and therefore you do not contribute much at all. This forum should be about information and contribution from members and we hope that you could also do so, or rather not post at all. Otherwise if you continue with your strange behavior then it is obvious that you consider this forum a joke and are quite simply a troll hiding behind a keyboard.
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