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    Some other migrants suggested writing up our migration story as it was a bit unusual. So I did and sent it to Australia and New Zealand Magazine. They got in touch and are publishing an edited version in their latest edition (out July 4 I think) under the title "It was all worth it." The story was written with the aim of providing some hope to anyone who knows they want to emigrate but who doesn't qualify under any of the most commonly used skilled, business or family pathways. We didn't fit any of them and at various stages of our migration experience, suffering setback after setback, we really needed to hear some positive stories to encourage us to keep trying. After several years in the process of trying to move permanently to Australia we finally made it, and a few months ago we felt we'd at last completed our journey when we moved into our newly built house north of Adelaide. Please note this post is not intended to be an ad for a magazine or a suggestion to follow the same pathway we ended up taking (as things have changed since). It's just to encourage anyone who really wants to make it happen to look into any possibilities that could work for them. I'll have a copy of the magazine article (or the longer version for those who need help sleeping ) if anyone feels they could do with being given a bit of hope.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Me and our family moved out to Adelaide November 2016 so still quite new ourselves. We are near your ages and would be happy to meet up when you arrive we have met a few people off this site. Its a shame that your husband will miss the Big Bash league as you will arrive not long after it finishes. My wife is not a cricket fan but she loves the big bash and good atmosphere. If you arrive early March you might get the end of the fringe festival which is amazing. Hope all is going well with the move so far and like snifter said it will soon come round. Keep in touch and we will meet up when you arrive. Curly
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    Thanks for the advice, Taffyowen, NicF and Rammygirl much appreciated! :-)
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    Hey! March is a crazy time to arrive in Adelaide.... but will an introduction!! As mentioned above, we are more than happy to haves beer and schnitty with some newcomers. We have made some great Friends! Send us a pm and we'll sort something out for the future.... March seems a long time away but it will fly! As for the cricket , well I can't stand these test matches but 20/20 is a revelation.... great stuff. We also enjoy the AFL, I'm a crows member and that's a great game but take some time to get to grips with! Dan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the heads up, Snifter! We hadn't come across anything else that had mentioned a household limit on the number of cats. I looked at the link you included and did a few Google searches which didn't seem to give me any certain info, so I've emailed the city council to ask them directly. With us arriving on a Visa we would, naturally, like to keep our noses clean, as when we come we expect to stay and build our lives there. Last thing we need is for the cats to get us into trouble with the authorities!!! When I emailed I made them aware that all our cats are chipped, desexed, healthy (all required vaccinations & check-ups met), insured and live totally indoors, so hopefully that should help our case. Thanks again for this information. Ofolopomus
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    The Visa process can be long but patience is the main thing. You can't rush the Aussies as you will find out when you get here haha. We wasn't sure what to expect at first when we arrived and does take time to settle in. It's very daunting at first and lots of things to sort out when you first arrive. I'm an electrician so I needed my temporary licence, sign up to Medicare and Centrelink ASAP, activate the Australian bank account. we hired a car for a few weeks and then bought a cheapish run around. Public transport is good also and reasonable price if you get a metro card. My wife struggled at first but now she loves it here. I got a job after a few weeks which helped and then made a few friends and things just sort of drop into place. Like scooterdan said you still have to carry on life as normal paying bills, food shopping etc but if you make the most of what you have around you I'm sure it will fall into place. Not many places in the world where they have public barbecue in parks. Just enjoy it as much as you can
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    Can't really talk much about visa process, as it changed so much since we've been here! Perseverance, patience, everything right first time make the process easier! As for coming here.... it is a new life, and takes time to adjust..... it is defo not just the uk with sun! But it's more than worth it if your willing to enjoy the Aussie way of life....... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thank you all for your kind messages. We're both really big foodies, so we've heard about the festivals and all the different restaurants and can't wait to get out and about trying everything! For now we are very early in the visa process, so it's hard to nail down dates, etc, but I sure am grateful for the invites to meet up. Do any of you have any advice / words of wisdom about anything you learned during your own moves? Ofolopomus
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    Hello and welcome That's not that far off now! It'll soon come round. I'm a bit older, in my 40's and married with a child so possibly a bit out of your age range? I know @scooterdan and his partner are always happy to meet new people and are very welcoming. Perhaps give him a shout? Or he may see this thread when he next checks in and say hello himself Also a few people moving over or not long arrived have posted here. You are welcome to post replies or start a thread there to see if anyone is about. https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/27-recreation-amp-socialising/ Hope to see you around
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    Just to close this thread down. We applied for our evisitor Visa a week before we flew (processing time supposedly 1-3 days) however when these had not come through 2 days before our flight, we applied for Electronic travel authority through trailfinders, these came through in 24 hours, so we could travel. The evisitor Visas were declined 2 days after we arrived because they have to be applied for outside Australia and we had entered 2 days before!
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    Hope all April applicants get contacted by CO soon
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    Applied on 16 April - Not contacted yet.
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    Same. Applied on 18th april. no contact yet
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    We are due to arrive in Adelaide in August. We've had quotations for shipping from PSS and John Mason. Can anyone offer testimonials/recommendations of who they would go with based on your experiences. I have read lots of forum reviews on the subject, but can't find many recent ones for UK to Adelaide. (We plan to go with an independent like Letton Percival for insurance). Many thanks for your help... much appreciated! :-)
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    You have to stay for 2 years only. After pr, you can move anywhere in Australia.
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    I think it's the same way you upload your form 80 in immi account... you should be able to find out form 1221 in the list and then upload it!! If you won't do it now then case officer will 100% ask for it and will delay your application!!
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    I have gone through many posts here but not all 500+ pages.Q1: For 887 - Do we need to have continuous 35 hrs of work for 52 weeks? What If I am doing multiple part time jobs to fill in 35 hrs per week but then there are breaks in between?Example I am doing 2 contract jobs for 3 months, then get a months break searching for another job, from 5th Month again I take up part time jobs which are equal or above 35 Hrs...and like wise I take 15-16 months to complete 52 weeks of 35 hrs or more work...Q2: Is Paid Overtime counted as official hours? I am assuming yes, but can those be counted in 35 Hrs?
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    heeey Guys, Got a direct one. applied 29th march, Granted 06 july. This forum was really helpful, hope every one gets the grant soon. Thanx everyone
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    I did the Gawler trials and there were no issues, just follow the keep to the left rule.
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    Haven't been on the forum for a while and was wondering if anyone on here does any of the Parkrun events around Adelaide. They are free timed 5k runs/walks for people of any ability held on Saturday mornings. Hadn't heard of it until a couple of weeks ago but am planning to do the new one in Gawler which starts Saturday, July 8. Hoping to do the ones at Mawson Lakes and West Beach at some point too. I've just registered to do this year's City-Bay 12k in September and plan to use Parkrun events as part of the training.
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    I did 5k in 23 mins round our local oval yesterday so if I can do something similar at the first Gawler Parkrun on Saturday I'll be happy. My only concern is that it's an out and back route along the same path which means runners and walkers will be going in opposite directions on the way back. It was tricky trying to get past during the Mother's Day Classic on the same path a few weeks ago, but will see how it goes. My wife is considering doing the walk next week. City Bay entry is cheaper if you register before July 21 and if your son did a sub-60 time last year (which going by his 5k time I imagine he did) he can apply for a sub-60 entry which means you can get underway in the first batch after the elite runners and therefore avoid the main crush.
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    Hi, i am also on 489 visa. i am working as the courier driver as the fulltime sub-contractor. Does this courier driver work, can fullfilled the work condition for 489visa to apply for 887 visa (PR). Currently i am working 5 days a week, but my payslip will only show the payment details, there is no hours mention on it. so if i provided the letter from my courier company that i am working on fulltime subcontrator bases will that help me to apply for 887visa. Anyone can u please help me???? Thankyou
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    I'm not in Adelaide yet, but I did my 1st local park run this weekend in the UK having completed couch to 5k. Planning on doing park run when I arrive in Adelaide in 4 weeks.
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    Thanks. What documents did you get certified and what not?
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    Hi Debs, I'm intrigued, does your role combine the job of a school counsellor with the responsibility for making mandatory notifications? If so, perhaps you could look at working in training, specifically administering the Child Safe Environments course which is mandatory for anyone working with kids. In my, albeit limited, knowledge we are legally obligated to make our own mandatory notification. For example, if I hear / see something of concern in my role as SSO (Student Services Officer - usually not teachers), even though I will refer them to the counsellor / pastoral care worker and tell the relevant teachers I still have to make a report to Families SA because I am a mandated notifier. Given that, I don't believe schools in SA would have a go-to person responsible for mandatory notifications. Anyway, welcome to the forum 😊👏🏻👏🏻
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    You are spot on Snifter,I had a terrible experience shipping one couple of years ago.Spent a fortune clearing and licencing it,only to find out that the parts were unavailable here and had to be imported from UK . most cars designed for European roads are not suitable for Oz. IMHO. It's not worth it . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a few used scooters to give away, May be suitable for new members with little kids (3-8 years) awaiting arrival of shipped stuff to come in.
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    Recently wanted to book a flight that was not a straightforward return to UK and tried with some airlines direct, but it just wouldn't give me what I wanted. Went to travel agent in Marion and she booked it, not without a few hassles, but it does what we want and we saved a fair amount on trying to book similar with the airline direct. All we have to do now is get insurance to cover my husbands 'existing' complaints!!
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    You can apply as soon as ur two yrs residence and one yr work exp complete you dont have to wait for secondary applicant to complete 2 yrs of residence...i applied mine with my wife only been in australia for 15 days and got my grant within 4 months.... hope this helps...
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    No problem. Be sure it's not <30hours p/week as under policy that's a no no.
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    I have no clue. Does this help anything? https://www.border.gov.au/Busi/cargo-support-trade-and-goods/importing-goods/importing-motor-vehicles Is it sentimental value you are shipping a car that old and worth only £1500? Given you may be without it for many weeks and will probably need to hire a car in the meantime (or buy), plus other expenses, it may not be cost effective shipping it, unless for whatever reason you cannot bear to part with it. Also, does it have good working air con, as that is needed for a fair chunk of the year. I'd not drive a car without it here.
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    Hello there guys/gals, just thought I'd say hello before I start to fire off my million questions lol anyone ready and willing for them?