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    Alhamdulliah By the grace of almighty allah I have just got the australian residency.Thank you everyone for the help.
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    Hi Russki, Do you know why people like you very much? Caz you always talk about positive things. That makes us comfort this transitional period. Few members without much knowledge share negative info which makes other people scared. Bye, the way I like you so much. Regards Nelakash
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    A new financial year has started. Hope the grant flood gates open. Good luck to everyone
  4. 9 points
    Hello I just check my email and find I get my golden email last week. applied on 17/11/2017 direct grant on 28/06/2018 Thank you very much for this forum! It is very helpful! Today is Monday, hope more grants this week!
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    very quite regarding Grants..... none so far for the day.... not good. Everyone please start sipping the juice, water etc..... hopefully it will trigger some movement.
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    Hi Everyone. I got grant today. Thanks to all for giving me good information. I pray to God that everyone will get grant soon specially Ruski. Ruski is very great. God bless ruski. Thanks again Sent from my vivo 1716 using Tapatalk
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    hi all... applied on 10/12/2017 direct grant today.. co Nancy
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    Hi Everyone just letting you know guys I got my PR today. I applied on 13 Nov 2017 got CO on 1 May 2018 asked for new afp for me and my wife and medical for new born baby. 6 month old and today I got Pr. CO - sep***n. thanks everyone who putting information on this forum it was very helpfull to know what going around with this visa.
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    Woohoooo....... PR granted. CO Sophorn Thanks, every one of you for the valuable inputs throughout the process. Without you guys, I would have to wait a lot more than this. Thanks again. Finally, Good luck for everyone expecting grant
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    Guys see below Pending the passage of legislation, the Government will extend the Newly Arrived Resident’s Waiting Period for a number of welfare payments, and introduce new waiting periods for some family payments and concession cards. This measure was announced to commence from 1 July 2018. However, it did not commence on this date as the legislation has not yet passed the Parliament. This measure remains current Government policy. Updates will be provided as and when a revised commencement date is confirmed. @deftown they have updated https://www.dss.gov.au/living-in-australia-and-overseas/updates/encouraging-self-sufficiency-for-newly-arrived-migrants So its official that the proposed legislation will have to wait.
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    Hi all, Got permanent residence today. Applied on 31st August 2017. Hope all who are waiting a long will be getting that golden mail by this week end.
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    Morning !!!! Happy Friday Best Of luck everyone
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    Hi All, just opened my immi account, and have been asked for more docs, i did not receive any emails from immi though. Docs requested - AFP and Overseas police clearance, AFP for both me and my hubby were submitted, but i did not submitted my overseas police clearance, due to the fact that i did not travelled back. this is 8 months, and im glad even for a reason my file has been touched, although i waited for a direct grant, but have to be positive and wait at least for 2 more months now. @ ruski, rike, TSEP, poonam, and others who applied in Aug, Sep, Oct, i strongly pray that you guys will get grant by end of this month. To all those waiting, i wish you all get direct grants asap.
  14. 7 points
    Processing times updated https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/887- 8-10 months !
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    Hi Guys, just letting you know, I got my PR today. ( my agent emailed me grant letters just now) Timeline below; applied on 3 Nov 2017 got CO Adam on 13 April 2018 asked 1 year employment and 2 year residency proof and today I got PR CO Dat. Thanks to everyone who putting information on this forum it was very helpfull to know what going around with this visa and specail Thanks to everyone's favourite @Russki( Thanks you buddy for all the help, you are a good man). i hope everyone will get grants very soon. i hope @Poonam@su89@SK10 @ ricky will get grants soon you guys are waiting from long time. wish you a good luck. i will hang around to celebrate your success. Thanks again.
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    Hi Everyone, I have received my permanent resident visa (887) today at 3:00 PM Applied : 02 October 2017 CO allocated asked for additional Document : 23 Feb 2018 After submitting the requested documents within 3 days. Then on 27 April 2018, CO ( NOT THE SAME CO) asked for additional documents again, Which provided instantly Finally, on 27 June 2018 visa has been granted
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    I checked with Centrelink and the officer confirmed that we are eligible for child care benefit/rebate (lump sum etc. ) ONLY after gaining PR. Called yesterday just in case the info was incorrect and got the same response via phone.
  18. 5 points
    Russki U r awesome This forum needs u even after you get Pr InshaAllah u will get it soon
  19. 5 points
    I only have one hope.. Before the end of financial year may they fill all the gaps and you guys get the grant -- and I have a feeling within next 4 days your juice sipping club will be desolved ...
  20. 5 points
    COs are closing the gaps in our spreadsheet fast! There is yet another grant I see today (for XL, who I think is not on this forum)...
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    When I was about apply, my agent asked me to get overseas PCC even though I had not travelled back since arriving here. My agent's logic was that even though I submitted PCC when applied for 489 offshore, the time that I spent overseas between applying 489 and arriving in Australia, that is period Case Officer would want to make sure about. Hence it makes sense to submit PCC even if you have not travelled back. Hopefully this helps.
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    Dear All, I am kind of expert on property related matter as I am huge victim. Anyone who applied for 887 visa and got bridging visa doesn’t effect until the 489 visa valid. Any temporary visa holder government treated as a foreign person. So anyone purchased or signed any kind of agreement must need to follow the following rules. A. Must need to FIRB approval which cost around $5000.00 + B. Full Stamp Duty (No one get any first home owner benefit. + C. Surcharge Duty: If anyone purchased property from 1st july 2016 to 30th June 2017 need to pay additional 4% (of total property price surcharge). If property price 500000.00 need to pay additionally $20000. Or Anyone purchased property from 1st july 2017 to 30th June 2018 need to pay additional 8% (of total property price surcharge). This mean property This mean if you pucharged a property during TR you have to pay $500000.00 worth property additionally + $24000 stamp duty+ FIRB $5000 + Surcharge due depend 4% or 8 % of $20000 or $40000.00 Total $549000 or $569000.00 I have done a settlement of our property after 6 month later my mother f’’ker solicitor called me and said I Have to pay the surcharged duty of $20000 additionally and he reported on review in Revenue NSW and currently I am fighing with this. Recomondation not to buy or signed any contract during TR.
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    They don't want to commit too much!
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    Hi everyone, Just can't wait to share this good news with you -- we just got our PR granted! CO - Dat. Thank you so much for your help and cheer up! especial thanks to @SK10 @DarDec @Poonam @Russki @Tpsk @Kate @HSK (Applied 14 sep 17) @Manny (Applied 14 Dec 17) and the "granted" spirit is coming to your way. All the best!
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    I heard today from someone who used to deal with immigration department in the past: in July floodgate of grants should open wide!
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