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    Congrats !! Today is a good day filled with lots of good news.. so we go! Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    Finaaaaly .. I have just received my visa grant woooow
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    Hi guys. I got direct grant just now. Applied Sep 20 2017. Thank you and Good luck.
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    Finally, the person blocking the queue has moved๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Hey wali n ruski ive searched it but couldnโ€™t find anything and In regards to 6 months validity itโ€™s only if when you travelling overseas you should have minimum 6 months validity on your passport.. To be on safer side just renew your passport n if CO will ask for it just send them receipt that you applied or if u get your new passport before allocation then mate youโ€™ll be Australian resident straight away . ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Hi everyone, I got my visa grant today, exactly 6months from the time I applied. God is good. Applied: Sept. 6, 2017 Co: Nov. 29, 2017 Asked for more details on my AFP (Was offshore during the time of CO, went offshore 3 times during my application and informed the immigration) Grant: Feb 21, 2018. Thanks everyone for keeping this forum alive..
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    Good Afternoon to you all, I am a silent reader of this forum for a long time. I got the golden email just 2 minutes ago and I am the happiest. The months of stress are gone. I am literally not sleeping sometimes because of this. But now I can sleep well. Let me share my timeline: 4 Sept 2017-Visa application 29 Nov 2017- First CO contact, asking for 1 year employment (I didnt send my bank statement and superannuation its my fault) But I thought โ€œoh noโ€ because I only work mostly 32hours a week and with one of my casual shift they only call me once a month. My superannu as well some of them are saying self contribution by me which I did to save for super. But nonetheless, maybe it was alright because I got my PR. 20 Feb 2018- Date visa Granted! Goodluck to all. And may you receive direct grants
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    I'm sure you'll hear from them tomorrow Marry
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    From my understanding Your bridging visa is not on effect unless your skilled regional visa expire. Now our 489 visa allow us to enter and exit from Australia multiple times. So I think you can travel out of Australia. However better you have to confirm with immigration department. they can give you a proper guidance. As you result is coming nearby.
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    I think Ruski is correct ! TThat time of the year - not only immigration - but everything is slow. So cheer up guys ! I think it's high time they speed up the process and they will .. Fingers crossed !
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    Guys, do not panic I think, this only reflects the "Christmas one extra month lag" in processing we all already know about. What Immigration is actually saying, they have been processing slower in the last two months. And we know why - Christmas holidays. I bet, it will "shrink" back to 7-9 at some point. This is just my thoughts, what do you think?
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    Hi guys, Finally end is over for me, Just received golden email.
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    Lol ok, I also will ask my mom to start finding my kindergarten and primary school reports if they are not eaten by rats already. these COs are very funny.
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    Hi kun This is really good news that finally you know whatโ€™s happening with your application . Perhaps you should attach all your 52 weeks payslips and Pay G documents and the reference letter this time . Do you have any phone bill like your mobile phone , driver license which mention your address . If you have please attach that will give some clear picture to case officer . Cheers
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    If you've been there during the 2 years, certainly he will ask for it.
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    Thank you Russki, Hopefully I am checking email every min HAHAHA
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    At last after wait of 10 months received my golden email today. Applied 28th March 2017 First contacted by CO in three months time Contacted by COs 3 times after that, they were not satisfied with 1 year work thing. Added new born baby to visa application in June 17 Granted today 2 Feb 2018. Good luck everyone.
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    Dear all, I am a follower of this forum for a long time. And got a lots of valuable information and help from all of you.I got my grant today. Applied on 23-Sep-17 Direct grant on 02-Feb-18 Wish a direct grant for all who are waiting........
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    Hi guys. I just received my grant letter. i handed my additional materials on 14th of November. Hope all of you get your Golden letter soon
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    Hi when I found the page noticing that somebody nicely updates for me.
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    Hi everyone, I've been silently reading your comments and topic since the time I applied for my 887 visa. I'm now on my 5th month since the time I applied. CO already contacted me end of November asking additional detail for my AFP and I was offshore that time. I know the waiting process really is making us feel so down, some of us may be in depression already especially for those who are not used to living in the regional area like me. But what can we do at the moment? Maybe just wait and prepare for the move. And also just want to thank you guys for the updates of your visa, I don't know but it makes me feel better to know someone understands what I am going through also.
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    Extra documents to go with payslips would be: Letter from employer, Bank statement showing your wage going in (corresponding with payslips), Super statement, Tax return, tax assessment notice, Contract signed by you or letter of employment... All or any of these documents will validate your payslips, I think, because they will have your address on them.
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    I wrote this a few months ago now but only just getting round to posting it So, a while back we ticked round the 4 year mark since arriving in Australia and Adelaide. Hubby is from here so for him it was coming home after a very settled 8 years in the UK with me. For me it was moving here after a number of visits. For our child it was the second time here after a holiday when he was younger. From the off we've been settled and enjoying our lives. Husband has worked since soon after we arrived, it took a while longer for me as I was the one doing all the other stuff, making sure I was around for our son for activities and play dates etc while he settled in. We'd planned on this though so it wasn't an issue for us and we got through it all. We bought a house about 7 months after arriving. It took a while to settle on areas we liked enough to want to live in and find a house that ticked all our boxes within those places. I was pretty ruthless, ruled out huge chunks of the city and outlying areas and took our short list of areas based around the top 100 ranked primary schools. Its not for everyone to go about it this way but we knew what we did and didn't want from an area and so to save time we simply ruled out suburbs that didn't have schools in that list. We had plenty left to choose from. And I then could strike off all the ones down on the flat, too far out etc till we ended up with a short list of suburbs/areas and small towns we liked the look of and with decent school options. We were always looking to be a bit more up in the hills with the gum trees, koalas and roos so it wasn't too difficult to rule out many areas due to being more built up or on the flat. Fast forward 3 and a half years or so and we are all still very content with where we chose. I love driving up the hill heading home. The roads become more and more gum tree lined, you see the open hills in the distance, fields and trees all over the place and I always feel happy to be here. Son loves his school (so do we), has made some great friends, embraced Aussie rules and cricket and has tried out a fair few other sports. We've gotten stuck in to local sports clubs also and help out where we can at those. Hubby plays Aus rules again and cycles lots up in the hills. Work wise, hubby has changed jobs twice since we arrived. The second time he wasn't really looking but had applied for a few posts that sounded interesting and then somehow he and his current company found each other and lo, job offer and sorted and he was away. Me, it's been a bit more hit and miss, mainly as I prefer to work part time in school hours where possible. I've been picky, work about 20 hours a week all up. Still, its more than enough and we are all happier for it. Homesick? No. Never really, not at all. Since moving here I've had two trips back to the UK to visit my parents and took my son both times. He had fab holidays and we did loads but like me was ready to come home and so glad to be back in Adelaide after a few weeks in the UK. Friends and social aspect? Done ok there. TBH we tend to be pretty similar to how we were in the UK in this respect. Made a few good friends, some Aussie, some from elsewhere and see them when I/we can. Admittedly due to us all having busy lives and some living further away we don't always see each other as often as we would like but when we do, its good. We do lots as a family, go out on day trips, social stuff, sports, even if its just grabbing the basketball or tennis racquets and hitting the courts in the evenings. We are making more use of the beach as our son gets older now too. Have got boogie boards and go enjoy a swim, usually down at Seacliff or Port Noarlunga quite often in the evenings, especially in summer hols and on hot evenings. See husbands family a fair bit but try to not over do it as we like our own space also. We are not bar types or late night social bugs and prefer to be more chilled, spend time together and enjoy what we do. We get out plenty to the cinema, theatre, occasional gig or concert, are Crows members so go to all the home games, go see the cricket in summer and more. For us its been a great move. We knew what we wanted from a life here and we've pretty much achieved it. It hasn't always been plain sailing or wonderful, sometimes its been a bit of a slog but never regretted it or wanted to go back. If we did decide to move on from Adelaide it may be for elsewhere in Aus or possibly NZ but not got the slightest desire to be back in the UK. Australia has been the place I call home since we first arrived. I don't do the leaving one foot back in the country we left or keep looking over my shoulder or anything like that. For me I embrace it fully and get on and live life here. Its good, we're happy and its home. Thats me and my update done
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    Erm... pretty sure I saw this info somewhere... I am trying to find it and can't. Anyone can confirm 6 months minimum passport validity requirement? I remember seeing something like: "It is strongly recommended that your passport is valid for at least 6 months at the date of application, bla-bla-bla..." I will try to find it for you. Hope I am not going crazy...
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    Hi Navi, No, it shouldn't affect anything, your file still is in the queue and you can keep attaching documents until it is picked-up for assessment.
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    Did you call immigration and confirmed that statement? Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    There has been a few post recently about ppl wanting to meet new friends etc! How about getting a meet up going..... thinking in a couple of weeks to give ppl a chance to see this. I was thinking maybe the Warradale Hotel.... I know itโ€™s south but is on a train line for ppl willing to travel! Sunday 11th February.... around 1pm. Cheers Dan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Loads of congratulations. Valentine's day gift for your wifey and you. Cheers.
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    As per Spreadsheet it seems that tomorrow can be my day ๐Ÿคจ. Anxiously waiting and thinking what they are gonna ask? As per trend they can ask Work/Residence Evidence (though everything submitted already) or Husbands Functional English (Submitted letter from his College and also his Mark sheet). Least expecting direct grant ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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    Congrats Rabea ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
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    Finally my ride came to an end, and received my grant 24-04-17 1st application submitted 06-08-17 application rejected due to not completing 730 days in Australia, my original stay 640 days out of my two years 10-08-17 2nd application submitted 06-11-17 request for wife's functional English and new born medical check. HAP ID was not activated, email was sent to homeaffairs email. 09-01-18 CO replied back to my email with HAP ID activation letter 12-02-18 PR granted During the 3 correspondents my CO was Adam. Good luck to everyone, hopefully yours is shorter than mine
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    Oh I feel very sorry for you first time heard of those requests... Hope you will be able to convince them this time.
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    Sorry to hear that Kun, Hopefully, you will get there soon Cheers
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    Hi reemhassan, You're free to move to any regional area in any state of your choice. This wouldn't affect your 887 application. It is not mandatory that you live in the state that nominated you. You can choose to live in the state that nominated you out of pure courtesy or commitment.
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    No.. the silence of lambs ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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    Thanks Russki, my situation is very similar to yours, left home country more than 10 years and live in another country before moving to australia... and yes i have this feeling that i should get the home country pcc as i had never submitted it before for 489... I guess 489 and 887 got different requirements, after all 489 is just a temporary visa and 887 is a permanent one. So that make sense that we do need one from our birth country if it was never provided before. Thanks again.. i shall go back to gather evidence again (sigh). Hope it won't take that long. Cheers.
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    Thanks Russki. I wish the same Hope you also get your grant immediately after submitting the PCC.
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    Hi Zubayer, I applied on the 25th September 2017. 4.5 months ago. This is my first CO contact.
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    Russki is holding up the line I reckon. Move Russki, move๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Yeah, I agree. Starting to feel like we are in vacuum... Too quiet!
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    Hi Russki! Thank you and good on you! ๐Ÿ˜Š I kept on wishing then that we'll get the direct grant before passport expiry or we'll be able to upload it before they picked up on our case. Looks like the odds are not forever in my favor. LOL. They picked up on our case about a week before 3rd month with our passport just 4 days past expiry. Was really targeting for a direct grant on the 3rd month, but that is life, forgiven myself for that, LOL, there are just things that are beyond our control.Thanks again!
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    Congrats Kamran! What a ride you had. Glad it's a happy ending to your long wait! Enjoy.
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    That's really good.You gave us ray of hope all over again. Hope every one get there grant soon. Cheers
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    Hi Rabea, Thank you for your reply! yes I now understand it takes 3-4 months to CO allocated. Looking for a direct grant! My life is getting unpleasant coz of this delay. Missed lot of opportunities and affected my personal life as I can not be with my partner in Melbourne metro.