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    Hello mates, I am sharing about my grant time line. Applied - 29/06/18 Request for further document - 13/08/19, CO Sophorn Granted - 15/03/20, CO Wendy I almost gave up receiving the grant until this May, which my 489 expires and get out of country postcode to get a better job. However, I got the letter yesterday, Sunday, so weird. Are they working at home even on Sunday???? for Corona Virus??? Anyway, I nearly got a cancer or maybe already developed in me for this long, long waiting. Nothing has got any better but only BIT of COMFORT from the fact that I don't have to wait for the grant anymore. It's not going to be fantasy or heaven, no no for me it's just out of hell, once I have got my visa. Anyhow, I do hope you guys get yours soon too really!! Best wishes, Joshua
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    Grant Grant Grant..... I am silent follower of this forum Yesterday we got a grant. Date of application: 02.10.2018 Date of visa grant: 17.03.2020 CO: Eng B ..best luck to all...
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    Hello There DIRECT GRANT Application - 1 Aug 2018. (took 19 Months and 17 days) I did send - one online feedback in 17th Month and one online complaint after 19th Month. Thank you and All the best !!!! Cheers
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    GRANT!!!!! (Relative sponsored, Melbourne) Applied 25.11.2018 GRANT 13.03.2020 All you need is patience guy! Finger crossed!!! Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    One of my friends (family of 4) got his "direct grant" today; he had applied on Nov 27, 2018. This is legit grant and i am not sharing any screenshots....
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    hi all i am so happy ...got government job offer last week ....my 489 still have validity of 2 years........feeling toooooooooo haappyyyy..........hope u all get grant soon i will apply 887 this September and join the club
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    Come on people, I see someone is not happy and my name came up of one of the posts. To be honest, to see this kind of post is not very good. Let make some point very clear, it's an open platform for people to share their own thinking. You can write whatever you want, no one will stop you. You can agree with someone or disagree with their post, no question about that. Let's not be judgemental on a person because of their post. If you don't like someone's post you can make a counter post with your thinking or stay quiet it's up to you. The last night grant was a bit surprising for me, that's why I send him a message and he sends his screenshot. What I said is " I will wait for the new update then we will decide" also I said, " if it's a genuine grant it's a good sign for all applicant". I see people are not happy with the statement, I don't understand what's wrong with my statement why don't you wait one more week for the update. I just checked the immigration website it says "We are currently assessing applications submitted before November 2018". If we see "We are currently assessing applications submitted before March 2019" then I will happy to accept the grant, I have no personal problem with someone before or not even now. If they process until March 2019 then the processing time will change like this 75% of applications: 12 months. If the processing time still remains the same as 19 months, and immigration is still processing November/ December applicant, and if you say still you belive the last grant it's up to you. Honestly speaking, I hate fake grant. If someone posts a fake grant it's making huge pressure for the November, December, January and February applicant. All the best everyone, hopefully, our grant is not too far away.
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    One of my friend also got the grant today..He applied on 26 Nov 2018 CO Darren
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    MIA (The Migration institute of Australia) always communicate directly with Home affairs to provide update on policy. I wonder if we should approach their national director, his name is John Hourigan, he also run a migration service, will call his office tomorrow to see if they can pass the message to home affairs, but he may charge a fee for service. Any opinion?
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    Guys Alhamdullilah, We have been granted visa applied 20/6/2018 first contact : 26/06/2019 second contact : 3/01/2020 Granted: 17/03/2020
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    Why would you say that??? Do you have any source or any internal information?? Please do not write anything just for the heck of it; these are tough times lets not please please spread negativity if not positivity this is my humble request
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    My friend got visa yesterday Apply date 19/06/2018 First contact July 2019 AFP second contact Jan 2020 AFP spouse ( Alias name) Grant : 11/03/2020 Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Tapatalk
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    Successfully completed 2 months today. 22 months to go ....
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    Mate @Seacity112, thanks a lot for your kind words.New processing time is 24 to 28 months, that guy claimed he got grant within 13 months. Must have been lucky enough guy in the world or he must be close to Peter Dutton who knows. Good to see only you have been remembered about that not others, much appreciate mate . I can't comment on this one, not anymore. I have been blamed wrongly asking for a screenshot, I had enough. All I wanted to prevent the fake grant for everyone, people have an issue with that as well. From now on, I am not on anything don't count me in anymore. I wish everyone will get their grant soon. Peace!!
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    Hi Guys, Going by the current climate things will be really hard interms of job opportunities in the regional area. Yesterday I even saw a report about causal staffs are losing shifts or being fired. Government is doing its best to restore everything to normal, however they are also in panic mode. My concern is that will the government also consider giving us free hold on humanitarian grounds. Will they let us work in the metropolitan areas if ever we lose jobs in the regional area, at least they can process the visa faster for the once who have completed 2 year conditions. Please Immigration do something for us, we aren’t children of lesser God
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    Again please fellas let it it’s not getting any of anywhere not here to fight or argue it is not going to do any good please leave put a stop to it shut it keep quiet
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    Grant Grant Grant...... Silent follower Applied 8 Feb 2019 first contact 19 Feb 2020 ( correct contact number required) Grant 12 March 2020 CO Kathrine
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    Finally guys finally Im really happy to make this announcement as I have achieved this great accomplishment. i myself joined in the one year club. 6 more months to go.
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    Don’t Need the fucking money keep it grant me my 887 that’s all I want so I can carry in with my life fuck this if they just care about granting visa in appropriate way I’ll be good
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    “We have a large stock of people currently in the country who are potentially impacted by unemployment and closures as businesses, particularly in the services industry, wind down, who do not have access to Centrelink benefits,” Migration Council of Australia chief executive Carla Wilshire told Guardian Australia. “Many of them have families and children, and rental payments … which creates a significant vulnerability in the community.” Wilshire also said that tourist visa holders may need to be moved on to bridging visas to avoid being in breach of conditions and becoming unlawful, while other visa holders who breached work requirements could also find themselves in strife. “There needs to be a review across all temporary migration streams of visa status and capacity to support people through vulnerability,” Wilshire said. Labor is also raising concerns about the impact of the pandemic on the temporary migrant workforce, suggesting that if a large portion of temporary visa holders in Australia cannot leave, and cannot get financial support and medical treatment, they may be forced to continue working. “They could be left with no choice but to unknowingly spread the virus as they are forced to keep working or keep seeking work,” a Labor spokesperson said. “A virus does not check a person’s visa status. It affects everyone in the community. It is in Australia’s national interest for everyone – citizen or not – to be part of the extraordinary national effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.” The National Farmers’ Federation was on Thursday in talks with the government about the restrictions on foreign travel and is seeking assurance that the supply of foreign labour will not dry up.
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    Hi I am a slient followr, applied on 07/Dec/2018 ,waiting for Direct Grant or First Contact.
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    You can't do that. You got to share the screenshot .....
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  24. 3 points
    Fellas just let it go put your ego’s on side let it go be the bigger man just don’t interact let it go avoid it please
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    You taking things personally, I did not mean you on something. You got offended and you are chasing me from morning for no reason. Lets have a look to the screenshot I did not ask for screenshot but he send it to me. You keep saying I asked for screenshot. It can't be my mistake, you blaming me on public before knowing what happened. If you still think It's my mistake please reply me back. I sent 3 email I need to find out them then I will upload tomorrow for you. Cause you don’t believe, i am at work will be finish very late. By tomorrow I definitely upload that one for your satisfaction . One more things I don't ask people for screenshot. You can't say that, you need to know everything before you say anything. I don't have any doubt on many grant, when I have something to say for a fake grant it's good for everyone not for my own benefit. Even November 25 grant I have no question about this grant it's on the follow, please try to understand first before chasing someone, It's not nice. Lastly, its a open platform you might not agree with every single post it's impossible, don't like it just leave it or move on. Sent from my CPH1871 using Tapatalk
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