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    Guys. I got My PR today applied 10 dec co 1st lucy 2nd adam thankyou all ..you all are angels goodluck
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    You 2 guys are awesome in writing. If we would have written an essay like this in bloody IELTS during our 489 visa, we would have got 8 in IELTS and secured 20 points. And easily we would have got 189 Independent PR at first instance.
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    OMG That's definitely not me. I applied in April this year and never entered in immi account since then. I feel the opposite of you. I'm relaxed after logging my application. The sensation of hard work completed. I really don't care how long they will take to give my PR. I normally go for weeks without even remember I've applied for it. Relax fellas. If you did everything right, your PR will come. Relax and go LIVE you LIFE!!!! This forum is very useful, but maybe you should take a break. Forget about visa. It's a matter of time and it's not in your hand. Just don't put the responsibility in the CAs. It's clear that it can take 12 months or more. Don't be anxious. Don't blame others for your problems. This forum and people here are awesome, but what bothers me is the excess of freaking crying whining people. Let the CA work. Don't call them, don't send 60+ documents. Make it easier to them. Send what they ask, simple, objective, no frills. I reckon my application have 20 docs and it's a family of 4 (payslip was put all in one doc). You may say that sending tons of paper can improve your change to receive a direct entry. Yeah, you may be right but it will DELAY the assessment. (just because there are more paper to read). Do everyone a favor: Don't call them to ask about status, unless it's more than 12 months. Don't ask things that can be find in their website. Don't send things they haven't asked for. It's for everyone sake. And mainly, don't have kids during the process, it will delay a lot. (just kidding with this last one, of course) I read here while ago one fella that was requested prof of residence (or other thing). Instead of sending one or max 2 docs he asked letter and statements to everybody, including friends, the butcher, the post man and woolies cashier girl (ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but does not change the point). It will not help him but delay the process. There is a list of documents that are acceptable as prof of something. Stick to that list. I haven't meant to be rude, just trying to open your eyes to the whole amazing word outside of the visa scene. Don't freak out. Enjoy this amazing country, come back in a month, check the immi account and forget for another month. I'll put my name in the excel file soon (maybe in 2 or 3 weeks when I remember that visas exist). I need to enter in my immi account to check the exact application day, maybe there is some urgent messages waiting for me...lol. "You gotta to cool, relax" - Queen
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    The Royal Adelaide Show started today! Maybe, he is catching the first day of the Show? I can't wait to go myself and to take my mind of the BIG VISA WAIT! I think I am losing my marbles, because every time I am walking through the City near the Immigration office these days, I look at people and think: "I wonder if you are CO Adam? Or are you CO Sophorn?" Quite possible to bump into them, they are just normal everyday people, like us! I am possibly having a coffee side by side with one of them every day in the cafe on Franklin Street... It's a spooky thought....
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    Hi Guys..! My friend got his Grant just now..! he applied on 25th Jan. CO Adam...! Cheers
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    Good to see group being live again with 1 grant message
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    Hi George, I do agree with some of your points.But this forum is something that relieves people who are waiting and helping when they need help. Sharing experience. As you said not everyone is the same and you never know what life will throw you at the next minute. there are some waiting to PR to move to a bigger city - some to buy a house- some to have kids- some to get help for their kid's child care - some to get the peace of mind- some to visit home country first time after 2 years - It's lot more complicated than your story . You are blessed with what you have in life - happy for you. Let's not make this forum a battlefield as we all are on the same boat - just waiting to move on . Little empathy and understanding would make a big difference !
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    Hi mates Got a response from CO Adam on 27/08/2018 while I left for overseas for a week. Adam mentioned that my application is near completion for making decision but as I was out of country, he wanted me to inform about when will I be back in Australia. As I landed back in Australia yesterday, going to mail them that I am back. Though I informed them earlier too while being away that I would be back on 01/09/2018. Fingers crossed when will they again open my case. Cheers!!
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    Welcome aboard on to this long train journey, Smile and wave to the people who leave it early. Speed is slow, stops all stations daily, Stay on board till your stop comes surely.
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    Hi All, I am silent follower to this form. I have applied 887 visa on 17th Nov 2017. First CO assigned on 8th May 2018 and asked for my newborn medical. Which I have submitted on 10th May 2018. CO – Sophorn. Second CO assigned on 15th June 2018 and asked for statutory declaration as CO was concerned that my son might not be the child who appeared for medical tests. Submitted this statutory declaration on 21st June 2018. CO – Sophorn. Finally, on 24th August 2018, I got my golden emails. CO – Adam. I was following this form regularly even today as well. Hope, this information will help and give encouragement to pass through this frustrating waiting path. Thank you.
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    Visa grant is lifeline for this group
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    I have been somewhat of a silent follower/reader of the forum for sometime, I have a bit of an idea on how people may be thinking about this whole process and if I may, I'd add my two cents onto this.. @George While I do agree on some of the points you have raised here, the main thing I see here is how tough it is for most of the people who are heavily reliant on getting the PR granted sooner than later. Every one of us are skilled immigrants got attracted by the superior lifestyle offered by this great country, and every one of us would like to feel being an actual part of it while contributing and benefiting from what it has to offer. Most of us left everything that belonged to us back in our home countries and left for Australia as a 100% full commitment so I can understand why if one gets paranoid on the delay of their application, there's no way back worse comes to worst. You and I may not be experiencing it, but we have absolutely no idea on how hard these people are trying to get a grip on things and move on happily with life here; elsewhere in the forum I read that someone had said that his life has become stagnant because of this, because he wants to move to a bigger city (which is not allowed by 489 conditions), or to change a job which may be difficult as some employers in certain industries require PR for a job to be offered, or for someone who wants to acquire a loan from a bank (only a very few institutions give out loans on 489), reduced insurance premiums, and there could be many more... So there, you can have a bit of empathy on the emotions of the people here who without a second thought, pour their hearts out which indeed is a good thing for their mental well-being that will give them a bit of boost to carry on their other work.
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    The person who has lost weight,appetite,sleep, doesn't like working anymore,lost all the charm, doesn't know what to do,doesn't know anything about future,keeps praying whole the time (even for others), and in whole this time of wait game maybe has got few diseases (depression for sure), relations also getting worse within family and also has now either stopped drinking or may be has started drinking is the one who has applied for PR. And then you meet people who say "Have patience buddy" And guess what...still hoping for the best. All the best guys
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    Sept started and hoping this will bring Grants for everyone waiting desperately ....!!!
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    CO adam might be tired now. I want to offer him lunch and coffee. So that he can process 3 more files today
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    They should hire more staff. What happen? if they hire one of us, We will firstly open our sheet and within one week, we all get a grant No Backlog.
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    True Mate ! This is everyone's story . different people have different capacities of enduring stress. staying positive is the only key to stay calm. 100% with you. We need positive vibes around us. True. But being human there are times we give us, we stress, we panic , we break - we weep, those times all we need is little bit of relief and strength to get back in track and keep the head up. All good mate ! Hope we get a grant shower soon to cheer up everyone !!
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    ...especially, September applicants!!! Good luck to us all guys!
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    But I think thats all for the day..! Offer him some energy drinks so he works with full energy tomorrow..
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  21. 5 points
    Indeed..! Every year Fees are getting increased...! but What for? 5 years back, when CO request more docs, they used to take 2-3 days max to finalize their decision after receiving docs..! God knows.. What's gonna happen in coming years..! *** RIP Quality service and Quick Response time from CO's and Govt..!
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    Finally we got grant today. Lynn23nov third timer got grant today. Please congratulate him
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    Hi Su89. I really appreciate your reproach about the way I express myself. We only grow with criticism, not compliments. Just don’t get the wrong impression that my life is a walk in the park. I work hard since I got in Australia, 10 hours a day, mon-sat. There was moment when I didn’t have money to pay my bills and had to “beg” for a short-term loan (without the PR, it’s almost begging). It was never easy. After almost 3 years I am in a much better situation, but it’s not easy. I just have a positive mind set. Instead of complaining that without PR I need to pay (expensive) child care for one daughter, I’m glad that the boy is at school for free. (Once you apply for 887 you can enrol them at the school). My daughter is going twice a week because I cannot afford put her every day. A PR will solve this problem but I’m not dying for it. The glass is always a half full for me and I had the intention to bring some of this energy to the forum. I saw one or two guys that were silent followers and now start to interact to agree or disagree with this discussion. That is very nice. This forum is (was) a little grim with people suffering from waiting periods. I just want to show that it hasn’t to be like this. There are many people that applied for 887 and are living without stress whilst waiting, but maybe they don’t feel comfortable in express it here. (because everybody is just complaining). I haven’t visit my home country since then, but just it's because I cannot afford. The 489 allows you to travel anytime. How many of us here have friends or relatives trying to immigrate? Probably in student visa or so. Get temporary job, cash payment. Dreaming, only dreaming about applying for the 489. We have the 489, not bad, now we have applied for 887. We are almost there. “No matter how bad you think your life is, it is someone else’s fairy tale.” Positive mind!! It's how I roll.
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    Good Morning People.... all the best, hopefully we get at least 2 grants today from this group.
  25. 4 points
    Probably me, @Manny (Applied 14 Dec 17) Next fingers crossed
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