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    Seacliff is a nice area, with the best pub for miles around. Good schools locally too, and on the train line.
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    Hi we have been here for 6 years now and we are from Cheshire and North Wales. I am an electrician and had to go through all the stuff your husband is probably doing now. We live in the Southern Suburbs at Seaford Heights. It’s a new estate so built our own home up on a hill with a sea view. Only a couple of minutes from the beach and also the amazing wineries in McLaren Vale. Our daughter goes to a private school mainly because we didn’t like the look of the state schools in this area. We are happy that we did it and it’s not too expensive. If you want to be near the beach definitely look at the southern suburbs. Depending on your financial situation you can go from Glenelg/Brighton that are expensive all the way down the coast roads down to Seaford or Aldinga. The roads are not too bad so commute can range from 35 to 50 minutes to the city from here depending on time of day. The southern footy league is pretty good as there are a lot of Brits in the south. I also play casual 5 a side on a Tuesday night and always looking for fill ins if wanted a kick about. Can’t advise on the camper van but we sold our camping stuff when we left thinking we would never go camping here but we are nearly back to where we were before because we love camping here an lots of places to go. Good luck with all the medical and police checks and hopefully it won’t take too long for the offer to come in. Craig
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