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    Hi guys, I put together a petition, please let me know if you want to add and remove anything. Do you think we still need to launch it? Stop processing delays for 887 PR visa This petition is a voice of onshore skilled migrants, who are transitioning from 489 (skilled regional provisional) to 887 (permanent residency) visas and currently are being hit with painful processing delays. Since this time last year we have been watching estimated processing times for 887 balloon from 5-7 months to 12-15 months. We are in quite a predicament, with our original visas expiring whilst we are waiting in the queue for our permanent residency. A lot of us are now on bridging visas, putting important life’s decisions on hold and unable to move on. A bridging visa is purely the right to be legally present in Australia while 887 is being processed, but for us it spells uncertainty, cancelled travel plans, inability to visit aging parents overseas, delaying university applications for children, etc, etc – we are all still waiting “to be allowed in”. No employer will consider us for a job while we are on bridging visas. No lender will offer us a mortgage or allow to finance a car, unless with ridiculously high interest rates and insurance premiums. Our families are not entitled to any help from the government or any discounts for childcare and older children’s university fees – yet we are paying taxes, just like citizens and permanent residents. In order to transition to 887, we all have satisfied conditions of our provisional visa, i.e. settled and worked full time in designated areas for a set period of time. We have done the hard yards, we are embedded here well and truly. We became a part of this country, we are ready to develop further, grow and continue to enjoy Australia and contribute to the nation’s wealth. Instead, we seem to be stuck in a never-ending limbo with not many rights but a pile of obligations. Uncertainty is mentally exhausting and it starts to affect our daily lives. Seeing constant extension of processing times, monthly advertised on the immigration site, makes it hard to maintain a positive mindset. Ever changing visa processing rules and new tentative legislation proposals add to anxiety. We appreciate that there are reasons for most visa subclasses processing delays, but it is not the reasons we are interested in. We are seeking solutions. We are already paying hefty fees for visa applications, in return we expect decent customer service and reasonable processing times. If this means further increase in application fees, so be it – small price to pay for the right to finally move on with our lives, have children, better jobs, buying family homes and travel the world freely. Most importantly, feeling like we finally belong. Please take steps to reduce processing times for 887 PR visas.
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    Guys I just got my 4 Golden emails. Finally me and my family got permanent residency. Please put complaint it works
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    Hi Everyone , In the last 13 months or so i have opened my ImmI account everyday to check the status , But today some how i decided not to do so , and Guess what , I get a call from my agent sounding very serious and he beats around the bush scares me with a couple of stutters and says YOUR WIFE , CHILDREN AND YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE PR. My time line is in my signature. The frustrating wait has finally ended, I wish you all the very best for your applications. last pointer , I did file a complaint yesterday stating all the facts of the correspondent with the request in the feedback. I suggest all who have been waiting for a long time to here back , please lodge a complaint. Will stick around and wait for for a few ppl to get over the line , with whom we have made a bond despite never knowing them personally. Regards Harvinder
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    Morning Everyone So lets start our day with this amazing new that I got my grant today morning 9:33AM 24th OCT 2018. CO Peter. Best of luck everyone
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    I have submitted a complaint today. Not sure what to expect...
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    Hi Guys, The date is 24th October and the time is 11.29am. My fingers are still shaking as I type this, my wife and I got our DIRECT GRANTS and I am being relieved of the waiting game!!!!!! I now feel how much of a relief that feels to be on this side, but I am sure all yours are not that far away.. Especially for @Russki, @Honey, @tpsk and everyone else.. It's so happy have got to known a bunch like you. Wish you all good luck and I will still hang around here to answer questions on the forum as per my knowledge. Applied: 06/02/2018 Direct Grant: 24/10/2018 CO Adam GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Hi all, It's really nice to wake up in the morning realizing that God has given us a great gift to live freely ...we got our direct grant today from CO Adam....applied on 6th of February 2018...I pray to God for all of you who is waiting eagerly to hear something good news from immigration....God bless all of you...
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    Hi mates I just got the granted a few minutes ago after nearly one year waiting. Thank you guys in advance to share much information with us and I hope you guys will get the grants soon. 03/04/18: CO Sophorn - AFP clearance National Police Check.- Colour copy of your passport - Newborn.- Certified copy of your birth certificate - Newborn. 08/05/18: Submitted Docs. 12/07/18: Granted 887 bridging visa for my baby (4 months old). No further request. 28/09/18: Make a complaint via the website because the waiting time is over than the processing time. 03/10/18: CO Peter - Asked Medical check (501) for 6 months old baby. 09/10/18: confirmed Medical Result. 18/10/18: CO Adam: granted.
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    Wow! COs are on a roll today! [emoji2] Congratulations everyone! Maybe the petition worked.. [emoji1490][emoji1490][emoji1490] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, Friends today Alhumdulillah i received golden email, it’s all with the help of my ALMIGHTY ALLAH (GOD) I was so dishearted and broken hearted bcoz my file became so complicated even I stopped logging into my immi account it was all mixed up, at last I make an Statutory Declaration and mentioned that I already been provided all these documents. My friends I can feel your pain and level of stress believe or not I always pray for you after my every prayer that you all achieve your destination ASAP Aameen Especially Russki, Sk10, HSK, Anonymous, Taha, Santosh, 10 year wait, vivek, B3ST, viky, Manisha is on vacations, sinxx,Tpsk,Honey and all others i will be on forum and will remember in my prayers if anyone need any info plz let me know. Love you all
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    Hello Everyone, Im a silent follower of this forum, just have my Grant this afternoon. A 3rd timer; applied on 11 Oct. 2017. Hope everyone will get their grants soon.
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    Thank you very much for all the wishes guys!!! I am over the moon. I wish our petition has actually made some reaching out and the process gets faster so you all will be released from your unnecessary waiting game. Wish you all nothing but the BEST of the BEST!
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    Hahaha! Thanks @DKAGG and @Honey. It's a bit like going overdue with the baby - if it does not happen naturally, it has to be induced!
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    Hello Friends... if you people have noticed that the processing time 12-15 months posted is for the month ending 30 sep 2018. what i feel is the processing time during aug/sep is 12-15 month as there were only one CO (ADAM) working on files. now we have three COs ( Adam, peter, kimberly ) hence next time when they will update the processing time, it will be less than 12-15 month. similar to last year when we had 3 Cos ( adam, dat , sorphen) so cheers and be happy As Mr.887 2019 says " my calculation could be wrong but i dont think "
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    This problem is wide-spread. Its actually caused by all those who are willing to work on cash-in-hand and under-the-table. Let's say I am looking to get paid $24 per hour, if someone walks in willing to work for $12 on cash-in-hand, I will loose the opportunity. "Desi" Business people know all this, that's how they exploit the system. I have promised to myself, If i ever end up owning business one day (given that I have been granted PR...lol), I will always pay full and legit wages.
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    Good Morning Everyone. Happy Thursday
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    Thank you sophia for posting it. Really happy for you. Congratulations They progressing I Wish following get their grant This week @ranga, @10thfeb, @anurag, @angos Sree kV lufe Ranga 10thfeb Anurag DINESH(DKAGG) Angos
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is how the site works: 1. We start a petition 2. Petition is shared around and signed by as many supporters as possible 3. Sometimes a petition gets media coverage. 4. Eventually, a decision-maker on our petition makes changes we are asking for (it will be a minister of immigration, at a guess) - but sometimes the petition fails.... 5. We can consider our petition a success if the processing times for 887 are reduced. Seems easy enough, but I am still not quite sure how it all works in reality. Let's try!
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    Congratulations @Tpsk And all other people njoy ur freedom i hope next week belongs to me, @himal and 13 December applicant need this visa before flying to India on 6th November
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    Im so happy that they are finally clearing the backlogs now. Congrats to those who got their grants this week. Hoping for more to come. I fixed some things on the spreadsheet. Please try not to alter the formulas on the spreadsheet. So future visa applicants will still have a proper reference of the timeline [emoji6]
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    I’ll show this to ex chief minister of NT terry mills as I know him . His office is in same building where I work and he know me as well.
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    I think, it will just keep collecting signatures, setting new goals automatically. Like, once it reaches 50, the new goal is 100 signatures. Once it reaches 100, new goal is 200 and so on. The more, the better. Hopefully, eventually, the petition will get some reaction. If not, well, we tried.
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    I got the below reply from my local MP.. Sounds non-committal.. Good afternoon, I am writing this on behalf of Luke Gosling OAM MP, Federal Member for Solomon, in response to your message through our website. Mr Gosling is empathetic towards your case and concerned about the plight of all eligible applicants who have to wait for unreasonable periods. He already raised his voice when the immigration office was closed in Darwin. Unfortunately, the Government’s priority is to cut down the employee costs which make people like you suffer. Visa waiting periods have increased for most of the visas. The Member for Solomon will speak to his colleagues in Canberra and lobby for you in appropriate policy forums. Thank you.
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