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    If you've been there during the 2 years, certainly he will ask for it.
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    Hi Ruski, Thanks for the information. I have uploaded my old PCC now. To get a new one I think that's almost free but take few days. I will wait until this evening otherwise will request a new one from my home country. Cheers.
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    Thanks Russki, my situation is very similar to yours, left home country more than 10 years and live in another country before moving to australia... and yes i have this feeling that i should get the home country pcc as i had never submitted it before for 489... I guess 489 and 887 got different requirements, after all 489 is just a temporary visa and 887 is a permanent one. So that make sense that we do need one from our birth country if it was never provided before. Thanks again.. i shall go back to gather evidence again (sigh). Hope it won't take that long. Cheers.
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    Hi mate, if Russia is ur birth place- you must submit one....just as a process (I guess the CO’s r doing there job)....just o ensure everything under your name is clean....& no offences...as declared on the application form (form 80). cheers, Good Luck,
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    Hi Zubayer, I applied on the 25th September 2017. 4.5 months ago. This is my first CO contact.
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