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    This is page # 887 For 887 visa seekers ???
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    @Poonam many congratulations. god is great, really happy that you been able to save the house as well. wish you best of luck for future.
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    We never know their ways of dealing files. I really freaked out when I saw who applied after me getting contacted by CO. Few times I felt like my file will be an abandoned one. But I got a direct grant which was a great relief. So keep up the optimistic thinking Sent from my ONEPLUS using Tapatalk
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    Yes dear we have applied the loan ....Hopefully in next couple of weeks
  5. 2 points
    Guys, Thewsha's file got picked up today. CO asked him for AFP with clear name for him and his wife and employment proof (1 year). ? Thewsha is not a member on forum. ? So things are slowly mooooooving... ? ?? Nelakash, it's is closing in on you! Be ready!
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    don't get stressed buddy ... its just a joke to liven up the spirit ,..........before the weekend .... then we will have to wait till Monday for Grants.....'
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    Thank you so much dear .....we were about to sign nomination on last Monday by God’s grace day changed to Thursday .....God is great
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  9. 1 point
    Hi @Freddy within those 2 years before applying for 887, we went overseas for almost 4 weeks. We compensated for it by delaying our application for a month just to be on the safe side. Then recently we again went overseas for 3 weeks while the application is in progress. We have informed them of our travel plans and itinerary before heading off.
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    Hi All, Now working hour nearly finish and I haven't received any communication yet. Maybe next week. Today's feeling reminding my Year 10 result.
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    Mine is still showing as received. I am unsure if my overseas travel affected the processing of my application. I am still optimistic that I will be contacted soon.?
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    Thanx for your information and congrats who got their PR
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    I reckon, it's the failure to include all names, alias or spellings. ? I wouldn't read too much into it. If you look at requests, they all read: "provide an AFP with all names known by" or "same name as in passport"... ?
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    Mark my words mate. You are heading to direct grant. That is the reason for long silence ?
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    I am not at all stress about this grant... The more you think the more you get worried about... Keep it simple.... One day everyone will get no matter how long they take ?
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    Hi Su89 & other members Thanks for your lovely comments. As soon as I hear anything from immi I will share in this forum. Please pray for me.
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    Thank you so much dear .....we were about to sign nomination paper ....we lost all hopes but miracle happened with us....Now our vendor gave us 15 more days for loan approval
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    Congratulations hope now you can get your house back ??
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