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    Dear All, It is a direct grant (CO: Adam) which I never expect with my heavily poisoned AFP. Special thanks must go to @Russki who helped while I am de-railing my path with makeup documentation. Thank you all for valuable inputs. I will list out my document list tonight as busy like hell at office today. Cheers.
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    Hello everyone, with praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty: We have just received our 887 VISA GRANTS today! Thank you everyone in this forum for the boost and for all the help and assistance! Very much appreciated. Applied: 18 December 2017 Direct Grant: 10 July 2018 CO: Nancy In our application we provided the following documents: MYSELF: (RESIDENCY) Tenancy reference (first address for 10 months), Tenancy agreement (second/current address), Rent payment receipts, Phone bills, Electricity bills, Vehicle registration (EMPLOYMENT) Cover letter summarising the number of hours worked per employer, Payslips, Employment references, Letter of appointment and job description from my current employer, Group certificates, Tax files from 2015-2017, Bank statements showing salary deposits, Superannuation transaction details (OTHERS) Passport biopage, Birth certificate, AFP Police check, Overseas police check, Form 80, Identification cards (ie. Driver licence, Overseas Professional licence), Passport-size photo WIFE: Passport biopage , Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Certificates of English as medium of instruction and Transcripts, AFP Police check, Overseas police check, Form 80, Identification cards (ie. Overseas Voter’s ID), Passport-size photo CHILD: Passport biopage, Birth certificate, Passport-size photo
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    Mmmmmmuhhaaaaa DarDec this is not only good newz ?????for you but also for us who are waiting like for long .....?
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    Even children born here who didn't go for medical in Australia definitely get medical requests
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    Congrats mate. It's such a relief to see your grant. I m the next one in Que.
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    Wohoooo... congrats buddy.. so happy for you!!! Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    Hi Dardec, I can't explain how much happy I am that you got the direct grant. Enjoy your freedom and pray for me as well.
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    Guys, Today I have completed my 10 month waiting mark... I will call Immi tomorrow and request them to escalate my case. Question - If case escalate, will they close the case on the same day or we need to wait for days even after escalation ? Any suggestion .....
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    Congratulations dear. Did they ask for your child medical ?
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    But did he get it because he was born here? or did he go through the 489 application with you doing a medical with a HAP ID? Regardless, asking for health checks from a child is high : my conclusion is based on stories on this forum.
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    If child's medical is not been done in Australia before. They will ask for medical
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    Congratulations dear ? so happy for you.
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    Woohoo. Congrats mate. Enjoy your grant.
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    Many congrats mate!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good luck Man. Congrats. I still remember u have sent me a private message asking for singapore PCC. Good luck once again.......
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    Congrats DarDec!!! ? ? ? Yay!!!!! I am celebrating with you!!!! What a huge relief! I can almost feel that weight off your shoulders mate! ??
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    Congratulations @DarDec! Enjoy!?
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    Yes, you can! ? Clicking on that "submitted button" indicates to your CO that you have attached the information. But it does not block your ability to attach more. ?
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    You have to be onshore n you can call immigration support n they will suggest something you
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    I got Bridging Visa B to travel outside while 887 processing. Don't know the procedure since I am using a MARA agent. Cheers
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    We really want some good news in next 2 hours ? . It will motivate us.
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    very quite.... today. hopefully it is the calm before the storm ...... of Grants?
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