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    Don't worry, we will definitely get some grants today. Maybe people are not a member of this forum who got their grant ?
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    It will nelakash, and hopefully, you will be the next lucky winner!!! ?? ? --->> keep your eyes on the prize! ?
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    Morning !!!! Happy Tuesday Best Of luck everyone
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    Here's the link to compress PDF https://pdfcompressor.com/ And here's the link to combine payslips to monthly basis https://combinepdf.com/
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    To all those who are heavily pregnant and expecting their grants, especially the second and third timers, I say good luck. I hope you deliver big bouncy grants this week. ??
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    Hi marlowe022, Please try to use this calculator to see if you end up with 730 full days between your arrival date and application submission: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html Did you travel overseas in last 2 years? ? PS: su89, sorry for duplication, didn't see your message! ? ? ?
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    2 years = 730 days - Found a calculator below - You will be fine .If you arrived on 28/12/2015 2 years 27/12/2017 (for an example) - also 2016 there were 366 days - you are safe https://planetcalc.com/410/
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    Make a single PDF of all payslips and reduce the file size using online file size reduction help.
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    I Thought their speed of grant would increase in july..they have slowed down as much as they could..
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    Seriously. I want in this week they should complete till 15 Jan 2018.?
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    A couple of good articles here, it says you have 21 days after visa refusal to appeal. Also it says here that you can re-submit application for the same visa if you are not barred: https://migrationalliance.com.au/immigration-daily-news/entry/2017-06-your-visa-application-is-refused-so-now-what-guide-to-making-an-application-with-administrative-appeals-tribunal-and-federal-circuit-court.html https://www.futureinaustralia.com/employer/what-if-your-visa-got-rejected/ ? ?
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    Literally though it says on immi site: "You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia." Might not be eligible means "in some cases", not by default. ? It is only my guess, but if your visa cancelled or refused because you have been naughty and breached visa conditions, you may not be eligible? But if your visa is refused due to relatively innocent reasons (not fulfilled 2 years stay and 1 year work requirement, for example), this means you can re-apply again straight away? Guys, anyone knows more about it? ? Oh anyone has an agent who can advise about this?
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    very slow start to the week.... hopefully we should have some good news before the end of the day.?
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    Yes, you can until you have your 489 current visa valid.
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    we are long overdue into the 10th month now.....?
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    I would be great as labour pains are getting too much now... ??
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    hmm looks no grant today.... ?
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    ? LOOOOONG DAYS !!!!!! NO NEWS !!!!
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    Nowadays our life is like a sand castle next to the beach. Every time we make the castle, a big wave came and wash it, and again we start to make the castle. Similarly, every week we hope that we will get our grant this week and passed to next week. Don’t know when this pain-cycle will finish.
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    Hi Wincivil, If you get your Visa refused while you are solely depending on a bridge Visa. (Not holding substantial visa) they put you a tag calls S-48. Once you get your self tagged as S48, there are limited Visas that you can apply. - 887 isnt one of them. In a nutshell, If you get your 887 rejected while 489 is valid you are good. If you get your 887 rejected while 489 is not valid you are in trouble. S-48 Read this : http://onederland.com.au/does-the-section-48-bar-apply-to-my-situation/ Regards, toot toot
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