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    This morning I had appointment with my lawyer, he told me one of his client got grant yesterday. Not much information form the lawyer though sorry guys, that guy from Melbourne. Case officer was asking the residential documents and finally he got the grant. I think there are lots of people who doesn't know about the forum. Even on 887 visa case officer has more serious then before. lets hope for the best.
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    Please go to Australian post/ officeworks for passport size photo.
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    when someone drives with suspended license and pulled over then there is problem.
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    Yes, we had that situation with a couple of members. Even though drink-driving is a criminal offence and needs to be reported in your application, a CO will always looks at your personal situation, the context. The most important thing is to be completely honest with COs, tell them the story as it is, without hiding anything, they appreciate that.
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    Good morning..let's hope we all get our golden email soon.
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    Seems like CO STOP doing anything.
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    And now comes the Parents Visa thingy. Its like immigrants are fighting against the current.
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    That's what we do everyday and CO's make full efforts to let us down by the end of the day.
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