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    Alhamdulillah Finally we got our golden email Our PR visa has been granted...
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    Was thinking as all Feb applicants have to wait for long time.. They should give direct grant to all the Feb applicants.
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    And not only in the forum, in the whole Australia... Fingers crossed, we'll start moving soon.
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    Congratulations @ROWSHAN I hope other waiting applicants also get grant soon. @4jan18 , @Janunary 5 2018 , @ Yatin Patel , @Nad, @Samuel , @Sur , @Cherries , @sewa Any update guys ?
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    Congratulations .. I can only imagine how relaxed u must be feeling. Enjoy the moment!! Last week as they processed 1 file on tuesday that was from JAN as well. Hopefully they pick up Feb files now. The wait is so so painful. Hope the decision makers understand that.
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    Congrats!!! Whats your timeline? are you on the tracking sheet?
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    Congratulations dear, But it is actually very disappointing that after baby medical they taking 3-4 month for the decision. Very happy for you. but they should take less time.
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    Yes I did notify them I was back. I noticed that ROWSHAN applied on Jan 18th was assigned Dat on July 30th also and has just been approved! Hopefully mine isn’t too far away.
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    1. Did you inform them that you are back - If not please do so. 2. we've noticed a lil delay on ppl who leave the country in the critical time frame. (It doesn't really affect your time line if you leave and come back before CO assignment) 3. I personally believe you'll get your grant before Christmas
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    also they shouldn't ask for Kids medical for feb applicant
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    I filled both forms, but I don't think it's necessary, as 1221 seems just a shorter version of form 80. I was just being super cautious at the time!
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    Mate, I don't have much idea about your issue. However I think your problem can be solved through the agent only since you lodge the application through him. Better coordinate with Agent to find a solution.
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    But 489 visa only lasts for 4 years. How can the visa holder get 5 years of residency then?
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    Hurrray, so great to hear!!! Congratulations to your family!!!! About time for some good news!
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    Congrats! Hope mine isn’t too far away.
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    Hi guys, I’m new here but just wondering the timeline for the most recent grants? I applied on Jan 10th 2018. assigned CO Dat and request for more info (daughters medical) on 30th July. I advised them in advance that I would be leaving the country and I went back to home country to visit family between 31st July-2nd Oct but submitted my daughters medical before the 28 days and I’ve heard nothing since. Do you think because I left the country I my application has been pushed to one side? I’m supposed to be leaving on Dec 1st to go home for Christmas but I will cancel the flights if the grant doesn’t come through. Im so fed up waiting!!
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    At last.. Something.. Congratulation what was ur timeline?
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    Thanks jose for the reply...I hope it is as you have mentioned....
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    I assume you want to say that you applied for visa on 25th Feb and what current status. Please check following sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ApeHDAjEH60WFBNLeq14wvGzegiqGC4KD0U-OyH_w6U/htmlview#gid=0
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