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    Hi Russki, Thanks for reply. I applied in March. My overseas police clearance will be expired on feb due to this lengthy processing time. Anyway I will wait for them like you said. I don't want to waste the money for applying these unnecessary. I will test my luck.
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    It is very simple. You can't even make an application until you meet the 2 years requirement on the website. You can simply try to make an application on the website, somehow you will see an error saying " you do not hold a valid prerequisite visa to enable this service " As soon as you are qualified to apply for 887 visa in accordance with 1136 (7)(b) in Migration Regulation, the error will be removed and you are eligible to apply for 887 visa. As I mentioned, the time you spent as a bridging visa holder of 489 (Only in effect) is counted for 2 years residence requirement and 1 year full-time work, however, there is another condition " Hold a 489 visa at least for 2 years " Cheers
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    Go a head without PCC would be the better idea in these days because PCC only valid for 12 months from the date issued and currently processing time for 887 is 15 months. Smart option is if you do PCC after 8 or 9 months from the date you applied 887. That way you don’t have to do it again later on. Good luck
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    I wish and pray and hope that they start processing applications for 887 from today.
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    Hi, that's what I thought before, but I had a conversation with one of the manager in 887 department in regards to the 2 years and 1 year working condition. I read all the provisions of 887 visa in the migration regulation 1994 and discussed her in regards to the time spent as a bridging visa holder of 489. She clearly answered that the time we spent as a bridging visa holder can be counting in the 2 years residence and 1 year full-time working criteria. However, due to the another condition of 1136 (7)(b), it does not mean that we can apply for 887 visa at earlier stage, which is we need to hold a 489 visa at least for 2 years. For example, If I had a bridging visa which was in effect on 01/12/2017 and 489 visa was granted 01/03/2018. If I was staying in Regional area and working full-time between these period, it is still valid to count in 2 years residence and 1 year full-time requirements. However, I am only eligible to apply for 887 visa from 30/11/2019 which is after 730 days from the day of 489 grant. Cheers
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    Dear John Snow Yes it is safe to travel after you applied for 887 and you do not need to tell immi home affairs if you want to travel outside Australia while they process your application for 887 visa. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887#HowTo
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    You can apply without police clearance mate, you can add your attachment latter on. It not a big deal.
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    I send you message please check that. You have to ask owner to sign it in front of police.
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    When did you apply? I called immigration customer advice about this and the officer told me that I do not have to renew the police certificates, even though they have expired now. But, this being said, I do not trust what they say quite often, they seems to contradict themselves all the time. For this reason, it may be a good idea to renew AFP and even NPC, if you can be bothered. May save you months of extra wait....
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    Yes, the petition was emailed to David Coleman and Shaynne Neumann - alas, not changed anything for us. I guess, our petition is for a very small circle and it is not well supported, we have less than 1000 signatures. If in our petition we were fighting to stop global warming, stop killing the whales or reduce use of plastic, we would have a very different level of support! But it is what it is. Possibly the Immigration don't take our complaints seriously because they have more pressing people to process, like refugees in detention centres (it was in the newspaper yesterday). The government is getting rid of many detention centres and in a hurry to process the remaining detainees files. Compared to the detainees, we are "safe" candidates - we work, look after our families without Government help and we have medicare now. Government do not have to spend any funds on us, as we do not live in detention centres. So the immigration ministers simply do not understand why we are complaining... This is how I see this situation. We are hostages of the system!
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    I wish all get their grant in this new year. Happy New year and Good Luck to all of us
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    Naaa, No information yet. Spoken to immigration numerous times but for no use.
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    In Jan I would have completed 11 months as many without application been open.So if something thy want more will have to take 4-6 months for final grant.My guess is that it should change to 15-18months in near future.
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