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    Hi All, If some of you remember, I raised the 887 application processing delay through my local federal MP Dr. McVeigh in October. Here is the response I got from the Immigration Department today. Sharing with you all. I really appreciate the office of my local MP to take the issue all the way to the department.
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    Ya ask him to go to another medicare centerlink office.Ask him to take the application form downloaded and filled .Just be in queue and in check that he wants to apply medicare.Pls dont answer if there is no question.I got my CRN number for centerlink.
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    Hi, You can answer him like: It will be left blank. the 11 digit visa number only applied for physical visa label. As all of us are digital visa ( i assume) so you don't need to fill that. It states really clear in the help section when you click on the question mark ("?") symbol next to the question. As i remember it is a last sentence or second last. you may want to check it. Hope it will help
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    Mate, ask him to go to different centerlink office and show the Bridging visa. Also make sure to don't tell about previous attempt. Cheers
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    Good job mate really appreciate. Hopefully something gonna turn up soon. Finger crossed Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
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    I did leave it blank as well, the field applies only for a physical Visa pasted in to your passport.
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    Hm... Not sure what is going on... Are you sure the documents you attached are readable and good quality? Call the service centre and ask what is going on. They are not awfully helpful, but still give it a go. Explain to them what you have just shared with us and ask why you are being asked for the same stuff again.
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    The best possible bet would be to get a stat declaration from some of your relatives/friends locally( if any) who have connection with you stating your marriage is genuine. I had similar situation and I submitted a stat declaration from my sister and that did the trick.
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    Hi russki i sent them whatsapp chats for a whole year photos of marriage as she is offshore we dont have shared bills whatsapp calls stat dec from her parents and from mine aswell that the relation ship is genuine stat declaration from me and her how we met and got married with our future plans and i also had form 888 where my cousins write that the relation ship is ongoing and we are married couple i submitted all of this i am curious they asked for all of the stuff again
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    Hi @Capboy I'm sharing with you what I did (based on my experience). Employment Reference Letter You could get it right after leaving work OR at the time you are about to submit your 887 application. The letter must be dated. You can find all the necessary and important informations (that must appear in the letter) in the immi website https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887#HowTo I was forthright and candid with my employer. Before I started to work as housekeeper, cleaner, room attendant, kitchen helper, waiter, dishwasher (and every hard-labouring job you can find in the business establishment except being a cook because I don't cook), I've told them that I would be needing an employment reference letter for my immigration visa application. If you need to (just like what I've done, but with their consent, of course), write the employment reference yourself and after you have made them signed the letter, give them a copy. Establishing a good rapport is the key. Our 489 is only here temporarily, and in the greater scheme of things, aren't we all?
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    I think, I left it blank, this question 11 in the application is residual from the times when the visa was a sticker in the passport... It used to have a number back in the day. Not 100% sure, but from my memory you can leave blank. They will have your 489 visa details anyways. Anyone else left it blank guys?
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    Congratulations @Navdeep!!! Finally you got there!
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    hi i think only paid employment counts , so if a person is employed on casual basis thy are not entitled for paid leave as part of their employment and if he works full time hours he/ she can use those payslips , but if he takes leave they don't get paid so he won't have any paid hours on payslips , part time or full time employees are entitled to paid leave as part of their employment
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    I guess they are purposely not picking up the files.. i mean this ridiculous
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