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    Just called immigration, came to know that there s no processing time for this visa and need to wait.All gud very happy.
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    After reading the thread I just called my migration agent that which month is immigration picking. I talked with receptionist and she told me they are picking files after a year now. She didn't give me any detail but said there is something changed in department which is affecting all cases. Sorry can't provide anymore details. Anyways I am going to India next week for 6 weeks hopefully some miracle happen before I come back.
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    Hi guys, i just had a phone call to Department of Home Affairs and their answer is wait. i got the record of this phone. I will raise it up and see if our Officer in my region can help. I will update you guys.
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    Let February finishes and there will be heaps of good news coming. Let them take some time and do them the work. Lets stop all of us, not to make any complaints because we are wasting their time. I have applied 21st July18 and havent heard anything as I am sure, they gonna open my file in mid march19 Goodluck all of you
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    Just a quick post and update to try and keep everyone positive …. for 10-11 months I was as most are -- doing the 887 Hamster Wheel …. Got my golden email on 26.10.2018 … 7.12.2018 … bought my first Oz Property a brand new 4 bedroom house …. moved in to my new home with my beautiful family ...February 2019 ... The difficult bit is being patient waiting for the golden email -- I was not patient as I submitted complaints, contacted the Immi Helpline every week ...emailed immigration in Adelaide … The Golden Email will come eventually …. I am very thankful for all that I have and the opportunities that the 'Lucky Country' has given me …. Keep the Faith Good Luck everyone
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    If it happens.. I'll buy everyone 5 beer
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    guys i have feeling we will get update on new processing time tomorrow tuesday. and we will more more more grant this week starting from tuesday .clam down .
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    HI guys, do you have a record of that phone call? I got a meeting with the Senior Skilled Migration & Project Officer in my regional area, I will raise this matter up and see if he can help us.
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    I have received a newsletter from a Chinese agent. They said the latest 887 grant within their agent was on 5 Feb 2019, which applied on 1 March 2018. No more detailed info in that newsletter, so not sure that was a direct grant or not.
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    Please tell them about our petition, too. It has more supporters now, almost 1.5K. https://www.change.org/p/david-coleman-reduce-processing-time-for-887-pr-visa-to-7-months
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    Yeah.. i spoke to them today as well.. said the same thing.. i asked whats wrong y r u guys not processing the applications.. said alls good..there are no issues.. he said you would have to wait indefinitely.. i was like do u hear what u r saying
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    Answer of 25 is migration and I wrote the name of recent town where I am living in 26
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    I wrote: employment and applying for 887 visa and the city as I am staying at the moment. Personally, I don't think you have to pay a lot of attention to these questions.
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    Thanks for the information - great news for our February guys!
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    will come in effect on this wednesday i mean timeframe
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    Hi.. if you dont mind .. how did u get hold of this person?? What area are u in if u dont mind me asking that..
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    Highly unlikely I applied in May and they haven't even touched our files, my guess is May files will be in process June 2019 (if we are lucky)
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    Hi Angos It is very confusing for sure. I didnt apply through that agent (I applyed myself on Sep 2018), so I can't ask for more info. I was just share it to you guys. There is lot of conflicting info around the Internet. I am also not sure which one is currect.
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    Not sure .. if they have picked up March 2018 file, n not even touched Feb file totally confused. Sick of waiting and I think few of us already completed 12 Months mark and not even contacted once.
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    Congratulations @Applied 10/01. Enjoy your freedom
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    Finger crossed don't know what to say. No processing time, can't include my wife in 887, dont know how long have to wait. Huge backlogs, don't know how they gonna clear up all those file. Really frustrating. Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
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    There r weeks I paid more than 1000 per week tax last year and we get reply like this.
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