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    The army of 887 zombie is increasing day by day ;)))
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    Ranju, not trying to be disrespectful but your comments are always negative and don't seem to help the forum much, kind of like a 'Doomsday Sayer'. Try be more positive, if you can?
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    Hi guys, not sure how will it go but i just mentioned our pain about processing time to our officer and this is what he replied "Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I have forwarded your email to staff at the NSW Government, the Department of Home Affairs. I put a few paragraphs about the issue in a separate message from me, above yours." I will update you when i have a reply from these Departments.
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    Hi Shaan Many people here moved to different states of Regional areas before applying 887 Please message me I will explain
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    Hi, The passport photos that are mentioned is just an updated passport size photo. Take an electronic copy and include those, I never had mine certified For bank statements only include the relevant pages, not the entire bank statement. Reduce each statement to the relevant page/pages and then combine with the same for other months so that you reduce 12 or 24 months into 1 PDF file
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    I have done research on this and lawyers informed me that my visa conditions give me the right to work in any regional area without a release letter. I have many friends and colleagues that have moved regions and had no problems receiving their PR. A release letter is the ideal way to go about it but at the same time it will not affect your 887 visa grant or application as it is not legally required. Seeing as you have already moved some time ago you obviously do not need a release letter. If they do not issue you a release letter because you have already moved then you are on your own anyway and I am sure you will not return to NSW. Be careful to draw attention to yourself from immigration in the region , rather talk to an expert if you are hesitant.
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    I agree with Russki. On the NSW Regional Development Northern Inland website, they clearly mentioned about the letter as below: I think better to talk with your inviting state for a release letter if possible to minimise the potential issues But again, the such requirments may differ from state to state Release Letter A “Release Letter”, releasing a 489 visa recipient from their obligation to this region may not be granted without the visa holder showing that they have taken serious steps to relocate to or remain in this region, through seeking employment. Such a letter can provide peace-of-mind when a skilled migrant needs to broaden their job search beyond their nominating region. RDA Northern Inland has been informed that 489 visa holders do not need a "Release Letter" for their permanent 887 visa application. Where someone has been advised by the Department of Home Affairs to obtain a release letter please send an email request to migration@rdani.org.au with the following: your current address a copy of your visa grant notice from the Department of Home Affairs attached an explanation as to why you are requesting the release letter
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    Nobody knows... I applied for 887 in September 2017 can understand your frustration very well, still no grant. Please do not panic, just keep supplying additional documents as requested. There seem to be a huge pause in processing since November 2018, but they are starting to pick up now. Something is happening within the department but nobody knows what. So we are just sitting tight. The immi removed estimated processing time from their website, I guess, to eliminate the cause for complaints from frustrated applicants. You are not on your own.
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    It will be a good idea for you to talk to the regional immigration office for Dubbo. Explain to them that your job currently is in regional Vic and ask them if they will supply you with the letter, stating that they do not mind you staying and working in Vic for the following years, untill application for 887. It will need to be an official letter of release. They most likely will be nice and will release you without problem. So when you apply for 887 you will just attach their letter to your application and there will be no problem. In my opinion it is the best way. But maybe the guys here have other suggestions? In any case, you are not breaching your visa condition because you live and and work in regional, but you are doing "a dirty" on your inviting state, which is not very nice... Just call them and chat with them. Let us know what they say.
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    Yes, they have changed it with the new website. They used to ask to let them know about any travels, now they don't want to know
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    That is true, I know two of my friends moved out the region before applying for 887
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    tried to check with my agent about processing status but he has no idea. Completed 1 year yesterday and still waiting. Ombudsman is not an option for us at the moment. Can anyone from Adelaide applicants arrange a meeting with Premier Steven Marshall? He might do something for us.
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    HI @Shaan0906 it is really up to your commitment and visa condition. If you have made commitment to stay at Dubbo when you applied for visa 489 then you should think twice, in should be shown in your invitation. But if not, i think in this forum, there is a lot of cases that have applied in one region area and move to other area as long as the visa requirement still be met. You should check your invitation again, i think.
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    Sorry mate.. nobody knows whats going on.. i think there is not much we can do
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    Hi All, First of all I wish all of you receive your visa soon:). I have applied for 489 visa which I received recently and we are planning to move to Adelaide in April. I was wondering if - We can stay in Adelaide and do Work from home for company which is located in another state lets say Melbourne Victoria till we do not find a job in Adelaide? Can a company shift us from 489 to permanent visa(company sponsored) while we are on 489? What is the best localities(safe and in city) to look for a rented home? Do we have to pay something extra in advance to Landlord/Owner for renting the house apart from rent (as a security deposit)? What is the best way to secure a job in Adelaide, through companies or Are there any consultancies for IT sector? What is the best way to get my resume with cover letter done to secure a job in Adelaide Australia, Can someone refer a company or site who helps to get it done? Thank you so so much in advance for helping me out
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    guys i have feeling we will get update on new processing time tomorrow tuesday. and we will more more more grant this week starting from tuesday .clam down .
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    Have a read of this previous thread to give you an idea of some suburbs that might be suitable....
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    Nov 1 2018? @Skaur I think you are still a year or so away. Let's wait and watch how it goes down.
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