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    Hi Folks, THE WAIT IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRR FOR ME AND MY FAMILY. At 2 PM today i got THE Golden Mail. APPLIED ON 20TH FEB 2018 DIRECT GRANT ON 29TH APRIL 2019 Its me signing out of this killing wait. Uploaded all the document from day one. CO NICCI
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    Hi all! I have been sending a few emails to senators and MPs lately, but so far no update. I will let you know if I hear back from anybody. Have a nice day and hoping for more grants today!
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    if you want to apply (or get the PR) 887 for you and your partner, then she needs to be on 489 subsequent before applying for 887. otherwise, you get PR and get her later, but it takes more time by doing this way.
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    Sadly, it is often a useless exercise to call them. Two standard answers: 1. If you are less than 17 months from application date: "You are still within the timeframe, posted on our website, just wait". 2. If you are over 17 months from applications date: "90% of all applicants are processed within 17 months, but there is that 10% which take longer. You are one of them. Just wait". You can't win!!!! The timeframe might not as well be there, useless illusion of the light at the end of the tunnel...
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    I think you can apply for Medicare immediately after you apply for 887, you should receive your acknowledgement letter and bringing A and take them to Medicare, they will give you a temporary Medicare card and post your actual Medicare card 1-4 weeks later
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    Hi June, I did the same exercise 2 months ago and posted it here, not in a nice graph illustration as you have, but I could see the trend of 887 applicants drop after the peak from Oct 17 to Feb 18. I know it is based on our tracker but it may also reflect the general trend of less 489 visa holders which then results in less 887 applicants. Time will tell so I certainly hope that processing times will drop
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    Hi there, My husband and I are silent follower. We just received PR granted today in the morning. We applied on 01 March 2018 and direct granted. We resubmitted police check after one year. My wife is also attached her new police check from overseas. We went to visit her family last December. Hope you guys get a good news soon. Cheers, M & N
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    Someone said on this forum the subsequent entrant visa takes about 4.5 months, but I am not entirely sure.
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    Fantastic!!! Great news!!! I can't believe you waited the whole one hour to share this with us!!!! Good luck and enjoy!
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    Hi All, Please add me to your tracker as I applied on the 28th Feb 2019. I didn't certify my payslips and other docs , do you guys think I should get it certified and uploaded it again since some of the CO requested it? And also Congratulations to all those had their PR! Is good to hear Immi is working on our applications. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi @Akie! yes, she does need to be with you here when you apply for 887. And she needs to have held a prerequisite visa (489) before you can apply together for 887, unfortunately. You cannot just add her to your 887 application. Good move would be to get here here on a "subsequent entrant 489" visa first. Will pave your way nicely to 887. Will help you to avoid a lot of hassle in the future.
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    unfortunately if its within time frame(16-17 months) the complain wont be valid.
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    Good Morning, Hope all the CO's are back from holidays and will get some good news from our members.
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    Hi, want to share 2 Grant information. 1. Applied on 23/02/18, Grant on 24/04/19 2. Applied on 01/03/18. Grant on 26/04/19. Genuine Grant from a agency's internal data.
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    It backs up automatically. Every time someone makes a change, previous version is saved and can be restored, which is cool. This is how we kept it in check up to now.
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    I am struggling to keep up with the changes, as I am not checking it every day these days. I keep removing nasty stuff that someone is still putting on the tracker persistently. But I can only bring back missing entries if people tell me about them. Mine is gone, @Dee's is gone - I can fix it when I am back at work on Monday. If anyone else finds their entry missing from the tracker - please let me know. :)
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    I just received email from department asking for more information. 1. My new born bub medical-Report from GP that they have examined the child and provide details of health record and signed version of emedical consent form. I just called Bupa migration medical, they informed to contact GP who can do on paper assessment. 2. English Language ability for my wife- I am checking the missed document to attach (Medium of Post graduation is English from university) not sure whether thy again ask for IELTS. Can someone clear me about my wife English. Note: I have included my mom and my brother as family members during my application but I have not corrected. Anyhow thy will not get a visa. Co-Nicci
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    This guy does not get direct grant, please do not always put direct grant on tracker sheet for him
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    I made a statistic graph here according to tracker sheet, I know it's not cover all people who applied 887, but it still indicates a general trend of numbers of people who applied. I guess the processing time maybe reduced after feb applications.
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    One of my friend gets direct grant today applied on 19/02/2018
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    Hi all, applied 23/2/2018 and just got granted today. Thanks and wish everyone all the best
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    Hello everyone, I have just complained CommOMB about the 887 visa processing time. I really appreciate if everyone could contact CommOMB
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    I am so fed up of this visa process, has anyone been contacted after 28 days of submitting additional information Sent from my SM-J530Y using Tapatalk
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    Okay.. but can we ask them what’s happening... because they have started opening match files and I have applied in feb... I thought it was first in first out
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    They have been stuck at Feb 2018 application since Jan 2019!!
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