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    Good morning guys, with grace of God finally got pr for family. Applied 24/03/18 Granted on 11/05/19 but agent send me emails today. Thanks
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    Congratulations!!!! Must be such a relief! Happy Monday news! So they carry on working on Saturdays, as before, nice!
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    Many Congratulations. Queue move to 24 March. Guess maybe this week the queue will move to April.
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    Good morning everyone, hope this week they can clear all the backlogs for applications before March. And hopefully see some April grant
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    Hey guys my friend applied on 22nd of March 2018 and got direct grant this Afternoon Co Nicci thanks
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    Hi folks, its a bit cliche but i have been a silent follower of this post I’ve got my GRANT today at 4pm by case officer Nicci 🥳 (applied on 13th Mar 2018). You can’t imagine how much I appreciate you guys throughout this painful journey of waiting. Your advice and support have made my milestone come true. And I’m sure anyone here who is still waiting will receive their golden email in due time. Good luck to all of those. We are an amazing 887 community. Cheers!!!
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    Did you click this button, it is in bottom of the attached document list. It may change status further assessment.
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    Showing received but just updated for medical of child
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    No worries, Just ask your agent to send email ASAP and certify your copies by email. Certified copies For the purposes of this application any one of the following persons can certify in writing that a document is a true copy of the original document. In Australia: ● a Justice of the Peace; or ● a Commissioner for Declarations ● a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 (for example a nurse, legal practitioner, medical practitioner, pharmacist or dentist) ● a registered migration agent (whose registration is not suspended or subject to a caution).
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    Most of the agents in Australia have the authority to certify the documents. They normally certify their applicants' documents before lodging the application. I hope your agent did the same way. Fingers crossed! Alternatively you can ask from your agent if they have certified or not. All the best...
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    Hi there, got a question do we need to do the overseas police check again even though we didn’t go back to overseas. Anyone got this situation yet ?
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    People waiting since December or before that, are they for real??
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    I think the visa allocation is much more complicated than simply being hiring more COs to process applications faster. The government sets yearly intake targets, then its distributed among different visa subclasses. They also have to take into account who will or who will not be entitle to Medicare/Centrelink, and how much stress those services is going to come under if PRs are granted. Honestly, whatever their visa allocation process can remain as-is, all they have to do is start calculating the processing time cleverly and stop fluctuating time. For example, if they tell me 6-8 months at lodging, they should stand true to their words to process my application during the said period. Everyone will be just happy.
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    Thanks @June!! Would you like me to add this to our tracker?
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    Hi, want to share some grant information from an Agency's data 1. lodge on 15/02/2018, Grant on 03/05/2019 2. lodge on 28/02/2018, Grant on 30/04/2019 3. lodge on 02/02/2018. Grant on 30/04/2019 4. lodge on 26/02/2018, Grant on 30/04/2019 5. lodge on 25/02/2018, Grant on 29/04/2019 6. lodge on 25/02/2018, Grant on 10/05/2019 7. lodge on 13/03/2018. Grant on 09/05/2019 8. lodge on 26/02/26, Grant on 07/05/2019 9. lodge on 20/03/2018, Grant on 07/05/2019
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    Got email today and asked for Nepal police certicate as I am in Nepal now . applied 13th March 2018
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    Hi, Iam Lucky silent follower of this group Today i got my direct grant Co Michael Applied on March 9 2018 Grant 10 may 2019 Thank you all
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    by the end of this month Feb,March and april applicant will be finalised (90 percant) .
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    Hey Guys! One of my friend applied on 11th April has requested to submit payslips and child pp. I don't know why they are skipping the long queue .
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    Hi one of my friend apply 16/03/18 got email today to submit Nepal PCc
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    I got a friend applied for the 887 on Jan 2017 and got grand Ted on early may (means 4 months ) and he applied for the citizenship on Jan 2019 and they got back to him and done the test on April 2019 (means 3 months) And we are waiting here to GET the PR for more than 12 months all about luck !
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    Hello friends let me start the day with good news. yes we just got our golden mail today at 9:40am. Direct Grant 887 after 14months and 15days Co Michel Applied 25.02.2018 thank you all of you for support and guidance. Russki you are legend mate, salute your passion and positive attitude. resubmitted AFP/PCC after one year thank you
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    Hi All, Looks like all February's applicants have been granted with a visa or at least have been contacted for further documents.. However, We applied on 09.02.2018 but we have not been contacted yet. They send us a message last March saying that the application was allocated for processing, but they did not request any document. Someone from previous months in the same situation?
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