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    Just received my grant this morning. Applied 05th April 2018 co contact 21 May 2019 requesting AFP clearance. Uploaded 19 June 2019. Granted this morning 22 June 2019. Best of luck!
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    Just got my grant. Applied 22nd march 2018 first contact Co Micheal requester proof of sole custody for my 2 kids on the 21st of May. Uploaded all documents 22nd a Granted today by Co Divithotawela. Thank you everyone for all the posts and prompts that resulted in a speedy grant.
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    I can't express my happiness today. Got grant this Moring at 08:06 by case officer Wilson. And my friend alos gor grant today. What an amazing day today.
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    Thank you CO in may was Regina CO who approved today was Wilson
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    I am a silent follower. Applied 6/20/2018. Granted today. 12 months direct grant. No AFP updated though I did renew and hadn’t uploaded. 2 years old kid born during 489 no request for medical check but we submitted GP certificates and photo declare. CO William. Queensland scheme. Thank you for all the information! Good luck everyone!
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    Hi Bern83, I appliedom 25th of February 2019.
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    Hi boxofchoc, Congratulations on your grant. Could you mention, what custody documents you provided for your daughter? Thanks
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    Hi Everyone, My 887 has been approved today after exact 15 months. Co asked for AFP and 1 year payslips 2 weeks ago. Got PR after 11 years. No words to show my happiness.
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    Hi to all. Can anyone explained me the what kind of medical certificate from GP is needed for my child who is now 18 months old. We included him in our application so he dont have any HAP ID yet.
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    Thanks mate, Yes AFP uploaded and baby Medical cleared on 23 May.
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    Hi guys I made a study on the data in our spreadsheet. I felt to share this with you guys. Just ignore if this is stupid. this study made on data from 887 visa tracking spreadsheet from 11/2017 to 06/2018 Total number of applications made, from 11/2017 to 06/2018 is = 381 Total number of applications, a CO been assigned , from 11/2017 to 06/2018 is = 329 Earliest date, which a CO been assigned for a application made in 11/2017 is 09/04/2018 Latest date of CO contact for an application made in 06/2018 is 18/06/2019 ( application date 19/06/2018) Number of days between 09/04/2018 to 18/06/2019 is = 427 Average time taken by CO per application = 427 divided by 329 is = 1.29 days ( that’s not too bad). So, if immigration keeps this speed up, an application made on march 2019 will be taken, Total number of application made between 11/17 to 06/18 is = 381 Total. Number of applications CO contacted between 11/17 to 06/18 is = 329 Applications yet to be contacted by CO between 11/17 to 06/18 is = 381-329 = 52 Total number of applications been made between 07/2018 to 03/2019 is = 108 Total number of application pending till 03/2019 is = 108+52 = 160 Total time need to take 160 appliactions is = 160 * 1.29 days = 206.4 days , that is 7 months nearly.
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    Congratulations, finally. They reduce the timeframe to 1 month :) ( that’s in my dream )
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    Hi Ekam, May I ask when did you upload AFP and when was your baby's medical cleared? Congratulations on your grant once again!
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    No control at all Friends we came over with are now ready to put there Citizenships in...
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