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    I know that is negative info. But this is how immi changes the rules. Immi is going to close 489 in November 2019 and will bring more defficult regional visa. Currently for 489 relevant experience is mandatory + all the points. So whoever will apply from offshore will have more benefit. My friend's immi agent also said that immi might bring down 887 processing time. So I am positive about processing time will bring down to under 12 months for most of the applicants.
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    Everyone would get pr before new visa 491 kicks start in Nov. Hahaha.
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    only Main applicant need to satisfy all requirements. which are 2 yrs of living and 1 yr of working. cheez
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    Bro this monday you and your family will be the one who will get PR before anyone else
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    Hi friends Could anyone kindly advise I have applied on 15 -june 2018 First contact on 25 -june 2019(requested for wife's English requirement Received Pre Grant on july 3rd requesting my wife and kids to return Australia as there were on 4 weeks holiday back home Everyone came back to Australia on 26 july 2019 and we notified to immigration Could anyone advise how long they might take to reply. Will i be in queue again, do i have take overseas police check again Thank you in advance
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    I felt the same. Hopefully yours come soon
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    haha, thank you. I was just over-happy yesterday and could not sleep here is the link I use https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-and-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/complaints-compliments-and-suggestions
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    Hi, 489 is a ultra shit visa. 189 the best or at least 190. Both are permanent residence visas. Adelaide best to live if you have good job. State sponsorship is a bloody joke. They just dump people here and you have to look after yourself. Jobs are hard even odd jobs. No need to do IELTS again for 887 , If your spouse did the higher studies in English medium. Schools free for 489 but some schools you have to pay around $500 per year. Monthly expenses would be around $ 3000 for month. Its for just food and rental for 4 family. Do better research before come or come your self first and study the situation at least one month.
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    Best to go for the independent visa (189/190) if you have enough points, as 489 is a pain in the butt. Sorry. Only go for 489 if you do not have enough points. You will not have Medicare on 489 (unless your country of origin has reciprocal agreement with Australia, like UK), so will need visitors' private health. Most people go with BUPA, for full comprehensive insurance (extras + hospital) you may be looking at paying about $200 a fortnight for 4 people. Please research this online, I cannot give exact figures. I pay $120 a fortnight for me and my son. this covers all extras and hospital with $500 excess. You can get a job here, but please be prepared that it may not be in your field. Adelaide is a funny place like that. You have to be very lucky to get straight into your profession on arrival. Many people of good professions like doctors and engineers here work as UBER drivers, which is a bit sad, but it gets them a PR in the end! No requirement for IELTS for main applicant for 887, but there is for a secondary applicant. Or you can use a university degree as a proof of English. Adelaide is very livable in terms of rent and living expenses. There are some cheaper suburbs north and south, more expensive in the hills and near the ocean , you just have to look for there you want to be. You can rent a house or unit for your family for $300/week, if you want to start small. Plus other expenses: food, cars, energy bills, phones, internet. As an example, all my bills with rent average at $450-500 per week plus car fuel, food and mobile phone. Yes, you can invite parents on 489.
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    Grant grant grant hey my friend applied on 18 th of July 2018 and got direct grant this morning co Peter hope they speed up the process like that today is a great day Peter is on fire with the grants.
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    Grant ! Grant ! Grant !!!! Applied on 13th June 2018 1st CO contacted on 20 June 2019 requesting new born baby medicals. Granted today. CO Peter.. All the best for everyone....
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    Hi everyone, I finally received golden emails from CO Peter, just about 5 minutes ago, Submitted on 4/7/2018 First CO Sophorn: 23/5/2018 for AFP Granted today Co Peter 25/7/2018 I, my wife and my newborn baby had PR at the same time. My baby medical had done before when I submitted Passport and Birth Certificate for her back in June. Thank you very much everyone. More importantly, I lodged complains last week, got reply on Monday and today visa granted.
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