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    For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Al quran Hi All, I Finally received my grant email today alhamdulillah. i applied on 15/june 2018 First contact on 24 june 2019 requesting wife english and form 80 second contact on 3 july received pre grant as my family was on overseas My family came on 28 july and we notified immigration we finally received our grant today Thank you so much to everyone for the guidance , love and support i wish and pray everyone will receive the golden email soon
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    One of a known friend to me moved recently to metro areas after he applied 887. I asked him and explained what I know about the visa condition, however, he did not stop so the decision is up to him. The argument he made was that though he is going to live in Metro he is not going to work in Metro so what he says is that if you are not working in metro authorities will not find out. But I asked him what about registration of the vehicle, drivers license, lease agreements, schooling for kids (as schools usually check what visa we are in) so what I wanted to say that there are some people who take the risk but I don't think that is an advisable or wise decision. So guys...we have been going through this just be positive and stay strong just a couple of more months...we all are resilient and can make this....we have come such a long way and just little bit more to go....cheers...
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    We don't want to live with that fear and guilt for the rest of our life in Australia knowing that we are doing something wrong without sucking it up for a few more months but surprisingly there are people like this friend who tries to game the system and that delays files of all other genuine people too because this person is clearly willingly breaching visa conditions and do not even deserve to be in the processing Que using up immi resources , co's time that can be used to assess another genuine applicant who does the right thing and suffer in regional
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    Indeed, just a little bit more...hang in there everybody! Do not lose faith!
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    Hi all, Finally, i receive golden email of 887 visa grant. Applied 8.2.2018 First complain on 17th june 2019 Peter replied that, my AFP missed alias name I upload new AFP on last thursday and made another complian and did follow up call on complain cell yesterday. Today i got grant. CO : Peter Thanks to all in this forum and complain really work. Good luck to all
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    No need to worry; in a year you can go on annual leave etc. for atleast 4 weeks and need no justification. This is acceptable.
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    I am here! Got my 887 yesterday! Let's take it to the next step guys!
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    I think they will keep doubling the number so it will be 5000, 10000, 20000 ... but I dont think we can go too far . because 887 does not have media support. I know they did look at a case where there is 50000 signatures..
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    "Hang in there" I tell myself every 5 minutes. But o boy, this is so hard! Why no grants again!!!
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    nothing to dramas, only one grant per day!!! unbelievable this is happening with us!! why ? .. working hard, always follow the rules but.... got treated like.... my friend got 887 1 year ago and already applied for citizen! i know, try to positive. yea but....
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