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    You should be fine and do not need to get another letter.
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    Okay, this is different and I have no knowledge to this. I'm only referring to functional English as a result of an IELTS test. Your case may be different. Hope someone else can help you further with this.
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    3 years depending on the level of English achieved. Functional English is only 12 months valid.
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    Hi guys, Silent member here. I applied 10th November and got contacted yesterday. CO asked for AFP with all my aliases. I did not have my middle name on one of my lease. And had only the initial of last name on other document.
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    time to post some grants, they need to clear all application before the next financial year
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    Yip there are other applicants besides our forum and there seems to be some good movement in grants over the last week. All good news
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    Hi Guys, Yesterday one of my friend also got 887 direct grant. His application date is 10 Nov 2018. It means something is happening everyday..
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    Hello all, does anyone know if I can go on holiday (overseas) whilst my 887 visa application is in its ‘further assessment’ stage? My 489 is still valid, so I can travel on this. If I apply for a visa (to enter the overseas country for my 1x week holiday), will it effect my current 887 visa application? Thank you.
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    If it is functional English and you have submitted it for your 489 application it is no longer valid unfortunately given the time that it takes to apply for your 887 was 2 years. Functional English is only valid for 12 months. If this is your case, I strongly recommend doing another IELTS test and uploading the results to your 887 application.
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    @Hope this is a question where you can find the answer to on our excel tracker under the tab FAQ for 887 applicants. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ApeHDAjEH60WFBNLeq14wvGzegiqGC4KD0U-OyH_w6U/htmlview# Please have a look there. Hope you'll get your grant soon!
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    10th November 2018. Have any other November applicants been contacted for further info?
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    Hopefully they will reduce processing time from 18 months my guess is 15-17 months
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    My baby is 2 years old. I sent an email to CO. Now they updated again and asked for baby examination. Matter resolved.
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    Ah okay, thank you. Very helpful Last time I did the AFP was a year ago so I don't remember the option.
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    Bond documents and tenant agreements cannot be changed so if it does not include your middle name then it does not matter. There is no requirement to have middle names in these agreements and therefore the request from the CO would not be reasonable.
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    Okay thank you. My partner and I are very paranoid because we've noticed many COs being careless or asking for extra stuff for no reason. We're just praying hard for a direct grant this year. If we can do anything more before a CO picks up our file, we will do it to prevent longer wait time. Applied in April 2019 so still a few more months to go but the paranoia is creeping on us daily.
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    Depends on the CO, but I can assure you that it wasn't a problem in our application. BUT if you use aliases to your name and use different ones on different documents it might be a problem. Then you will need police certificates for all your aliases. But for first names and middle names usage it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Thank you so much. I always wanted to be first November person to get grant and luckily my wish came true. I still can't stop myself to browse form 10 times a day maybe more. I would love to help if I can
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    November people, please raise your voice.
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    Congratulation @Skaur. I am so happy to see your grant. Congratulations to you and family. With your grant you happened opened gate of Nov-18. Wish you all the best !!! Keep helping people on forum...
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    Nope... we still live in regional area, though bridging visa says no restrictions. CO asked for Police check, Pay slips, job contract.
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