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    I suppose all COs died of coronavirus.
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    Everyone here knows one sided stories and rest is mostly left on understanding of the available facts. Suggestion - Many applicants have got numbers via FOI requests, why not try asking specific questions via FOI process and at least understand the whole process rather than assuming somethings. In this way at least we can expect a response and have more understanding of the processing work flows Questions needs to be very specific, How does the process work in terms of picking up a file/case, is it chronological order and how can the applicant be provided a indicative time line where the case could be picked up Why there is so much delay noticed after first contact and what is reason behind it? How can applicant assist to get this process work faster If the processing time keeps increasing all the applicants will always remain within the processing time.. how does the department plans to address this Due to the processing time line the applicants have to come up with multiple police checks and bear the cost of it, how does department plan to address this.. even if there 2 applicants on an average the cost adds up and causes more delays. How many cases does case officers process on a monthly basis and why cannot department be transparent about it specifically in terms of 887 visas issued. Can department publish the info similar to EOI invitation numbers on a monthly basis and be more specific as processing cases as "prior to November 2018 does not give any clarity" to the applicants as it could be any thing over 11 months Contact center provides a limited information and how this can be improved where we can interact with the case officers and make things easy and swift in terms of documentation Please feel free to add in any more as appropriate.
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    "Sometimes a delay in your plan is god's protection" -CO
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    November applicant raise your voice. Sent from my CPH1871 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, I am a silent follower. Applied 24/11/2018 and I am not on the spreadsheet. This waiting time kills. I would like to share something with you guys all that the Cos they do not work full-time for government and its their part time job since government decided to reduce government employee years ago.that explains why it is so slow. they are being paid hourly. Just imagine when you are a part time job sometimes you dont like to go to work or its holidays and it will affect everyone and it sounds they just work a few days in a week for a limited time. hope that this waiting time will be finished soon.
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    Exactly 14 months today for us , plz open Dec files
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    I know the language used ...in their responses. a sentence can be included, stating "the response expected to be specific addressing the questions and not a general response. As general response will not complete of the objective of FOI raised and questions will continue to remain unanswered".
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    These are really good questions, ... It's just, the doubt I have on the answers they will give for these questions. They will come up with something general or they may not answer at all.
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    TRN is also personal info.. not to be shared in public forum.
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    Can they just do something and finish all the applications within the next 2 months. Seriously
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    I know what your are saying but I am still full of hope for this month and a spike in grants. I don't want to even contemplate an 18 month wait. Good luck, let's see!!
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    They should resign form their job. I am wondering why they got paid without doing anything. This is extremely bad, last one months no progress at all. They don't work December-Jan-Feb due to long holiday. They don't work between May-June-July because of annual quota has been finished. They work few months in a year this is totally unexpetable. Sent from my CPH1871 using Tapatalk
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    I reckon a lot of the CO's could have gone on annual leave from mid Jan - end Jan, because Grants were still being given between Dec and the New Year. So hopefully they start picking up stuff now! At the end of the day its hard not seeing any progress....even if you know the wait is long, its made better by at least seeing some sort of progress.
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    November applicant here family of 4. Haven't heard anything. Still received. I have tried sending a feedback. It was an inquiry which I already know the answer to, just hoping they will at least have a look at our file and see that we have all documents and maybe just maybe they will grant straight away. But no, still nothing, just received the below reply.
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    Silence is not good; want all the cases of 2018 to get there golden emails so that we move to 2019.
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    Frustrated member Applied on 01 September 2018. Family of four. Everything updated, PCCs, Leases, Bills. Not a single contact yet. 17 Months 4 days and still counted... Called Immigration twice and got a typical reply to remain Patient.
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